Endorsement: Ron Paul

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I am NOT a fan of the political process. Quite frankly, I think it is deeply corrupt, subverted and even rigged. The (s)Election scam with George W. Bush and every (s)Election since (and before) is STILL deeply flawed.

Nor do I believe that a single man, even the President, can change the status-quo anymore. There is too many fingers in the pie, too many deep entrenched interests (millions), and too many terrifyingly ruthless people who would happily kill you if you changed too much.

But — if you are going to vote, and if he manages to last that long — vote Ron Paul.  Hands down, he IS the ONLY candidate that has shown sufficient integrity, honesty and forthright intelligence to make any meaningful changes.

The scary thing about Ron Paul is the truth that he speaks.  Alternative news sites, sources and information (including this one) have no political clout.  We speak the truth too, but we have zero opportunity to change the system.  Ron Paul stands a chance — and it’s one chance more then anybody else has got.

Or you could vote for one of those other moronic idiots that are absolutely certain to give you and this country what it has always gotten — BAU.  Business as usual is “how it’s done” in this country, even if it utterly guts our infrastructure, bankrupts our citizens, exports our jobs, occupies hundreds of foreign countries and starts countless wars and slaughters millions of the world’s citizens.

It’s time AMERICANS woke the hell up and RISE UP and PUT A STOP TO ALL OF THIS.  Either vote with your voice, or vote with your feet, or DO SOMETHING to stop the absolute insanity that has become so entrenched within this country.

I endorse Ron Paul as our BEST AND ONLY CANDIDATE for President.  He is not perfect, but he’s a damned site better then those other stupid blithering idiots, including the lying, double-tongued serpent we’ve got now.


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