Drive or Drink?

This is a time of year when being on the road is simply risky. Holiday drivers are out in force (and shoppers) and drinking and driving is something we’ve all seen.

This is about to take a new turn, as food prices and grain prices continue to skyrocket.

“That’s the reason I cut down on milk consumption – so I can drive my car,” said Norris.

Everyday foods like fruits and vegetables, beef, poultry and cereals are on the rise. The price of milk is the biggest culprit, with a staggering increase of 23.2 percent through November. And with basic foods like dairy and wheat driving up the cost of other groceries, almost everyone is feeling the squeeze. Food Prices Soar In America

Your choice is going to be are you going to keep drinking, or are you going to be driving?

It’s not just milk drinkers at risk, it’s beer drinkers too.

JUST as the festive season gets going, drinkers in America are finding their favourite beer suddenly more expensive or even””horrors!””not available at all. Hit by price increases and shortages, many breweries, particularly the small “craft brewers” and the even smaller microbreweries, are being forced to raise prices, make do with modified recipes or shut off the spigots altogether. Trouble Brewing

In other, related news:

Duty-free US Corn Imports

But some farmers worry introducing that GMO seeds could contaminate hundreds of wild blue, red and multicolored corn varieties planted for centuries in Mexico.

“The farmers who want to plant transgenic corn are irresponsible, they don’t care if the are putting the genetic heritage of Mexico at risk,” said Victor Suarez head of a small farmers’ group that wants keep trade protections for corn and beans.

This has been happening all over the world. GMO crops are replacing heritage crops. This is a planned and deliberate campaign, often brought to you (and everyone else) by Monsanto.

EU Faces Feed Shortages, Increases Imports

“The situation is radically different than in years past,” said Kurt Shultz, USGC director in the Mediterranean and Africa. “Europe is a traditional surplus supplier of grains but now is importing significant quantities of feed grains.”

Not be outdone, our fishery stocks are still declining (of course, what did you expect?):

EU Ministers Allow More Fish To Be Caught Next Year

Ignoring the advice of their own scientific consultants, European Union fisheries ministers voted on Wednesday to allow European fishermen to catch more fish next year. Experts said the decision will threaten already endangered species.

Most significantly the ministers agree to allow an 11 percent rise in the catch of North Sea cod. The sea council had recommended a reduction of 50 percent in the total removal of cod from the area, a figure that includes both legal and illegal fishing as well as natural death of the fish.

The scientists also called for a reduction in the quota of haddock fished. The ministers instead allowed it to rise 5 percent.

Greedy idiots running the farm will result in collapse. Which is exactly what I do expect.


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