Domesticated Man – Part II

The first post on Domesticated Man contained a extensive (but incomplete!) list of social ills plaguing modern man. These are the horrific social side effects of our application of civilization, which is really an abomination to natural living, health, happiness and contentment.

Unless of course, you like being stressed, amped up, in debt, obsessed with material possessions and told what to do with every waking, breathing moment of your life.

Few people ever seem to identify the root source of their stressed lives and are even less willing to do anything about it. I’m not entirely clear why that is. But this reveals another characteristic of the domesticated man that has previously been unmentioned. His domestication includes a deadening of spirit. We are polluted from within. This has long been noted by indigenous tribes who have still retained the ways of natural living.

To them, we are destroyers, ruining everything we touch. This has long been vehmenently denied despite the preponderance of evidence spanning thousands of years. Denial is of course, the first line of defense, and has nothing to do with the truth.

Chief Seattle said “Your time of decay may be distant, but it will surely come, for even the White Man whose God walked and talked with him as friend to friend, cannot be exempt from the common destiny.”

That “decay” is internal, manifested in all that is external. Our poisoned planet reflects the poisoning of our minds and spirit. We polluted the Earth, it was not the other way around.

It is this internal decay, this deadening of spirit that is the root reason why we are being led to the slaughter. We’ve forgotten who we are and become apathetic, indifferent and uncaring. Our common heritage has become “obsolete” to our modern minds. The end result is the cesspool of civilization that we are all being forced to wade through.

We’ve subplanted meaning and purpose and our spiritual connection with the earth for carnal pleasures and greedy consumption.

What is tragic about the disintegration of American culture is the promise it held, the freedoms it created, the hope it sustained. The single common thread behind the forces that led to its collapse was greed: national greed, economic greed, lust for a greater audience and so forth.

We’ve exchange the natural, for the unnatural. Our entire world is a manufactured artificial substitute – processed, packaged, purified and preserved, which is a direct reflection on who we are within.

We are what has become unnatural and foreign to the earth, and we’re trying desperately to mold the natural world into this image with disastrous results. The natural world frightens us so much that we insist upon poisoning it and killing it, even though it is obviously the natural world that sustains us. We’re blind to the truth and crash ahead assuming that we can somehow repair our human-caused damage (someday) with our artificial gods of science and technology.

The truth is obvious. Even our science and technology prove this, although indigenous man has known this fact for thousands of years. Our existence is dependent upon the soil, sun, air and water. We are inextricably linked to this common destiny, as are all lifeforms on Earth.

Yet we destroy these things with abandon. We pollute our air, destroy our ozone, foul our water and poison our soil and go on pretending that this is “how we should live”. We’ve become an invasive alien species to this planet and we think we are the superior life-form.

This is a bald-faced lie. What could possibly be superior about a life-form that destroys his own nest? That tortures his own planet? That maims and murders and kills its own species? That enslaves its own kind to a lifetime of dreary drudgery? That devises and practices horrific ways in which to kill thousands, millions of its own kind?

The truth is – we have become the alien invaders, the invasive species which has crowded out the natural. We have divided everything up, packaged it, processed it into sanitized snack-sized pieces and put a price tag on everything – and killed off all the rest. We think this is “normal” behavior for our kind, but there is absolutely nothing normal or natural about it.

I well realize that these are alien concepts to most people, but understand, you are the alien. You became the alien when you accepted this civilization and the destructive ways of mankind. You were domesticated, browbeaten to believe in the horrors of civilization. Our civilization is a sick joke, full of hatred, violence, destruction and indifference, destroying and polluting everything it touches. There is nothing civilized about it. It is a destructive, demeaning way of life that has robbed you of purpose, connection and life.

For a million years, the land, air, water and food were free. Now you have to pay for all of these things. Even your air is no longer free. A tax is imposed on a most businesses, industry and air-borne outputs. But isn’t this a good thing – to regulate our air quality? It’s not the right question we should be asking. We should be asking why are we polluting it in the first place. Why are we creating global problems by our lifestyles? Why are we having to pay for any of this?

To live, the domesticated man must pay for everything by the sweat of his brow – almost always in servitude to someone else. Usually this entails doing something that he doesn’t much like, something that only further propagates this vicious cycle of slavery and planetary pollution. The domesticated man thinks he is “free” because he can buy whatever he wants in exchange for permanent resource destruction. He doesn’t realize the magnitude of this exchange because he is sick from within. His spirit is as polluted as his world.

The evidence of this internal decay, this spiritual pollution is available. An examination of history reveals the decline of mankind as civilization advances. Older, ancient civilizations were replaced with newer civilizations with far higher cases of destruction, enslavement and planetary ecocide, all of which accompanied by greater and greater levels of domestication. The trend is obvious. Now we have the dubious ability to kill everything off in the name of “progress”, a euphemism for world-wide destruction and the total enslavement of the human race.

For another view on this decay, read The Quiet Storm.


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2 thoughts on “Domesticated Man – Part II

  • December 19, 2005 at 3:06 pm

    Why does no one feel domesticated or hurt?

    Simple. Your perception of stress is not the perception of everyone else’s. This is what most people want, no matter how sick or estranged it might be to other people.

    There is no one to back you up. No one feels coerced. No one feels stressed. And even if they do, everyone enjoys this culture.

    Remember that. You are coerced to live here. Almost everyone else is not.

  • December 19, 2005 at 3:09 pm

    That is, apart from a small minority of people who feel the same. But they are still a minority.

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