Don’t Be Fooled

Hedges in a revealing exposé on Joe Biden: Don’t Be Fooled By Joe Biden.

When you read this, insert the word “Leviathan” wherever appropriate. Hedges is warning about a civilization in the throes of collapse and self-destruction. Empty promises, empty words, the same as before, never the truth. The status-quo will be maintained as always (or rather, for as long as possible).

In effect, the empty attempts to reform the system will not work, since they’re still using the same mechanisms that caused the problems in the first place. Capitalism will not “self-correct”, nor will there be a “market correction”. What you’re seeing unfolding is here to stay, until it gets worse.

Society is devouring itself now and predatory elitists annihilate each other. But don’t fall for this lie by Hedges himself:

We will extract ourselves from this culture of sadism the way the dispossessed extracted themselves from the stranglehold of crony capitalism during the Great Depression, by organizing, protesting and disrupting the system until the ruling elites are forced to grant a measure of social and economic justice.

To this I say “bullshit“. Token concessions achieved is not “extraction”. Granting a “measure of social and economic justice” is a meaningless phrase. We’ve seen what that entails. Crumbs. “Stimulus payments” amounting to less then one month’s living expenses while corporate American was given hundreds of billions, fattening their already enormous cash balances.

I’ve been wondering about the stupefying price hikes in food, lumber, power, fuel, real estate, rental market and believe that this is here to stay. I do not expect prices to go back down. Major inflation is here to stay.


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2 thoughts on “Don’t Be Fooled

  • May 4, 2021 at 11:55 am

    I never was fooled by the Biden campaign for presidency. He has a long history of corruption, lies and plain viciousness as a member of the ‘elites’ and facilitator of the the ‘elites’ agenda of transfer of wealth from the many to the few. Like the vast majority of politicians in the western world, he has zero credibility.

    I watch very little television, most of it being so awful. But the little I see of it is charaterised by absurd narratives of opening up travel bubbles, making fortunes by flipping properties, and the almost mandatory rescuing of cats stories. Basically anything other than reality. And that’s how I see the short-term future: the vast majority of people in ‘developed’ nations avoiding facing reality and pretending we can return to the halcyon days when anyone could travel almost anywhere and do almost anything, ‘Easy Rider’ and all that.

    Austerity doesn’t have much appeal to people used to living the high life. But it’s coming whether they like it or not. As you correctly point out, the value of money in the hands of the proles is being rapidly devalued. And the increasing discontent that impoverishment generates will be met with increasing viciousness of those who are benefiting most from current economic arrangements.

    I have maintained for nearly 20 years that people in developed nations will return to the standard of living of the fourteenth century, at best, and probably much lower, as fossil fuels become unavailable and the environment collapses.

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