Eating For A Month – Day 16

I accidentally stumbled across two things. One, I had fried some corn by accident, but went ahead and ate a few of the kernals that were left in the frying pan. I liked it! And then I came across this from the Frugal Cuisine, Onion Fried Rice with Peas, so I decided to combine both discoveries.

This is really easy to make, so that’s what I did. I took steamed brown rice (not cold, but fresh from the steamer), added to cooked dehydrated onions (rehydrate well first), a dash of salt, and rehydrated peas. I also added rehyrdated corn to the frying pan and cooked it all up. This was very good! I liked the crunchiness too, the texture depends on how long you cook it in the frying pan.

I’m somewhat amazed at all the varieties of dishes you can make from individual dehydrated ingredients, you’re really only limited by your imagination and ingenuity. But you can take existing recipes for fresh foods and substitute ingredients from your dehydrated foods stock pretty easy.

Lunch (I know, I’m going backwards today) was simple, honeywheat baked bread and Leanardo de Fetticune from Alpine Aire.

Breakfast was germade (cream of wheat) and coffee.


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