Ebola Emergency Alert!

I am somewhat loathe to post this message, but due to the escalating panic in America, perhaps it should be shared anyway.

I’m in the storable food industry as most past readers of this blog already know. I’ve been at this nearly 20 years now.

I’ve seen the gigantic rush for storable food that was caused by Y2K.  There were so many orders in 1998 (18 months before Y2K), that we shut down and stopped accepting orders, knowing full well we could never fulfill them in time. Our backlog was at least 18 months long.

Every cannery in the entire country was absolutely buried under a mountain of orders. Eventually, we all worked through this and by 2000, our suppliers had gotten pretty much caught up. Backlogs dropped to a few months, then a few weeks.

Then the “lull” came. Y2K was a non-event (but only because billions were spent fixing this). Otherwise, it would have been pretty disruptive.

Hurricane Katrina also caused a 5 month backlog on food orders (AFTER the hurricane struck). This happens EVERY TIME there is a panic of any kind in this country. Even a major ice storm causes a rush.

The United States only has a handful of food canneries, that process and fulfill orders from thousands of sources.  I’m one of the “old timers” who is still around. I’ve seen hundreds of sites and companies fail.  Some are only in it for the “rush” and disappear shortly afterwards.  Others retired or failed. Others just “go away” for whatever reason. Others need to.

So here we are – once again, with another panic. Another “threat”. Another in-your-face reality that is literally scaring the pants off of millions of people. I am currently dealing with another gigantic rush for food orders. The canneries are dealing with this as best they can. Cannery capacity has increased (somewhat), but it’s still always going to be woefully short of demand in times like this.

There is a difference between a major storm event like Katrina, or a “known date event” like Y2K then what is occurring now. Now, everyone, everywhere it at risk. You may not have lived in hurricane country before, but you definitely live in a Ebola world. And that is not going away – ever.

Nobody knows when and how bad this might get. There is no cure. There is no vaccine. There is no treatment other then isolation, and fluids.  The death rate is over 70%.

It can strike anyone, anywhere. Public transportation is “iffy” (imo). Contact with other humans is iffy.  You do not know what you are risking by shaking hands, or handling a door knob or riding on a bus. Or walking down an aisle where someone has just sneezed.

It Ebola airborne? I do not think so, but it has been demonstrated to be long lived in some situations. Some claim it is airborne, but personally I am not convinced. Not yet.

I did warn everyone years ago that this could happen. A pandemic was always very likely. The world always turns for a “little bit worse”, day by day. The reasons are many, but the root causes and reasons for our ongoing collapse and destruction always remain unresolved.

But we forget. Oh boy, do we ever forget. We do not remember what it was like to have polluted rivers and streams, or when tuberculosis killed millions. In the land of Good and Plenty, we are easily deceived, misled and forgetful.

panicThe growing panic with regards to Ebola is not to be underestimated. A great deal of hyperbole and conjecture permeates many discussions and commentary. Journalists are particularly loathsome to me these daze [sic], due to their near-total inability to accurately and honestly report the truth. Investigation of facts and evidence is just as bad as ever. Like Ebola, this is a plague that won’t go away.

So bear this in mind.  What you read online, what is being reported in the news on television, what you are being allowed to view, listen to and read, is not the entire story. It’s never been the entire story. It’s all ALWAYS vetted, edited and run past the censors so that they can keep all the “little people” in control.

I have no doubt that if the full truth of what is being withheld from us were to be known, then they WOULD have lost control a long time ago.

The Ebola epidemic is actually a global pandemic. Even the very words being used are being manipulated by continuing to call this a epidemic instead of a pandemic.  I do not presume to know the threshold of deaths or infected required to call this a pandemic, but certainly 20,000 should qualify (imo).

The total number of infected is over 20,000. The total number of deaths is certainly several orders of magnitude higher then being reported. 84,000 body bags were ordered by Liberia for example.

I do NOT believe much of the speculation and hyperbole surrounding the Ebola panic. The reason is I do not believe this is a) extensive experience in connedspiracy investigation and research; b) a severe lack of critical and factual evidence; c) the tremendous amounts of erroneous “conclusions” and straw arguments being utilized; d) the extreme lack of common sense; e) the ignorance of logistics and resources; f) unproven and unverified assumptions abound.

For this reason, I do not accept most of the claims now being made.  Only facts, evidence, reasoning need “apply” in my book. The huge amounts of fear-mongering, conjecture, straw arguments and deliberate deception by would-be “luminaries” and talking fools is actually rather disgusting. ALL they’re doing is trying to foment panic, fear-based buying of their products and gain as large of an audience as possible (for their paying advertisers).  This is what ALWAYS HAPPENS in this country. It’s a extremely common tactic that is being leveraged as high as possible by these deceptive lying scumbags.

