Drinking Bottled Water Is Bad

This should have long been self-evident, but unfortunately, it’s not: Drinking Bottled Water Is Bad. For you, for the environment, for everyone and everything. It’s just bad.

Don’t do it if you can avoid it, which everyone can do if they plan ahead. Bottled water has numerous and significant drawbacks including pollution, chemical leaching, and covering up the real issue of water shortages being experienced by millions of people.

Drinking a Bottle of Water Past Its Expiration Date? Here’s What to Know┬áThose chemicals start leaching into these bottles immediately. How toxic is your body?

How the bottled water industry is masking the global water crisis We’re not only making these profiteers very, very rich with every bottle purchased, those that buy bottled water are helping deplete critical resources, masking what is really a water crisis. Plastic bottles are also one of the top polluting elements in the environment, with billions being added to the oceans every year.

I haul my own water wherever I go. It’s not fluoridated, it comes straight from the ground from a well. I also don’t drink soda which is pretty terrible for the human body. Doesn’t matter if it’s in a aluminum can or plastic bottle or even if the sugar within is real cane sugar, it’s mostly poison. Doing without bottled “XXX” isn’t that hard.

If you don’t have a well, get a quality water filter for your drinking water.



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