End Of The Year

End of the Year. Pandemic 2.0. Or is it 3.0? Corruption 99.9. Endless Lies & Deceptions uncountable. It’s been the strangest, most heartless year any of us can remember. Millions of people suffered enormous losses of family, friends, homes, jobs and personal losses. It seemed like it would never end, precisely because it hasn’t. And it won’t. What should stand out to the observant doesn’t, which is to say, we have not changed one bit. Suffering is a life-changing experience. Something that I long believed would come and only when it did, would “we” choose to change, except we didn’t. Most of us remain the same, and many of us are now much worse.

Some of us changed, a relative few, and some of the few changed early on, recognizing within ourselves that it was very important that we change before we too got devoured. But it did little good outside of our own sphere of influence, which is really quite small. Today’s headlines are the same as yesterday’s, and the day before, and the day before that, ad infinitum, proving that nothing has really changed. The catastrophic plunge into the abyss remains completely unstoppable.

I’ve given enormous thought to the screen addictions of today’s living and how this has become such a gigantic handicap for those participating, which is to say everyone. The concept of solitude and quiet places, quiet time, quiet reflection and just being disconnected has been almost totally forgotten. Here I am writing on a form of social media trying to explain why screen time is a waste of life. I understand the contradiction, but do you?

Years ago this blog was voted in the top 20 for Internet blogs to follow by one review site. I wrote a lot in those days and did since, but I’ve found that my sphere of influence isn’t very big, nor is it helping anyone much. I am ok with that, I turned down numerous opportunities for fame (and fortune) preferring instead to remain unspoiled by the trappings of notoriety. Who would want that except a narcissistic self-serving fraud? Lots of people have set out to cultivate that very thing, some with great success. I do not envy them even slightly, they’re all pretty disgusting in reality.

Blogging and observing, writing about what I thought was important and relevant was reward enough. Nobody really bothered to take much interest, most people find the instant gratification of social media and online surfing to be more suited to their shallow temperaments. I barely recognize my fellow Americans now, they’ve all changed into replications and caricatures of figureheads and current “heroes”. Whoever is in the present, but forgets the past has already lost their way and become something else altogether. Not something to be admired either.

The American media has contorted itself to such grotesque manipulations and mind-control methods to only be euphemistically called the media, which it isn’t anymore. It’s something else now, part of the new breed of mass manipulation and programming for the insatiable demand for “information”. I think this is extremely dangerous to all, to individuals, to democracy, to life itself. Although I’ve warned about this too for many years, this falls on deaf ears. I find life better to just let it all go and walk away as much as possible. I don’t find the need to be “connected” as a worthwhile life skill or exercise. Let the world move on without me – it’s going to do that anyway, everyone else is just fooling themselves.

Some journalists are just now figuring this bit out. Why Are So Many Prominent Journalists Abandoning Journalism? Kind of dumb really. This is really just another puff piece to get you to read something. The media isn’t impartial. It’s just as biased as everyone else.  The connedspiracy theorists have won the war but will lose the nation. They don’t care, a ill-conceived, self-destructive “win” is all that matters. Bunch of dumbasses better left ignored.

I’ve been tracking the shortages developing but thought not to post what I’ve learned. I’ve also kept abreast of the destructive climate changes unfolding and thought not to post what I’ve learned. Like anything that offends confirmation bias, readers won’t read what they don’t like, even if its all true. Trying to save humanity from itself and the constant stream of bad decisions, bad policies, bad ideas and just overall general stupidity isn’t working. If it was, we’d see some improvements, but obviously this isn’t happening either. All anyone can really seem to do is to document the decline, which I’ve done quite a lot of, but don’t really want to do anymore. Not because it doesn’t exist, but because it’s become so obvious. Yet the obvious remains ignored by the oblivious. Go figure.

Almost everything published in the daily news is practically irrelevant to our lives. Very little of what passes for “news” has any impact or meaning on our life. But there are a few tidbits that get mentioned that do matter. The price of gasoline doesn’t matter. Robots taking over doesn’t matter. Trump’s latest outburst doesn’t matter. Social media (anything) doesn’t matter. Celebrity antics doesn’t matter. Musk’s pronouncements don’t matter.

We’re easily distracted by the irrelevant and meaningless. We’re also easily polarized and manipulated. If you’re astute and paying attention, you can avoid most of this nonsense, but if you’re not, you can easily get caught up into it.

