Don’t Fly

I don’t fly anymore. I don’t recommend you do either. I haven’t flown for at least ten years now, but especially after the ridiculous and insane policy that I had to leave my nail clippers at home. Those things are dangerous and deadly , but I liked mine and refused to give them up.

But they’re not so deadly as simply flying. By now, everyone knows about the fatal shooting in (one guess) Miami – where the local Gestapo are also taking it upon themselves to question and harass the citizens at large. Don’t forget you papers comrade when you drive to the store, bank or mall. Miami does seem to come up in the news quite often…

Here’s what we know – a US citizen was gunned down outside of the plane. He was both unarmed and innocent of anything, other then becoming agitated and upset. The air marshals (who of course had nail clippers) shot the man to death with at least five shots after he had left the plane. Then the local Gestapo then stormed the plane, putting guns to everyone’s head for an hour. Then the passengers were forced to disembark and some were held for up to nine hours.

Nobody on the plane heard the man claim he was carrying a bomb – but perhaps not so strangely, the air marshals claim they did. That would also account for the local Gestapo response to detain and harass the rest of the citizens. But the story doesn’t add up – unless you factor in the “cover-your-ass” factor. A man was shot to death (where nobody could see), who was both unarmed and didn’t have a bomb after all and the passengers give a different account then the air marshals.

So this is how our esteemed “Homeland Security” is protecting us. By killing, detaining and harassing us. All in the name of “security”. Those that exchange their liberties for security will get neither. Instead, they will get a totalitarian state enforced by jackbooted thugs.

There is an complete lack of remorse or regret of the shooting, which is not being called accidental, but deliberate. Appalling as this chilling story sounds, the US Marshals spokesman claims “They did an outstanding job”. Congressman John Mica, a Florida Republican “This shows that the program has worked beyond our expectations.” Mica is chairman of the House transportation subcommittee on aviation.

What program would that be Herr Mica? Harassing, detaining and killing Americans? Apparently.


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  • December 12, 2005 at 12:44 pm

    Flying is not a problem for me – I ‘luv’ to fly fixed-wing, rotary, ballon, etc. whatever, BUT I’ll NEVER NEVER NEVER fly commercial again (since BEFORE 9/11, and thankfully I’d previously traveled the globe)

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