Electoral College and the Rise of The Inorganic Protests

CNN has an article depicting the effort to block America’s Electoral College vote on December 19. Technically, President-elect Trump isn’t chosen yet, until the Electoral College casts their votes.

These ‘anonymous’ (not, we can easily find out who they are) voters are trying to be persuaded to change their vote on December 19th. This has happened many times before as the article shows, with ‘faithless’ voters switching their vote. But it’s never changed the outcome.

No President is going to be able to satisfy every American. I strongly opposed virtually all of them, finding their specific views, intentions and practices (duplicity) distasteful, and at times, downright murderous. President Whoever It Be will not be getting my support for this reason. Americans are being herded into two camps, the so-called “Right” and the “Left” with different groups forming in the illusionary middle. The Green Party, Libertarian Party, Independent Party and Let’s Everybody Just Party movements have never gained enough support to accomplish much of anything. The so-called “differences” between the Party’s isn’t very big. Any candidate that would truly effect the status-quo is shot down very early on.

The reason is because Corporate America and foreign interest all own the United States government. Our political process and politicians are all bought and paid for. It’s never made any sense that a candidate is forced to spend hundreds of millions of dollars for an office job that pays $400,000. Allegedly, all that money being spent is from donors, but which donors? Turns out, that the top donors that generate the most money for their candidates of choice donate the lions share (no surprise there). And if, like now, their candidate isn’t even in office anymore, they’re going to be mighty, mighty upset…


There is also the ‘upset’ within America’s media outlets, picked Clinton and now with egg on their faces, are trying to second-guess, backtrack and undermine the man chosen. Some admit to being wrong, but none have actually seemed to understand the real reasons why they got it so wrong. They are all part of the elitist movement within the country that is demanding on maintaining the status-quo. They told Americans who to vote for, and even manipulated the narrative for months to try and ensure that this happened.


So the protests and the manipulation of public ‘dissent’ begins, but these are not all organic (real), with many of these people being paid $15 – $18 and hour to show up and rage against the (s)Election results (more here).

There is also significant attempts to overthrow the Electoral College vote this December. This has been repeatedly tried in the past, but it never gains traction. It should be noted however (as it always is), had the vote gone to other candidate, reversing the situation, then the Electoral College “would be fine” as it is. Personally, I don’t support this concept, but it is far too late to change it post-election (for this election of course).

America is a mess – but this isn’t anything new. There has been a simmering anger here for years, but for the most part, but it’s never boiled over into anything much. Some broken windows, lots of arrests, property damage, etc., etc., but like all protests of this nature, it’s never been enough to change anything. The political machinery remained firmly in place, ignoring the rising tide of anger.

Which is what I suspect will happen this time to. This makes me an opinion of one among the connedspiracy theorists who are already congratulating themselves on how “right” they are. What they’re failing to admit to – what they always fail to admit to, is how many times they’ve been wrong and on how many points and predictions. I’m not here to make hay over this, the point of this paragraph is to not fall again for their deceptions. They’re a big part of the problem themselves. They’re trying to drum up their own followers to anger. And they’re trying to make money doing it in the process.

I’ve always found this disgusting. The divisions within America are bad enough without profiteering from the dissent. These businesses are hurting (bleeding money) just like the rest of us, but it’s a terrible ploy to be engaging in turning Americans upon Americans. News ‘organizations’ (using the term loosely, because they are really propaganda machines) are whipping up the anger and dissent in a self-congratulatory fever. I’m going to ignore them all, as everyone should.

I have to live here, among these other Americans, but I don’t have to be a part of their rabid imaginations. Nor does anyone else. The protests, despite being partly real / partly scripted, and the fake ‘news’ surrounding them, are creating even deeper divisions and divides within the country. None of these people appear to me to have any common sense. Those involved are being manipulated and they don’t even realize it. The same can be said for those doing the manipulation. I suggest everyone stay home and let the process play itself out.


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5 thoughts on “Electoral College and the Rise of The Inorganic Protests

  • November 15, 2016 at 1:35 pm

    We have already witnessed the complete breakdown of ‘law and order’, with governments no longer abiding by the laws of the nations they pretend to govern and adopting policies that consist of mutually exclusive concepts. All policies are self-defeating, of course, since we are well along the path to economic collapse and, social collapse via energy depletion and abrupt climate change, and all governments want to do is keep the fossil fuel system going.

    Government now consists of orchestrating looting of resources, polluting the environment, doing deals -especially in connection with real estate, energy and finance- pocketing a large portion of the proceeds, and lying to the masses about it all. (It can be argued that government has consisted of the aforementioned for at least a century.) So it makes no difference which particular pig, or group of pigs, is at the feeding trough, the system is the same, the policies are essentially the same, and the consequences are the same: further worsening of everything that matters.That is the fundamental truth that the vast majority of people still do not seem to understand.

    I usually sum up government in one word: betrayal.

    Following the drop of international oil prices in 2014 I have suspected that governments have been heavily subsidizing oil extraction. This item confirms my suspicions. And I’m sure it’s just the tip of the iceberg.


    Since we are powerless to alter the trajectory that governments (agents for money-lenders, corporations and opportunists) are determined to keep us on, and are powerless to awaken the ignorant masses, all we can do is keep an eye on the factors that are likely to cause collapse, and be psychologically prepared for collapse; I don’t think there are many physical preparations one can make because anyone who gets through the first bottleneck is almost certainly destined to return to a period of hunter-gatherer existence before the destabilization of geochemistry renders most of the world uninhabitable.

    I suspect we’ve got about three more years before TPTB lose all credibility and lose control because by 2020 even the most dimwitted of the populace will realise something is seriously wrong.


    • November 15, 2016 at 2:52 pm

      We could always just kill them all.

      Netflix has a great video, “When Two World’s Collide” I just watched. Highly recommend, here is the trailer:


      This is a perfect example of governmental malfeasance, corruption, indifference and apathy to the plight of the people. This is also the outcome all over the world.

      Allowing these planet-raping monsters to destroy the future like they’re doing is an extinction-level mistake we’ve been making for over 200 years.

    • November 17, 2016 at 9:46 am

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