They’re after your money. THAT is the bottom line. If they believed even HALF of what they claim – they’d have locked down and gone to Bunkerville a long time ago. But they’re still out there, hucking and hyping and trying to get you worked up, scared, afraid and buying their shit. The absolute POSITIVE PROOF that these clowns do not believe their own message is the fact that they’re still DOING THIS.

America does not need any more victims. But we’re a nation of victims in reality (need I say more?).

I cannot project what will happen next, or where Ebola will strike again. You do need to be careful. You do need to be cautious, but it’s not just Ebola you need to worry about. Americans are being set up in a MAJOR way right now – and it is not from the “angle” you’re being told. Those clowns are after your money.

Here is an example: Veterans Today (website) is now reported “5,000 Americans are infected with Ebola”.  They’re also claiming that this is a “terrorist plot” to “spread Ebola throughout the United States” and that “airlines and hospitals are a part of it”. This ridiculous claim has no proof, no evidence, no facts, just pure conjecture and hyperbole.

These people are an embarrassment to the human race. Unbelievably stupid, fearful, deceptive and destructive to their fellow man. The article in question (which I will not link to – find it yourself – I refuse to be a participant in fear) has zero evidence, just conjecture. The conclusions reached are not sound, logical, reasonable or factual.  Just pure speculation. Endless fear-mongering bullshit. But there are MANY sites, authors and businesses now actively engaged in trying to scare the shit out of you. They are not alone by any means. I have now read HUNDREDS of articles, ALL designed to fleece you as fast as they can.

Lying sacks of shit. I’m not pulling any punches here. I am absolutely disgusted by these asswipes. If they stuck to the facts, stuck to the evidence and reported the whole truth (including how deceptive they are), they’d not be on my shit list. But they are – and it’s a situation that is getting worse.

Consider this “fact”.  The nurse in Texas that DID test positive for Ebola was attended to by 74 others, ALL who are being monitored right now.  That’s a ratio of 1:74.  If 5000 are infected, that means 370,000 others would “know” about this.

Or use a lower more conservative ratio, say 1:10.  If 5000 people are infected, then 50,000 people would be assisting the infected (doctors, nurses, attendants, security personnel, family) and would certainly know about this. But say nothing to anyone.

Or use an even lower ration, say 1:3.  That’s 15,000 “other people” who would “know”.  CERTAINLY their family members. Yet NOT ONE person is speaking up on this and telling the media or anyone else that this is going on.

All we get are “unnamed sources” and endless mystery claims that the infection rate (here – in America, it’s important to distinguish this fact) are some ridiculously high number (at this present time – things ARE changing).  Common sense and logistics and lack of evidence tells us that these people are simply lying. Lies sell a LOT of products and are making these people RICH.

Could it happen? Could there be more cases in America? Absolutely. Most certainly. But it does no good to LIE about this right now. Unless you’re trying to sell something or gain an audience. The “first” to scream and holler will always get the most attention (and Veterans Today is useless – oops, usually among the first – and usually wrong). But few seem to bother checking or holding anyone accountable for their endless false alarms.

This is another clown that has made ridiculous claims – with no proof. Here we are, a week later and NOTHING claimed has come true, which was supposed to happen by now. Of course, my comments on this site were DELETED, as usual, which refuted the conjecture and straw arguments. That always happens to me – nothing I post elsewhere (except on very few sites) is allowed to be published because it always refutes the assinine and stupid with FACTS.  But facts don’t “sell”.

The cases in West Africa are WIDELY reported as being “much worse” then the actual numbers. This is well-known by virtually ALL the agencies, institutions, doctors and field personnel ACTUALLY THERE. So this is FACT, not conjecture. There is tons of evidence now that proves this.  Read this:

“A person needs to have recognized symptoms, seek care, be correctly diagnosed, get lab testing — if they’re going to be a confirmed case — have the clerical and bureaucratic apparatus actually transmit that information to the people doing surveillance. At each step along the way the case can fall out of the pool of ‘counteds.” There’s no way to know how vastly under-reported this epidemic is, but there are estimates being floated around. Comparing surveillance figures with actual hospital beds dedicated to Ebola care in West Africa, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggested that under-reporting could be happening at a rate of 2.5. This means that every one case reported equals 2.5 on the ground. If true, today’s 8,000 Ebola cases could actually look more like 20,000.

Only the “counted” in this fashion – are being counted. But there have been thousands buried now that were NEVER diagnosed.

The Ebola crisis is bad enough that endless, useless, fear-mongering conjecture doesn’t need to make worse – unless you’re trying to make a profit from it. I find the behavior despicable – and the true colors of these “Americans”.

