Doomsday 18 Days and Counting Down

The secret of the Mayan “Doomsday” prophecy has been unraveled by the top world’s scientists:

Mayan Calender Predicts Disaster of Apocalyptic Proportions

The final image decoded is the venerable “Twinkie” treat, loved and enjoyed by millions and millions of people around the world.

Dr. Richard Hawkins of the Science and Research Institute in Belgium, has this to say:

“The Mayan civilization was very advanced for it’s time. By accurately measuring the movement of the planets and stars in the night sky over centuries of measurements, they developed a very sophisticated means of understanding forthcoming events on the Earth.  We were simply shocked when we discovered how eerily accurate the Mayan calendar turned out to be.  The world already knows that the demise of the Twinkie is an actual fact.

The Mayan’s got it right.”

The Internet community has already come to understand this, depicting the Mayan prophecy like this:

Mayan Calender Predicts Disaster of Apocalyptic Proportions

I tried to reach Dr. Hawkings myself, but that turned out to be impossible.  What I did find however, was that there is another group of doomsayers, who believe that they have discovered the only place on Earth that will be safe during the coming apocalypse:

Bugarach France is in the southern tip of the country.  There, the doomsday cult believes that their survival is assured from a different interpretation of the Mayan prophecy:

The prophesy is based on an interpretation of the ancient Mayan calendar which claims an intergalactic planet is on a crash course with Earth and will impact on December 21 2012.

The only place that will survive the Mayan Apocalypse

Mayan Calender Predicts Disaster of Apocalyptic Proportions

My own deep and extensive research into this topic has actually revealed something else altogether.  I know exactly where to survive the coming Apocalypse: right here.  This is the reason I do not permit customer pickup at this location for storable foods.  It simply wouldn’t be safe to have millions of people converging on my location during the final weeks leading up to the Apocalypse.

I get a completely different “Twinkie” interpretation myself from the Mayan Calender then what was reported above.

Not unlike the scientific reticence and constant updates I’ve published on climate change (who are now starting to say what I’ve been saying all along (also read the comments where I won’t try to dissuade any of the myopic optimism), or the Internet “experts” I’ve seen that advocate bugging-out-to-starvation, the online community is incredibly mistaken about what can be done about the coming Apocalypse or where to go.

In truth, this is the easy part — and was understood by myself years ago because of the research conducted.

Now you know “why” the mystery surrounding my location, efforts, projects and plans that I have implemented.  I’m still unwilling to reveal these specific details, because there is just simply no way this area can handle a gigantic influx of doomsday preppers at the last minute.  You’re going to have to figure out how to survive on your own.


There is little time left for civilization. Not unlike the pickup truck and its inhabitants racing around collapsing roads and dodging killer meteors, our civilization is in peril, trying desperately to race around what can’t be stopped.  This blog in particular, and what I think is unique in its perspective and comprehension of the threats facing humanity, has extensively covered what lies ahead for us all.

Not being a Twinkie eater myself, I didn’t find the loss or the interpretation of the Twinkie recently to be factually accurate.  What I discovered however, was that doomsday was approaching, rapidly.  Others have understood this also, even this guy, who was so desperate, he stole a food truck and trailer.

And then there is this guys says it well:  We’ve got to “cut the shit“.  Indeed.

A whole lot of postulating and posturing about crap that doesn’t matter. None of it amounts to a hill of beans if we don’t have a habitable place to live.

I watched Climate Refugees on Hulu last night. Something like 50 million people are already being displaced. Over 3 billion will be.  Where are they going to go? What are they going to eat? Just exactly how long can the world keep ignoring this?

It’s rather unbelievable, but people still don’t get it. They’ve got their heads shoved up their capitalism so deep that they’re completely unable to even see what is happening all around them.

Doomsday IS COMING. There is absolutely no doubt about that at all.  You’re free to decide exactly what it is, but it’s beyond debate about whether it’s going to happen or not.


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