Identifying the ‘pulse’ of the nation and what actually matters depends on your consumption of the news cycle. Media outlets love to stuff their programming of utter nonsense and completely irrelevant “stories” into our heads, and they’re very good at it. What their not good at is actually reporting the relevant news, or undertaking real journalism. The outlets that provide the news consumed by Americans for example are very poor at reporting the pulse of the nation.

I wrote those words about a month and a half ago but never published. Nobody cares anyway.

In a macabre example of the symbiotic relationship between human life and the health of the cryosphere, Dr. Steffen himself fell into a new crevasse at Swiss Camp and died just a few months after we spoke.

The end of my journey coincided with the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic, and I marveled at the same repudiation of science that I had seen from climate deniers for years—championed by many of the same characters. Things have not gone well for nonbelievers in the pandemic. The same will be true of climate change, except that the nonbelievers will not suffer alone. Every person on the planet will feel earth’s wrath if we continue to burn fossil fuel.

“Ten thousand years ago, it gets warmer, the ice melts, flows into farmland, and [we] develop agriculture, civilization, all the history we have ever heard of, all the people and wars, love stories, everything,” he said. “All of our crops were developed in that very narrow temperature range. And the only thing that changed was the climate. The difference was like four or five degrees. I find that sobering: the history of human civilization entirely depends on climate.”

I Traveled the World to Witness the End of Winter

I’ve got over 40 other drafts that I’ve not bothered to publish because I think it’s futile now. Here’s an example (despite this being futile):

More endless bullshit and empty promises from the COP26 “agreement”. Don’t take my word for it, read it yourself:

COP26 President Alok Sharma said he was “deeply sorry” for how the summit ended. “May I just say to all delegates I apologise for the way this process has unfolded and I am deeply sorry,” he said, his voice breaking with emotion after hearing from vulnerable nations which expressed their anger over the changes to the text.

Nations, including the United States and the European Union, basically said “fuck off, we’re not doing this”, literally changing their agreements at the last (extended) day.

I was going to write about this, but I already knew this would be the outcome.

But national pledges made so far to cut greenhouse emissions — mostly carbon dioxide from burning coal, oil and gas — would only cap the average global temperature rise at 2.4 Celsius (4.3 degrees Fahrenheit).

This is extinction-level territory. For the entire planet. I know this from extensive study. But know this too: The notion that humans can switch “off” planetary heating at a precise temperature is utterly absurd, that’s definitely NEVER going to happen.

2.4C will push most life forms past their biological thermal limits, affect seasons and storm patterns drastically, and bring about an Armageddon future for the survivors. Don’t believe me?

Scientists say that to go beyond a rise of 1.5C would unleash extreme sea level rise and catastrophes, including crippling drought, monstrous storms and wildfires far worse than those the world is already suffering.

There was no “science” at COP26, just a bunch of bought-off politicians prostituting themselves on the world stage. It was a fucking joke. Now the world’s media will attempt to spin as much ‘success’ as they can from the death sentence just reached.

Don’t fall for it. It’s all a load of horseshit and then want you and everyone else to go along with it so they can delay even longer, and wring even more profits out of the destruction of the Earth.

Well, fuck them. Fuck ’em all. They neither deserve our vote or our support. They have miserably, utterly failed us all.

I read conspiracies that daily leave me shaking my head. Connedspiracies of the first order, really stupid claims full of conjecture, endless bullshit, conflated claims and straw arguments, all spun together for the dumb masses of people that fall for this kind of thing (often). Yet right here in front of all these stupid sheep is an unfolding reality that WILL rob them of their very lives and they can’t see what is right in front of them. Amazing stuff, actually. A population stretching the world over that actually thinks humans can “stop” global warming and deadly climate change with the empty words of lying, deceptive politicians.

Well, it surely ain’t going to happen Sally. Not ever. Never, never, never. These lying useless scum-sucking bottom feeders are going to keep on doing what they’ve always done – lie their way through their entire political careers and tell us how great they are and how much they are “serving the people” of their respective countries while doing their damnedest to destroy it all. Whether through callous indifference, arrogance or by design – they are going to extinguish life on Earth. Your life and the life of your family.

Humanity is definitely on a ticking doomsday clock counting down to zero. We seem to be completely unable and unwilling to change course, no matter how many “blah, blah, blahs” we may read about and empty promises made that are never, ever kept. I’ve always told readers that “you are on your own” in reality and this is still 100% factually true after making this statement decades ago. You are on your own – the world’s government are incapable of saving the habitability of the planet.

