Ecovillage Proposal

I’m interested in starting a intentional community, “ecovillage” oriented around sustainability, self-sufficiency, community, culture, ceremony, integration in the local community, promoting healthy lifestyles, equity, fairness, organic gardening, greenhouses, root cellars, composting, recycling, grey water, solar, hydro and wind power systems, wood gasification, earth-friendly construction materials & methods, low-energy consumption building techniques, farmers market, community store, recycle center, focus on community supported businesses, entrepreneurs and self-employment, possible community co-op, local-economy, voluntary adherence to community standards , voluntary life-living, “intentional”, conscientious participation and stewardship, a quieter, low-impact lifestyle, human powered transportation, bicycling, walking, paths, reduced car use, (not car-free, just far less cars and fuel consumption).

I’m quite willing to start from the “ground up” on all of the above, i.e., “raw land” and build everything. Suitable acreage would need to be obtained for such a project. Community structure, composition, decision making, ownership, funding, etc., would need to be determined.

(Update – I’ve since abandoned my desire to start or join an ecovillage, after discovering inherent problems with it’s sustainability and approach.  Those that are interested in doing this can search the Net for existing ecovillages or even advertise for those who might be interested).


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