Dream Solutions Into Reality (or not)

Ok, ok. Everybody here already knows I’m a bit of a pessimist, but I just stumbled across something that makes me really shake my head in wonder. It’s called Dreamstore.me and I found it while researching climate change articles, such as this one here – Climate Change Unanimous & Effective Solutions 2028.

There’s no content. None, zip, nada. It’s a concept apparently, an idea. That requires funding of course. Ok then, so far, so good… I’ll bite. Let’s see what they’re offering there.

I’ve archived the page in case it changes.

Step 1 – Start Dreaming.

Step 2 – Order Your Dream. Any dream, even it is to be a billionaire or a serial killer. (Zero-cash down!)

Step 3 – Millions will “join” (what, I’m not sure) and provide capital and investments to your dream.

Step 4 – Investors will assemble a team of qualified professionals. Seriously?

Step 5 – The Doers will show up. Well, maybe…

Step 6 – If your dream has been achieved, everybody gets paid. Oh, really? I’ve no idea how they think they’re going to enforce payments a decade later.

What is wrong with this picture? Or this one? The idea is that we can buy our way to the answers / world / dreams that we want. No matter what is is.

All of the dreams on the site are “Coming Soon” except the Kindness USA 2027 “dream”, which has a $1 billion dollar “goal”.

I said I’d bite, so I signed up. ‘Cmon, a little more kindness would be kinda nice, right?

Here comes the money part – where they ask you to commit. You can choose $100 to $500,000. There are lots more questions to ensure you over 18, not giving more then 5% of your income and that you expect to be able to pay your commitment in 10 years. More screens, more questions… then the kicker (there is always a kicker, right?). They need ‘investors’ like you to commit at least 15% to this dream.

That money is for the “Doers” in Step 5. Or so they say. They also said in the previous screens that they can do anything that they want with the money (all one billion dollars).

I smell a rat. Rats have a distinctive odor about them. They stink.

You really do need to step through their question / notification screens. Slickly done. Attempting to ensure you’re happy with your decision. Not tax deductible. Efforts to eliminate fraud and all that. Then it happens (as expected) – it’s time to finalize your commitment and make a “token” payment. What you’re really doing here is buying your own dream. After you give out your credit card details.

So the deal is this. Dream big. Sign up. Give out your personal information, including your credit card AND ID number (drivers license?). Buy into your own dream. Wait and see if others are stupid enough to do this too. Meanwhile… watch your bank account is all I can say.

What a fucking scam this is. The website was purchased in February 2015, registered in Paris, France. Which means next to nothing, but only 1 dream is active in two years. At least people aren’t flocking to this fraud.

I never did find out anything about the promised climate change solutions. Story of my life, nobody really has an answer so far.

Try it. Maybe one or two of you will have a throw-away Facebook account or Google account you can use to see what else you can learn.

I need a new category on this blog. Fraud, scam artist, fakes and profiteers. FSAFP. Or I could just call it Alex Jones.


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  • December 27, 2016 at 4:54 pm

    ‘I need a new category on this blog. Fraud, scam artist, fakes and profiteers.’

    You could also call it The government.

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