That’s from a month and a half ago too. Some of what I draft winds up in a post somewhere sometimes, but obviously, a lot never sees the light of day. Humans don’t care to read, and care even less about allowing what they do read to actually change how they live. We’re always going to take the easier path. Don’t read, don’t change, let others do your thinking for you.

This is especially true in the digital age where every thought is not your own. It’s been put there by someone else. I can only laugh at the idiots that claim their “freedoms” are being stolen away from them, endlessly mouthing the same ignorant platitudes over and over, never realizing that they’re all mind-controlled caged zombies now. They would all quickly starve to death if they had any true freedoms. The last free people in America were eradicated long ago along with their food supply, since then our gilded cage has only become stronger and we’re all now totally dependent upon it.

If it is not already obvious, we’re never going get through to people in numbers sufficient to accomplish anything. Everyone is too programmed and manipulated now to be of any use to any movement. Civilization has moved on, taking everyone with it. Paper worshiping ancient documents and scripts is archaic and irrelevant now. It never made any sense anyway, did you agree to these terms? Were you even given the opportunity? Why should the present be tied down and handicapped by the past anyway? These are questions that one dare not ask.

If you don’t know, and even if you don’t care, you’re going to be facing some hard choices in the near term future. It’s best to get your head straight and your facts right. Huge, catastrophic changes are afoot and none of them give a goddamn about your politics or ideologies or biased beliefs. They’re each going to roll right over you as if you weren’t there. This is the massive failure of the present institutions and governance that pretends to be looking out for us. Their so-called ‘guidance’ and ‘objections’ are irrelevant to physical forces and processes which they stupidly think they can ‘manage’. They’re able to fool the idiots and the gullible, but I warn you all that don’t let this be you.

It was 4°F here, but it was over 60°F in parts of Alaska. That should be a hint. The suffering now being inflicted around the world is stupendous, but still outmatched by the level of stupidity and denial occurring. Who knew that God would eradicate idiots first? Don’t feel bad, they’re in good company. Humans have a lot of stupid ideas including this one. Their error is to stop creating the problem in the first place instead of pretending they can “fix it” which never happens. Humans don’t live on the Moon for a good reason, which isn’t unrelated to the methane problem on Earth. It’s called habitat – and it has to be livable.

The goal seems to be to perpetuate this suicidal set of living arrangements that we call “civilization” at whatever the cost turns out to be. Even the so-called “best minds” society can produce advocate for this. Really? That’s clearly a sign of a very sick civilization that refuses to self-examine and self-correct. Instead, they just keep advocating to make it worse and worse while always dangling the empty promise that technology will finally and forever make it better. It never happens. Instead, most lifeforms on the planet have now been extinguished by humankind, with only 4% of the wild biomass now remaining. That’s catastrophic and a clear sign that somebody is lying.

We’re now all so used to this type of dishonesty and deception that we barely notice. We even get upset when the few “whistleblowers” point out the crimes committed, siding instead with our overlords and their decrees. That’s how far we’ve gone, kill the environmentalists, eradicate the natives, demonize or murder the journalists, embrace the farcical and fanciful, endorse the celebrity and the rich, get our ‘advice’ from the corrupt and depraved, denigrate the poor and the needy, and nary lift a hand to rectify the countless wrongs being done in our name. The entire species is sick.

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

It’s interesting that the Earth was healthy when we were healthy and few. Our damage and destruction was limited and the Earth was resilient enough to endure our onslaughts. But no more, now our impacts are absolutely massive and apparently, irreversible. The civilization we’ve spawned in our own image is a reflection of our own nature. The unnatural nature of mankind that seeks to dominate and possess it all.

There were some fantastic passages in Fredrick Turners Beyond Geography that really speak to the truth here. In the final chapter, the Vanishing New World, Turner explains our destructive nature well. It reminds me of Nick Turse’s book Kill Anything that Moves. For centuries, humankind has chosen to eradicate everything that has been perceived to stand in its way, even our own kind. The very foundation of our civilization is built upon this presumption and practice. It’s institutionalized and taught to our children and practiced throughout our entire lifetimes. We’re often encouraged to celebrate this sadistic impulse.

There’s never been any doubt where this would lead. 2021 has come to a close and 2022 promises to be even worse. Of course – why should we have ever expected anything less?


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4 thoughts on “End Of The Year

  • December 30, 2021 at 2:50 pm

    Yes,  It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

    15 or so years ago I began to seriously challenge what I had been taught and what I believed in. I recognised that everything that matters was continuing to be made worse.

