Ecuador Seeks Compensation For Not Drilling In Amazon

This is an interesting story.  Ecuador is asking the international community to help it not drill for oil in the heart of the Amazon.

Some years ago, I had read a proposal where the international community had a responsibility to protect the natural resources in fragile environments like the Amazon. The only way to truly protect them was to pay the host countries to not exploit their own resources.  It appears that this is the route that Ecuador is now taking.

In a capitalistic world, you can’t really blame a country for utilizing it’s natural resources. In this case, they happen to be the lungs of the Earth.

Apparently Ecuador still owes the World Bank (recall this blog entry where Ecuador kicked out their representative?). It seems a bit strange that Ecuador is getting a lot of news lately, almost a country you never hear about.

It will be interesting to see if Ecuador strategy is taken up and supported by the world, because it is the only answer to the  preservation of our natural resources. If this works for Ecuador, other countries may follow suit.  The real challange will be figuring out how to keep the rapacious multi-nationals from exploiting these countries anyway.


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