Eating For A Month – Day 20

Breakfast: Buttermilk pancakes from Rainy Day Foods.

Lunch: Creamy Potato Soup from Rainy Day foods and some fresh bread. Part of this bread mix was rolled out to make dinner.

Dinner: Pizza! You can make your own pizza dough from scratch, or from a bread mix. I used Rainy Day Foods honeywheat bread mix and their Pasta Pizza Sauce mix for the sauce. Added cheddar cheese, sausage tvp, rehydrated onions, mushroom slices (for everyone else) from Rainy Day foods, and freeze dried chicken from Mountain House. This could have been better, the cheese was too runny, fresh cheese would have worked better and some pepperoni would have been nice! This was my first pizza attempt and I could just as easily have made tacos from this mixture.


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