Dominoes To Disaster

The blue line shows the rise in temperatures of the world’s oceans (according to NASA).

The red line, well that’s where you and I live. On the land. It’s warming up twice as fast as the world’s oceans which cover vastly more of the Earth’s surface then the land actually does. But the oceans cannot keep up with the fast pace of what is happening on the land.

Bad news for us. If anybody cares to listen that is.

The land surface warming is also speeding up. Over the last 45 years, surface temperature has been rising at an average rate of around 0.3° F per decade — more than double the rate over the whole 135-year period. This speed up was also predicted. After all, emissions of CO2, the most important heat-trapping greenhouse gas, have increased by a factor of six since 1950 — and the rise of overall CO2 levels has sped up.

The difference between the two lines is growing farther apart – quicker. This will have a dramatic effect on our ability to survive here. It will greatly assist in melting the world’s permafrost – and accelerate even more carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere quicker. The polar temperature differentials will also diminish faster and faster from the poles to the equator – having even more effect upon the world’s climate, jet stream and weather patterns.

It’s more cascading dominoes of disaster.


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