Don’t Eat The Fish

Don’t eat the fish, or the shrimp, or the oysters either.

Mississippi Shrimpers Refuse to Trawl

The goal was to prove to the public that their fishing grounds are contaminated with both oil and dispersants. Their method was simple ““ they tied an absorbent rag to a weighted hook, dropped it overboard for a short duration of time, then pulled it up to find the results. The rags were covered in a brown oily substance that the fishermen identified as a mix of BP’s crude oil and toxic dispersants.

IPS watched Miller and Stewart conduct eight tests in various places around Mississippi Sound. One of them was less than a quarter mile from the mouth of Pass Christian Harbor, and another was less than one mile from a public beach. Every single test found the absorbent rags stained with brown oil.

Gulf Of Mexico Still In Crisis

What the Center’s team saw was horrific. “Touring the Gulf of Mexico this week I’ve seen firsthand how oil is still killing wildlife and fouling beaches and marshes,” said Kierán Suckling, the Center’s executive director. “This crisis is far from over.”

On Grand Isle, the team found beaches covered in oil. Pools of liquid oil lie on the surface, and oil mixed with sand is hardened in mats along the water’s edge. Some beaches appear fine from a distance but are actually sitting atop massive amounts of oil, which bubbled to the surface when the team walked across the sand. Digging into the sand with rubber gloves, the Center’s team struck oil just six inches below the clean-looking surface.

Crabs and birds continue to be covered in oil as they cross the beaches or land in the marshes. Fish and sea turtles are forced to swim through oil on the surface and below the surface as they look for food.

In short, a full four months post-explosion, the Gulf of Mexico is still an oily mess despite rosy assertions by oil companies and the Obama administration two weeks ago that most of the oil is gone. The Center’s survey supports the conclusion of independent scientists, who announced findings on Monday that 80 percent of the oil is still present and continues to foul the beaches, waters, marshes and wildlife of the Gulf.

Outrage as UN exonerates Royal Dutch Shell for oil pollution in Nigeria

Crimes and coverup going back over 40 years.  A lesson for Gulf residents in the U.S., who will most certainly get screwed over by BP.  Oops, spoke too soon: BP Oil Leaks Victims Forced To Accept Final Financial Compensation

Anybody still think that Big Oil is helping anybody?  Or just serving their own private interests at the expense of everyone and everything else?

Gulf Claims No-Sue Ruling

Notice the foreign reporting on this, like many buried stories in the US media.  It time, it’ll show up here as outrage turns to riots. By then however, the dead bodies will start piling up.


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