Divide & Conquer, The Strategy Of The Ages

I’m somewhat doubtful that very many people that read this blog are following the WikiLeaks story, but the reason why I think you should is it will set a very strong precedence for the future and who is willing to take on the war machine and other government corruption.

It is also a classic example of how character assassinations are being used to crush any dissent by those that would speak out.

The Pentagon is very angry that anybody would defy their murdering juggernaut and dare to publish any of their so-called “secret” machinations to encourage war.  Basically, officials have vowed to shut down WikiLeaks and serve a lesson to Assange.

Prosecutor Eyes WikiLeaks Charges

WikiLeaks Says Pentagon May Be Behind Rape Charges

Assange will not come out of this unscathed.  It is already too late for that.  Most likely, he will be forced to step down his profile quite a bit.  WikiLeaks will probably reduce their efforts at exposing government corruption, and effectively the thugs in charge of this planet will win again.

Because the rest of us did not support those who were trying.

The reason why this simple statement is true is it is simply not possible for the elite to stop everybody from speaking up.  It is not possible.

But because we refuse to speak up and out, and put a stop to the atrocities going on in our name, they continue to run amok, causing devastation and death all over the world.  They’ve got the rest of us kowtowed, afraid to do anything, and so we don’t.  And those that try are without our support.  We’re too busy living our lives, trying to stay alive, trying to keep our heads above water.

This is why the ongoing decline of our world continues, because the people cannot overcome their own disagreements and divisions and realize that we really are all in this together.  What they do to one country, they can do to ours.  What they do to one whistleblower, they can do to you.  Without support, everyone that steps up to the plate gets chopped down.

I think most people have given up, believing in the lies that we do not have the means to stop the grief being created.  To some degree, this is probably true — we don’t have the means, at least not through normal channels.  You have to realize  that these normal channels are the only “authorized” means of dissent.  They’re just as controlled and manipulated as everything else, rigged to ensure that your dissent can be effectively resisted and extinguished.

Wearing you out with years and years of legal blockades and wrangling behind bureaucratic bullshit, the methods permitted to the public to oppose government largess and malfeasance of all flavors and stripes are played directly into the hands of the elitists.  If WikiLeaks is not careful, they’ll find themselves ground up and spit out by the same system that is already rigged in favor of those who control it all.

Meanwhile, the war(s) will continue to be prosecuted with a vengeance and people will die.  Mothers, fathers, children, soldiers, civilians, innocents who did nothing wrong except live on the wrong soil, or be born to the wrong skin color or believe in the wrong religion.  They’re the real victims of this juggernaught, these agents of death and destruction and global domination.

Most of us don’t care about them, because we have our own lives to live, which are getting increasingly harder and harder.  What we don’t realize is that we still have incredibly cushy lives here compared to the rest of the world, thanks to the decades-long practice of economic exploitation and servitude demanded by the corpocracy, conducted through the U.S. military.  You don’t think it is any accident that we now occupy over 145 countries do you?  Or that this is really about the “fight for freedom and democracy”?

It’s about business, pure and simple, and exploitation and control, who owns what, who governs who, who calls the shots and makes sure that profits pour in as fast as humanly possible.  It’s about removing obstacles to global trade and finance, and exploiting raw resources and human labor as cheaply as possible.  This is why human life is actually cheap, the notion that human life is “valued” is a sick, sad joke in the rest of the world, and even here, depending on how far up the social ladder you live.

If you are poor, destitute and really down and out, you’re value is just barely above the value of a worm.  You can be crushed and extinguished with a simple misstep.

If you’re powerful and influential and make tons of money, society has been taught to value you as being important, essential and necessary.  But your life is no different then the poor in reality.  You’re the same, the only difference is how society has been brainwashed into deeming one over the other.

We worship money, power, control, influence and greed.  This is all part of the divide and conquer strategy deployed down through the ages. We’re oftentimes not bright enough to realize how easily manipulated we are.  The new American Tea Party “revolution” believes that they are different then all others before them, but they’re preaching the very same mantra every other group has tried before.

Does anyone really believe that this guy offers anything but more of the same?. This is the same dude caught funding anti-global warming campaigns too.  But what could you expect from Big Oil?. After you cut through the carefully crafted stories, you read about power, greed, corruption, abuse, a playboy lifestyle (realize that this article is designed to lay a trap upon your mind and lull you into acceptance for the man, and for that reason alone, cannot be trusted).
The Republicans .vs. the Democrats .vs. the Green Party .vs. the Libertarians .vs. the Constitution Party and on and on.  There isn’t a lick of difference in reality when you cut through the bullshit and rhetoric — they all want control so that they can be in charge, but the world won’t change one iota under their leadership.

