Ebola Now In A Major City

Ebola is back in the news, if you didn’t already know. This deadly, highly fatal disease has infected 471 Ebola cases, including 225 confirmed deaths in the Congo. But the really bad news for those watching is Ebola is now in a major city, Butembo, with over 1 million residents.

If the spread of infection continues, there is potential for thousands of infections. One of the deadliest diseases known to mankind, ebola has already killed over 11,000 people. Dense population areas pose particular concern due to the ability of the disease to become widespread. Any city in the world can be reached by airplanes, which can then potentially spread the disease to anywhere else in the world.

Ebola spreads to major Congo city as vaccines a concern

It’s not actually known how effective a newly developed vaccine will work, or if there are enough supplies stockpiled.

Ebola alert

For some history on Ebola, you can read this entry by Dr Rajiv Desai. Some of the figures are a bit dated with the death toll far higher now.


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