Ecological Armageddon

Earth’s bugs outweigh humans 17 times over and are such a fundamental foundation of the food chain that scientists say a crash in insect numbers risks “ecological Armageddon”. When Lister’s study was published in October, one expert called the findings “hyper-alarming”.

Scientist Brad Lister returned to Puerto Rican rainforest after 35 years to find 98% of ground insects had vanished

If you follow the first link above, you’ll learn that humans make up only 0.01% of all life on Earth, and yet have wiped out 83% of all wild mammals (so far – a number sure to go even higher).

It’s hard to even imagine the devastation caused by homo sapiens. We tend to only concentrate on “what is important to us”, whether it be a nation, race, religion or even ourselves. What we don’t realize is we cannot survive on this planet very long if we kill off all other species, which we are well on our way towards doing.

I’ve warned about this many times before, but as others have also discovered long before me, we don’t take heed to warnings too well. We generally just ignore them at our own peril. And even this statement is ethnocentric in itself, we’re still primarily concerned about just us. Every other life-form on this stricken planet isn’t generally included in our world view of “what happens next” that we’re constantly asking ourselves. That answer for the remaining species on this planet is already self-evident, and according to science, we’re going to wipe them all out fairly soon.

There’s also the ecological Armageddon taking place in the world’s oceans. Electric pulse fishing which has been banned in different parts of the world but is still being done illegally. This technique kills almost everything the electrified nets are dragged over. Fisherman are resorting to this practice because it’s become so hard now to catch enough fish due to excessive over-fishing. So now they’re trying to kill the few that are left.

Sea cucumbers are also being massively harvested around the world to satisfy human demand for their rare delicacy. I wouldn’t know, I’ve never eaten it and probably never will. But plenty of people still do, and it’s driven up their price per kilo to over $3,500. At those figures, you can be sure that the very last sea cucumber will be harvested, legally or not. Be sure to watch the video if you can (apologies for the stupid Boeing commercial which plays before the video) at the link.

At the risk of repeating myself, I’ve also said that humans were going to devour their way down the food chain and there is plenty of evidence that this is more true then ever. There’s almost nothing that we won’t eat, or exploit into extinction. It’s proving impossible for us to restrain our behavior and practices, with the end result matching the title of this post.




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