And nobody asks why.

It should be obvious why.  The divisions that we embrace are what disempowers us.  It’s all part of the same script that keeps us blind and stupid, thinking that we can achieve what we cannot.  The script goes further to demonize our so-called “enemies”, manufactured boogie-men who have to be opposed by whatever costs, even if means wiping an entire country right off the map.  And I have only barely begun to mention the true script being played out.  The goal is to keep humanity divided against itself, playing both ends against the middle.

This is why you will find the wars funded by the same “side”, the same brokers and the same people, again and again.  They’re manipulating everything, profiting from the loss and the victories.  They don’t care who is ground up and spit out, or what children are being burned to death with white phosphorous or who’s houses are smashed to smithereens by tanks, or how agent-provocateurs betray the people they’ve befriended, or who’s economy is ruined.  Human lives and human freedoms to these people are like gnats flying in a hurricane.

And year after year, decade after decade, the human experiment in social structure continues on as before.  We remain divided, sworn “enemies” of each other, endless victims of their deception and deceit, their evil machinations and manipulations, staring down the barrel of a gun at each other.

We die by the hundreds of millions, ceaselessly ignorant of how we are throwing our lives away on their behalf, doing their bidding and blowing up the bridges, the towns, the homes, the lives of those whom they’ve declared on our behalf, “the enemy”.  We’re so fucking stupid we think we are doing ourselves a favor by these actions, spouting patriotic bullshit that declares only us as being valuable and important.

I hold very little hope for the human race, we’re not bright enough to wake the hell up and just say “No”.  Nobody can make you go, nobody can make you pull the trigger, nobody can make you believe their lies but you.  You have come to accept that what they preach is the divine truth of the world and the way it is “supposed to be”, marginalizing life itself, regulating the living, breathing, beating hearts of all others as being less deserving somehow then yourself.

You believe that we are different when we’re really not.  We all want the same things and we all have the same dreams, but many of us never get the chance, being born to the wrong skin color, the wrong religion or living in the wrong country, or being cursed with evil “leaders” or economic oppression of such magnitude that any dream you harbored is in daily reality, a living nightmare.

We’ve been told too, endlessly since birth, that this is the way the world is.  That may be true, but it is only true because we helped make it that way.  It does not have to be this way and never has.  There is enough resources to go around, enough food, land and shelter for all.  But because we insist on too much and so does every other government in the world, it ensures that there is not enough for everyone.  That’s the way it is designed to be, and the way it is.  Only through this manipulation of taking, and impoverishing some to improve others, do we even have an economy as we understand it today.

The world is deathly sick, ill with psychotic disorders and deadly beliefs.  But you do not have to go very far to find healthy individuals who are neither sick or diseased with greed and corruption.  They are bewildered at the apathy of the world, but they remain undiseased.

None of them are found in government or the halls of power, which corrupts men and women absolutely, warping them into evil caricatures of their former selves.  Whatever they once were, they no longer remain and giving themselves over to the darker side of evil, they lord over the rest with their positions of power and prestige and illusionary self-importance.

They’re no different then us in reality.  Giving the chance many of us will do the same in the workplace or by promotion, climbing over the backs of all others so that we can eat our slice of the creamed pie.  The healthy individuals don’t bother with such things, forsaking their “opportunities” to advance at the cost of others.  Most don’t work for anybody other them themselves, feeding their families by the sweat of their brow as it has been done since time immemorial.

The workplace is a structure designed to compete instead of serve.  Modeled after the rest of modern civilization, profits and economic control and market share are the main mantra’s each employee must serve.  Baal would be proud, as lordship over each little “kingdom” is practiced throughout the world.  Competition serves the powers-that-be quite well, creating oppression and division as we ruthlessly divide and conquer the world up again and again.

We believe that this is the way the world “works” and as it should be, giving us the standard of living which we have come to enjoy.  We ignore the trail of destruction we cause, the long chain of ruined and exploited lives reaching far over the horizon to foreign lands.  The hands of a small child, blistered and cracked from forced slavery are ours, as we buy exploited goods from big box stores promoting cheap goods.

There is a way out of this nightmare, but we’re not ready to hear it yet. It’s too foreign to our way of thinking, our way of life, how we live from day to day.  We cannot conceive of our own sovereignty and how we alone are truly the kings of our own lives.  We prefer servitude to the faceless masters of this Earth, the plantation owners that pull our strings and manipulate our world, even creating our beliefs.  We have become theirs, so thoroughly and so completely that concepts such as self-identity are trademarked with corporate logos.

There is a way out, but we’re not ready to hear it yet.


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