SHOULD your prepare? Absolutely.  I did try to convey the growing urgency and awareness of this situation well over a month ago – but there was zero interest from anyone. So I stopped updating the page.  Since things, it’s gotten much worse.

Consider this: Once Ebola overwhelms the MEDICAL RESPONSE (doctors, nurses, health care professionals and first-responders) – IT’S ALL OVER FOR THE REST OF US. This is true because the whole country goes into lock down and NOTHING will be functioning. If they get overwhelmed, a nationwide shutdown will occur AUTOMATICALLY.  Any new cases will go untreated.

This will happen because of the nature of Ebola. Virtually anyone could be infected (or a carrier). Once the medical field is overwhelmed (and it would not take that many real infections or “scares” to cause this), this information would be impossible to withhold from the public because too many people would know (and they would talk). In turn, this would create a nationwide panic and out of fear, nobody would show up for work, make any deliveries or do anything other then stay home and stay safe. The country shuts down, and it could happen in just a day or two. Stores rapidly empty out in a few hours, trucks stop running and that’s it folks. We’re done.

So it doesn’t have to be a large number of infections for this to happen, in fact, only a small number of suspected infections will cause this nationwide shutdown.  And it is the shutdown that will impact everyone FIRST and FOREMOST – and THAT is what you need to be prepare for (at least). UPDATE: Ebola Scare Turns Dallas Hospital Into Ghostown – more proof that what I wrote two days ago is accurate.

The relatively small number of people that could be “suspected” cases could escalate very, very quickly. Virtually overnight. This is already happening – if you are watching the news. Anyone sick, or with fever or vomiting is being put into isolation. No doubt, prudence and caution are called for – I have zero problems with this. But this information is being spread around as “evidence” that the “takeover of America” is underway.


These suspected cases alone, without any real or confirmed cases – could shut down the whole country. Once the medical response “maximum” is reached dealing with just suspected cases, this is a possible reality that can not be ignored – and the reason why fomenting more panic is a very, very bad idea for everyone.  And why I am specifically disgusted at the liars and shysters who are a part of this. It’s as if they intend to destroy us through their own presumed self-importance and ignorance (and greed). Stay far, far away from these people – they are stupidly dangerous to you and everyone else. Mark them for what they truly are – and when this finally ends, avoid them for life.

The StupidNet is saturated with liars, deceivers, self-promoters and wanna be’ profits [sic]. You must be careful and think clearly about what you are reading. Comments on websites are being scrubbed to ensure you “receive” only what supports the article and author, fostering a false sense of agreement and even participation, creating the illusion that there is wide support. This situation is worse then ever now – so be careful what you accept as fact. It’s yet another reason I closed this blog – in absolute disgust at what has become the most deceptive tool working against us (and we were all told long ago it would make us more “free”). This has not happened.


You DO need to prepare yourselves to stay isolated, home and ALONE. I’ve always said you were on your own and this is a classic example of what this is going to mean. Do not expect any help, rescue, services or assistance. Once the medical field is overwhelmed, it’s all there is for the “duration” – and nobody has any idea how long that will be. We DO know, as FACT, that Ebola is not going away for a long time, because there is no vaccine and all efforts to manufacture one are expected to be months away.  Their intending to “fast track” it’s development too – which is dangerous as hell. The side-effects will be totally unknown.

In the meanwhile, if the panic continues, the stores will close. The trucks will stop running. Gas, food will be “iffy”. Even power becomes iffy if the power plants are forced to shut down because nobody shows up for work. We do not know how many can – or will – show up for work – anywhere.

Liberia already has cases of starvation. This is for real. Crops are unattended, not being harvested, stores are shut, markets are closed, trucks are not running and people ARE starving to DEATH right now. Americans have this ridiculous notion that government will “step in and help” when needed, but there is very little evidence that this will even work (it didn’t work during Katrina for a long time).  It’s not working very well now.

You really need to view this infographic site: Truckpocalypse. In just hours, we can shut down, certainly within a day or two. And for a whole LOT of OTHER but just as valid reasons. And it’s not just trucks or trucking either that could cause or exacerbate this. Panic, at any level, makes things way worse and shortages occur far faster then depicted in this infographic. Most stores are stripped bare in mere hours as the evidence has shown. So fomenting panic is NOT HELPING.

Don’t panic. Ebola will be with us for a long time. Do what you need to do to stay home and stay healthy.  Don’t fuel the useless speculation and fear-mongering going on.  It is not helping. Nobody knows how bad it will get here, but being prepared is always a good idea anyway.

Long time readers will have heard this before – this is what collapse looks like. And now – this is what collapse feels like.


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