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Eat whole food:


Sometimes people have asked me why they should eat the dehydrated foods that I sell. The reasons are many, but a good one often ignored is how our mass-produced culture is poisoning you to death with the crap they sell as “food”. Very little that you can buy in the supermarket is unprocessed, coming in small containers (wasteful packaging), has a short shelf life and high prices. Worst of all however, is what they are putting into the food, which if you do the research, will literally blow your mind (and make you gag).  And finally, they actually and truly expect you to eat this crap, while paying them premium prices for the dubious privilege and “convenience” as they rot you from your insides out.

The end result of this mega-poisoning is early death, disease, cancers, tumors, organ damage, and health problems. If you want to know why there are so many health related issues throughout the entire modern world, where all this processed foods are found, there you have it. They are quite literally poisoning us all to death.

Dried and dehydrated foods are some of the most unprocessed foods you can buy. The only less processed is food grown from your own garden.  Even frozen food is more processed and less nutritious then dehydrated food.

I highly recommend gardening too, for the production of fresh, wholesome fruits and vegetables. I garden, and I keep adding to my garden every year. I’ve laid out a large greenhouse design this year to complement my existing garden.  It’s pit set, sitting about 3 feet down into the ground, and is about 28′ x 42′ in size right now. The finished size will be a little smaller after I get everything built.  The hole is all dug out, but winter is preventing me from doing much else right now (it’s full of snow).

Non-hybrid seeds are the right selection for your garden.  We are WAY cheaper then those websites that are charging triple these prices (or more). I can’t understand how they can ethically do that, but they’re doing it, all over the Internet.

Now is the time to start planning your garden, and in some locations, get your seeds started. Not here though, we’re experiencing plenty of cold and snow still. This growing zone is “improving” (we’ve lost an entire growing zone rating here due to climate change) while many other areas of the country are already or still in major drought conditions.  Keep reading Fire Earth for all the agricultural disaster declarations across states and counties, there are hundreds of them now.

Other things you can do (where allowed) is raise chickens for eggs or meat, rabbits, goats, pigs or even a cow. I do the chickens, enjoying organic eggs for pennies, but still by organic beef from a local supplier (not a vegetarian).  It will take me a LONG time for us to eat the half-cow I bought since this is a small part of our diet.

My own rabbitry has stood idle these past few years, but only because I’ve been busy with other things. I had built a half-dozen or so high quality cages and raised rabbits for a couple of years, but stopped. They produced wonderful compost for the yard and garden and that would almost be enough reason for me to resume doing this again.

A huge cistern system was installed last year, which now holds 3600 gallons of storage.  I say “huge” because I had to do all the work myself, and an amazing amount of dirt came out of the ground.  An 8 ft. culvert was cut to length and installed underground too, this was then covered with a roof. Inside the culvert is a advanced pressurized system with double-backup tanks, control boxes and valves. I also drilled another well, which turned out to have very good flow, so now have a pretty good water system setup.

More land clearing will be done this year, something that has been ongoing for some time. Since fall, I’ve had to work indoors mostly, with new computers, new software, pretty much new everything, which quite frankly was / is a nightmarish project that I wouldn’t recommend to anyone unless your a masochist.  Computer and software companies seem to think that everyone “should upgrade” (their way of getting hostage payments) constantly, and if you’ve never been through a major upgrade, don’t do this without adult supervision.  Remove all blunt object in the nearby vicinity, and especially don’t do this in mixed company.  It’s been very difficult, extremely painful and oftentimes I wished I hadn’t done it.  But we’re “there” now, getting our server, workstations, and software all working together again, and have incorporated many changes to the website.

So I wear many hats here – gardener, construction supervisor, laborer, software developer, website manager, network engineer, animal husbandry, excavation flunky, mason, carpenter, electrician, equipment repairman, auto mechanic, tree faller, and many, many others.  One of my favorite quotes (and authors):

A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.

-Robert A. Heinlein

If we taught our kids how to really live (including what to eat), and shared with them the skills that they need, then we’d have some comfort in knowing that we are leaving this world in good hands one day.  But I’ve seen kids (twenty somethings) that can’t check the oil, don’t know a hood release from a zipper, have no idea how to change a tire or fix a flat, eat nothing but absolute garbage, stay up all night “having fun”, plan for nothing, save nothing, and apparently do nothing but stand around and hope to get (well) paid for it by a harassed supervisor or boss who is actually doing all of the work themselves.

I’ve worked on crews (supervisor) where the only way the job was going to get done was if I did it myself. I can’t understand the level of apathy, indifference and laziness that I’ve seen in other people (not just the young).  Some have made it through their entire “careers” doing almost nothing and learning even less.  Thoreau has some sharp words for such people I’m finding, and so do I.  Lazy, fatted slugs, good for nothing, wasting space and precious resources.  Life is meant to be lived, not just observed, which for such people is really “serve me, take care of me, ’cause I’m too incompetent and too lazy to do it for myself“. I have no use for such people to quite honest, finding that they space they occupy is wasted.

I started working full-time right out of high school and have always been working ever since. I made sure that I paid attention to what others were doing so that I might learn from them, but I don’t know enough, and don’t expect I ever will. Those who are truly professionals in their chosen fields, such as carpentry, could teach me many a thing or two.  Competent specialists are great, when you can find one. Heinlein is right, every human being should be able to be competent, capable and able to guide, teach, self-direct or motivate anyone, including themselves.

