Earth’s Holds ‘Apocalyptic’ Warning About Climate Change, Say Scientists

Over 90% of all life wiped out. Rising temperatures of 8 to 11°C triggering huge methane releases. This melted vast amounts of methane that had been trapped in the permafrost and sea floor, causing temperatures to soar even further to levels “lethal to most life on land and in the oceans”.

It happened before, and it can happen again. Some of the names you’ve heard before are mentioned in this article, Peter Wadhams, who remains concerned about a major methane release that could happen in a blink of an eye (geologically speaking).

But like most articles, there is supposedly reason for optimism. I disagree since I’m not beholden to any editors or paid advertisers. Even my wife hates what I write sometimes because it is so damned depressing. But not telling the whole story, or glossing over what we already know about methane, permafrost and hydrates is like claiming Donald Trump really IS the messiah. Which is of course, not true (I saw him wearing a devils costume just the other day).

The devil is always in the details as they say. It warmed up before, and methane appears to be the life-killing trigger that caused massive levels of heat to be built up into the atmosphere, wiping out nearly all life. Volcanism was the culprit, but back then, there wasn’t any Exxon or Mobile or Shell oil companies around and for certain there wasn’t any Donald Trump’s ignoring climate change. Unfortunately for all of us, that’s what we’ve got to work with today (and 410 ppm and rising C02) so it’s looking really possible to me that deadly, unsurvivable temperatures are once again headed Earth’s way.

We don’t need no stinkin’ eruptions! We’ve got our own sources of excessive carbon dioxide we can use, thank you very much. So if any of this means anything to any of you, kiss your sons, daughters, dogs and kitties goodbye because sometime in the future of this planet, humans will have done the unthinkable and the incredibly stupid: extinguish most, if not all life on Earth.

Will it happen? Well, of course, and why not? You do all remember that all those gigatons of carbon dioxide we’re still vigorously pumping into the atmosphere aren’t going away, right? And you are all aware that the very source of methane that caused this global extinction before is now melting, correct? So this ‘prophecy’ isn’t a false prediction and I’m not lying like the media tends to do. I’m just telling it like it is as I always have.

There is something a lot of us could do to help put a stop to this, but I’ve yet to discover what it is… or a group of people even interested.


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