Don the Con

Good riddance to the worst US President in American history.  Don the Con can now look forward to an orange jumpsuit. I’m hoping some patriotic American will now smash his disgusting face in, because he absolutely positively deserves it, after what he’s put this country through. Can you imagine the nightmare the Secret Service now has protecting the ex-President?

His idiotic base is still doubling down, right up to the last minute, claiming he’ll enact martial law and ‘start the slaughter’ of detractors and Democrats.

It’s hard to believe so many were so fooled for so long by this vile scam-artist, but we all know that this is true. The lack of fact-checking, common sense and being unable to detect the con presented by Trump, day after day after day for four long, miserable years tells me all I need to know about the situational awareness of Americans. They don’t have any. QAnon followers are still embracing some gigantic connedspiracy encompassing martial law, stolen election, deep state and lizard aliens devouring unsuspecting Americans.

As Trump boarded Air Force One for his last presidential flight to Florida, many QAnon adherents – some of whom had earlier this month stormed the Capitol in a siege that left at least two QAnon devotees dead and others in jail – began to wonder whether they’d been duped all along.

When one QAnon channel on the chat app Telegram posted a new theory that suggested Biden himself was “part of the plan,” a number of followers shifted into open rebellion: “This will never happen”; “Just stfu already!” “It’s over. It is sadly, sadly over.” “What a fraud!”

But while some QAnon disciples gave way to doubt, others doubled down on blind belief or strained to see new coded messages in the Inauguration Day’s events. Some followers noted that 17 flags – Q being the 17th letter of the alphabet – flew on the stage as Trump delivered a farewell address.

“17 flags! come on now this is getting insane,” said one post on a QAnon forum devoted to the “great awakening,” the quasi-biblical name for QAnon’s utopian end times. “I don’t know how many signs has to be given to us before we ‘trust the plan,'” one commenter said.

“It simply doesn’t make sense that we all got played,” one QAnon channel on Telegram said.

QAnon believers grapple with doubt, spin new theories as Trump era ends: ‘We all got played’

Oh, it makes sense alright. It was bloody obvious from the very beginning that the QAnon movement was a complete fabrication and total lie. These people inhabit information bubbles and foment their own connedspiracies non-stop, and even now are trying to spin today’s events into new Q connedspiracies. It’s pathetic.

“It’s something that has long been true of conspiracy theories: When they don’t come to fruition, they shift their delusions to the next thing,”

But several feared that the rising intensity of those still committed to QAnon could create problems for years to come if a die-hard, militarized core persists in their belief that the U.S. government is controlled by evil pedophiles who successfully subverted the Constitution.

“What we’re seeing is a trend in increasingly bunker-down, apocalyptic language,” said Joel Finkelstein, co-founder of the Network Contagion Research Institute, a research group that studies online disinformation. “It’s gone from [talk of] a revolution to a civilization-ending kind of collapse.”

America is a mess, in worst shape then at anytime in my life. The spectacle pushed by Trump thoroughly poisoned this country. Trump supporters weren’t blind in the sense that they couldn’t see what Trump was, they didn’t care. America is awash with Josh Hawley traitors, Ted Cruz cunts and many other nitwits and moron maggots.

Millions of Americans brought this mess upon us all. They not only let this happen, they encouraged it to happen and are still doing their damnedest to ensure it continues to happen for as long as possible. They want division, strife, fear and hate. These clowns are so insecure in themselves that they project their ignorance and paranoia on everyone else. Guns are still flying off the shelves and groups are forming up around the country. They’re refusing to accept the Biden / Harris ticket as lawful successors to the Presidency and so they intend to resist. It’s fucking nuts.

You may want to relax now that Don the Con is stewing in Florida, but listen carefully – don’t. This war for reason, common sense, decency, justice and accountability has just begun. One side intends to use violence to support their paranoia and connedspiracies, the other side uses words. It’s not a fair fight, especially when words no longer have any meaning. We’re going to have to kick their asses like never before with truth.

Stop tolerating treason. Stop tolerating sedition. Stop tolerating insurrection and armed ‘protests’. Stop tolerating idiocy and asinine claims of hate-filled ‘free speech’ that undermines everything. Stop tolerating baseless connedspiracies. These knee-jerk reactionary connedspiracies have no place in life, accomplishing nothing, but wasting everything.

I’ve long since pruned off the idiots in my own life, I’ve no room for morons and fools and those that will waste my time, life is too short. There is a shit-ton wrong in the world and we’d all be better off if we could get to the work of making some of it right instead of fostering more hatred, more division, more angst and more stupidity. Everyone is needed in this effort.

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“Today is a good day for democracy. In the United States of America, it has faced tremendous challenges – and endured. Despite the attempts to tear at America’s institutional fabric, election workers and governors, the judiciary and Congress, have proven strong. I am greatly relieved that, today, Joe Biden is being sworn in as president and will be moving into the White House. I know many people in Germany share this feeling.”


“The (election) victory of Biden represents the victory of democracy over the ultra-right and its three methods, the massive deception, the national division and the abuse, even violent, of democratic institutions… Five years ago, we thought Trump was a bad joke, but five years later we realized he jeopardized nothing less than the world’s most powerful democracy.”


“There are no regrets at the departure of Trump, as he has been the biggest source and sponsor of injustice, violence and extremism in the world and the direct partner of the Israeli occupation in the aggression against our people.”

“U.S. President Joe Biden must reverse the course of misguided and unjust policies against our people and lay the foundations for security and stability in the region.”


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3 thoughts on “Don the Con

    • January 20, 2021 at 10:14 am

      If Trump can find a way to fuck things up, he will. Trump Has Discussed Starting a New Political Party

      Saw a good comment. Nationalists are not patriots.

      “The difference between patriotism and nationalism is that the patriot is proud of his country for what it does, and the nationalist is proud of his country no matter what it does.”

      So the Faketriot party of Trumpists would be full of racists, skinheads, faketriots and nationalists. Now we just need to wait and see if Pompeo, Cruz or Hawley jump on this bandwagon of fools.

  • January 21, 2021 at 7:11 pm

    A post on DU for your amusement:

    The RWNJs on Gab have a new scheme they think will make Trump president again in 2 years
    It goes like this:

    Trump runs for a House seat in Florida in 2022. (Mar-a-Lago is Florida’s 21st Congressional district, and in recent years it’s favored Democrats.)

    A “red wave” gives the GOP control of both House and Senate.

    Trump becomes Speaker of the House, with Cruz the new Senate Majority Leader.

    They impeach both Biden and Harris at the same time.

    And abracadabra, or abra Q dabra, their orange savior becomes president again.

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