I’m convinced that healthy living also encompasses such things as attitude, determination, focus, intelligence, wit, willingness, desire, ambition, character, integrity and other high qualities, besides just “eating right”.  I’ve little regard for wealth, power, prestige or self-importance or fame. The recent Doomer show asked me to participate, I turned them down like I do all media contacts.

I’ve personally no interest whatsoever in the things of this world that everyone else seems to find so important or meaningful, to me it’s all dross. The things I value the most are family, friends, relationships, integrity, commitment, experience and the willingness to actually embrace life itself. Nobody promised us an easy road, and depending on where you find yourself, your road can be very hard at times.  Been there, done that, but I survived, and these words are meant to tell you the same, “you will make it through this” if you keep your focus.  I won’t tell my readers what I’ve been through, but there were times when it was truly hell on Earth, when I doubted very much that I would even live through it. But you can if you work at it.

We are now in a new Dark Age in my opinion, in this country, and in the world. This is going to require a lot of determination and focus in order to survive. The world, and especially this country, is plunging headlong into the abyss of insanity and self-absorption. The demand for more war, more death, more destruction, all rooted in fear and faked terror is leading this country into a medieval period very similar to the age gone by. Packed into every conceivable corner of the public consciousness is neo-fascism fear mongering, with a religious fervor and flavor that should scare the living hell out of you. It does me. Where this country is going, I don’t want to be there, and I sure as hell don’t want to raise my kids in the deepening cesspool they are calling the “new freedom”.

Your best defense is to learn to do for yourself and and gain the skills, knowledge and experience to disconnect from the this corruption and poisoning of mind and body that our society has become. You will gain critical abilities that will be essential as the “ship of state” sinks deeper into the abyss. There is no saving the State, nor should anyone even try. Those that believe in reform are in my opinion, seriously misguided (although perhaps well intentioned). There are many efforts that are seeking to moderate our direction, but I perceive little measurable progress in this regard, if any. I’m personally unpersuaded that we can fix our corrupt institutions and have therefore chosen abandonment as the better course of action.  Your mileage may vary however, decide for yourselves what you think is best.

I would like to see a new culture develop, and a new way of living, which would really be the kind of thing that this world and especially this country desperately needs. Living healthy would mean to abandon all the things that are wrong with our society, a lofty goal to be sure. But truthfully, you can only hope to have effect upon those things under your direct control and influence, which starts with yourself.  We must learn to do this for ourselves first, before we can truly expect society to change in the same ways. Our disconnect from what it truly takes to live a healthy life is such an incredibly vast chasm that we could fill it with the all the “good intentions” in the world and still never have enough to span the gap.

Our example of healthy living may never be enough, failing to overcome the greed and gluttony of this world, but it is a start. Moreover, it stops contributing to all that is wrong with our society.  The seemingly unstoppable forward momentum exists because billions of people are enabling it. Most of us are doing this unknowingly, but that really doesn’t excuse our culpability. We should know if we are paying attention, but the distractions of this world are many and they are consuming every waking thought of millions and millions of people. The idea here then is to restrict your own distractions by disconnecting from these things, deliberately and with forethought, knowing that you are then finally enabling yourself, first and foremost, a truly worthy goal.

I watch little to none T.V., finding this idiot box absolutely worthless. Haven’t for many years. It’s startling (still) to accidentally see a “program” somewhere and realize that they’re still shoveling the same old shit that they did years ago. And people are lapping this garbage up like its cookies and cream. The material I see online, especially the so-called “news” which I do read quite a lot of, is just as bad. The barely veiled “meanings” and interpretations you are supposed to understand are nothing less then mass brainwashing techniques and practices. The American mainstream media is absolute garbage, the worst news sources of any country I’ve seen yet. Protecting your mind (and your intelligence and sensibilities) from this mass hypnosis is a part of healthy living — so just stop watching it, you will be better off.

It’s amazing how many people refuse to unplug.  Why? It’s one of the most healthy things you can do for yourself. Step back, turn it off and look around, look at what life and meaning there is all around you without being jacked in all the time.  Turn it OFF and wake up!  “They live” (as in the movie) is real — because we continue to enable them by being plugged into their incessant programming. Deprogramming yourself begins by simply unplugging. Do your mind a real favor here.

It isn’t odd that the right way to live is to do the opposite of what society tells you to do. Society is self-serving, sacrificing the individual for the alleged greater good of society, while ignoring it’s consequences. But examine the values of society: greed, wealth, position, power, prestige, fame, participation, consumption, getting ahead and so forth.  None of these are the values of a conscientious healthy individual. They are all the values of unhealthy people, which when multiplied by millions make for an very unhealthy country and a society that is hell bent on consuming it all. How can that be healthy?

There is a better way to live and it’s not that hard to “discover” it. Start by doing a 180° degree turn in your life and learn to become more and more self-sufficient in as many things as you can. You will gain critical knowledge, skills, experience and values along the way, eventually realizing that the world and all of its attractions is exceedingly unhealthy for you in many ways. It’s not all bad — but a great deal of it is, especially the more plugged in you are, and how dependent you are on all of it for your daily existence and survival.


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