    By ‘knocking on doors’ [that most people don’t even know exist] I discovered many ugly truths about the government, the financial system, the economic system, and the general stupidity of people living in industrial nations (psychology). And by investigating numerous things most people cannot be bothered with I discovered all sorts of fundamental truths that were very different to I had been led to believe by ‘the system’.

    Now, when people talk about the new year I really confound them by saying it started on or about 22nd of December in the Northern Hemisphere and 22nd of June in the Southern Hemisphere, and the entire [Roman] calendar is fake and out of synch with reality, i.e. the summer and winter solstices.

    Fortunately there are a few other informed people, and a friend quickly recognised exactly what I was saying. The whole Christmas thing is a fake, both from the perspective of the birth of Christ and everything that is celebrated -pretty much the opposite of anything Christ is reported as promoting: greed, materialism, overindulgence…..

    My friend and I discussed how ‘died on the Cross and resurrected after three days’, which is  celebrated at Easter is also fake, actually refers to the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere  -the Sun rising noticeably earlier and more to the south on 25th December. The people of northwest Europe had all that figured out many thousands of years ago and build temple-calendars on the basis of that knowledge.

    I had known for decades that economics was completely screwy, but it was only when I really looked into it in the early 2000s that I discovered it was (is) entirely fake, along with the money system. Worse than fake, actually, since the economic system encourages and rewards destruction of everything that matters, including our life support systems!

    Back in the 1970s I had great hopes that the saner approach to living (reduced population growth, reduced energy consumption etc.) would lead to genuine improvements: now I know we are governed by criminals and clowns who are primarily concerned preserving Ponzi schemes and enriching themselves at the expense of everyone else and at the expense of the future.

    However, such is the stranglehold the politicians  and the various corrupt institutions have on the minds of the bulk of the populace, people continue to vote for their own enslavement and ultimately beg for their own destruction.

    In the early 1960s, Aldous Huxley suggested this might be the case in the [then] future.

    I read an item a few weeks ago which asked: ‘Which dystopian future are we living in? Brave New World (dumbed-down, stratified society), 1984 surveillance society in which (‘War is Peace’ etc.) , Fahrenheit 451 (They burn books), Soylent Green (moiling masses fed industrially produced ‘food’)…

    The answer is, all of them!!!

    One good thing we have to look forward to is the unravelling of the official Covid narratives: Omicron is both mild in symptoms and highly transmissible. The so-called vaccines offer no protection.

    We can also look forward to the biggest financial crash in all of history occurring some time over the next 12 months; printing worthless digits has held the system together for far too long but printing worthless digits does not create an easily-transportable energy supply like petrol or diesel or natural gas where it is required. Everything I read indicates the post-peak declines witnessed so far will morph into severe shortages over the coming months. That is particularly true for much of Europe, which is now utterly dependent on imports of natural gas from Russia.

    Personal preparations continue.

    • December 30, 2021 at 3:07 pm

      Some good authors writing good books helped me immensely over the years. None of them are recommended reading on connedspiracy websites, they’re still promoting utter nonsense.

      The Omicron version is being misreported. Case counts of COVID infections are at an all-time high here, higher then at any time in the pandemic, nearly 500,000 per day. Infections are reportedly 40% – 70% Omicron version, but hospitalizations are staggeringly huge here. Which means the ‘mild’ version is still having an enormous impact upon the actual health of patients and the medical system.

      The nation also recorded 2,184 deaths on Wednesday, and averages 1,546 deaths per day – an 18 percent increase over the past two weeks. But that number is still lower than the pandemic record, of 4,442 deaths in a single day recorded in January 2020. The CDC also reports that 75,477 Americans are currently hospitalized due to complications with Covid, an 11 percent increase over the past two weeks. Omicron has also been confirmed in 15,057 cases nationwide as well.


      I would not take this lightly. There are huge shortages occurring here from unavailable products to missing workers. Death rate is still very high.

      The media is confused. That can’t figure out that these events are just part of a larger picture.

  • January 5, 2022 at 3:17 pm

    Excellent interview of Charles Hugh Smith on Keiser Report.

    He doesn’t mention Planetary Meltdown but does talk about the corrupt money-printing system, the phony economic measures, the bought-and-paid-for politicians, the decline in energy supply and decline in resources, and the likely meltdown of the economy over 2022, plus some strategies for coping.

    Entropy intensifies (E1797) — RT Keiser Report


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