Disasters Plague U.S.

From Fire Earth: Disasters plague 1,584 counties across 32 states

I’ve been watching this figure jump from 600 to 725 to 900, and then to over 1000 and now almost 1600 counties… in about two months!

List of the states with the number of additional counties designated as primary disaster areas

  • Arkansas (2 counties)
  • Georgia  (6)
  • Illinois  (66)
  • Indiana  (2)
  • Iowa  (42)
  • Kansas (4)
  • Mississippi  (1)
  • Nebraska  (47 counties)
  • Oklahoma (12)
  • South Dakota (25)
  • Tennessee  (3)
  • Wyoming  (8)


Withered corn cropThe following (probably) explains the run on food we’re experiencing:

From B. Defiance (thanks!) –

3 weather-related articles for you, Admin.

August 1, 2012 – ARIZONA – Once considered to be once-in-100-year events, giant dust storms are pounding the U.S. state of Arizona….
Since June, five dust storms have plagued Arizona’s famous valley area. On July 29, Phoenix… The cloud was 2,000 feet tall and nearly 60 miles wide. …tree limbs and power poles were snapped… Phoenix experienced three dust storms in a row the last week of July—which is considered very rare.


Some excerpts from http://www.countercurrents.org/spencer010812.htm

Canada’s agricultural areas are experiencing a similar plight. On Monday, Ontario’s agriculture minister appealed to the federal government for disaster assistance for farmers and livestock producers crippled by the drought. Canada is a major global producer of wheat, canola, and livestock.

The weather disaster in North America is mirrored in the bread baskets of Russia and the Ukraine, where wheat crops have been buffeted by a series of extreme temperatures, floods and droughts over the year.

“The wheat markets are basically marking time until the result of the Russian government meeting on the grain market is clear,” an unnamed trader commented to Reuters.

A commission on food security is schedule to convene on August 8 to discuss the Russian wheat supply.

In the past few weeks, Egypt, the world’s leading importer of wheat, and other Middle Eastern and African countries have seen grain suppliers default on previously agreed sales as grain prices rise. In June, a German speculator explained to Reuters, “traders were selling
wheat and other grains to buyers in the Middle East in expectation that a record US corn crop and Russian export surge would push down global grains prices. The price rises mean some sales were made at huge losses; people are now looking at the terms of their performance
bonds to see if it is worthwhile not delivering.”

Another speculator commented, “Some people with a 10 percent performance bond on deals could be financially better off defaulting than delivering. Naturally you can ruin your relationship with the buyers, but you have to decide what is worse.”

Asian importers buy nearly half of the world’s corn,…. Last year, Asian buyers substituted some 8 million tons of mainly US-grown corn with cheaper Australian wheat.

This year, however, the western Australian wheat crop has been damaged by lack of rain and repeated frosts, degrading the quality of much of the harvest. Grain output in the region may drop as much as 40 percent. Along with the US, Russia and Canada, Australia is one of the
world’s top wheat producers.

Excerpts from http://www.chillicothegazette.com/article/20120801/NEWS01/208010304/Simmering-summer-puts-Midwest-hot-water?odyssey=mod|newswell|text|Frontpage|p

Aug 1, 2012

Drought and scorching heat are warming lakes, streams and rivers in the Midwest and Plains to temperatures seldom seen before.

In Chicago, Lake Michigan hit 82 degrees in late July at one point in late July, the water temperature of the Mississippi River at Moline measured 91 degrees…the water temperature in the Gulf of Mexico more than 1,200 miles to the south in Key West, Fla.,
was 87 Tuesday.

Fish kills because of the warm water have been reported in Michigan, Missouri, Iowa and Minnesota.

In Michigan, “water temperatures of nearly 90 degrees were recorded in the lower Shiawassee River this past week.

From Desdemona:

U.S. Drought Deepens, Worries about Food Supply, Prices

Floods Follow Drought In North Korea

U.S. Corn Futures

U.S. Drought Diminishes Mighty Mississippi

Peril Underlies Roads As Alaskan Permafrost Melts

U.S. Rivers – Unheard Of River Temperatures Causing Massive Fish Kills

Report Shows U.S. Drought Rapidly Intensifying

I’m unable to keep up with the deluge of bad news stories pouring in. You are advised to read what you can and make your preparations as soon as possible.

Update: from World Catastrophe Map –

Drought and Wildfires Destroy Russian Harvest

Drought Emergency Declared in ALL Oklahoma Counties

When will Oklahoma finally have a tar-and-feather party for Senator Inhofe?  This moron is STILL claiming it’s all bogus.

Update: World In Serious Trouble On Food

From American Drought To Global Crisis

Are We Headed For A Global Food Crisis?

Thunderstorms Punching Holes Through the Ozone (this could be a big issue very soon)

Update: Drought Worsens in Midwest and Threatens Next Year’s Corn Crop


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  • August 5, 2012 at 2:50 am

    Senator Inhofe (Oklahoma) still refuses to accept any human responsibility for climate change, and more importantly, he doesn’t even believe its real. Unfortunately, he’s joined by others.

    So even though temperature records are being broken, and entire towns in Oklahoma are being reduced to ashes (wildfires), these events are somehow not related.

    The mystery remains: Do you believe your eyes, your actual experience, your tests and your results, even your thermometer – or do you believe your (s)Elected “official” whose is an expert at nothing but obfuscation and supporting the oil industry?

    Does it take the loss of entire small towns to “prove” anything?

    Should it?

    We pay professionals, experts in climatology a living wage to estimate these things. Many have spent entire lifetimes analyzing, assessing, measuring and modeling the data about the Earth’s climate. Many have traveled to remote regions of the world first-hand to see it and measure it for themselves (thousands). And the one inescapable conclusion they reach is the same — its here, its now, and its all because of us.

    Monday will be an announcement by Dr. James Hansen, who has just said Climate Change Is Here and Its Worse Then We Thought.

    How much worse? Would you believe 5000%? Would you believe that that figure is already happening?

    Regarding Hansen’s new study:

    “The frequency of “3-sigma” Extremely Hot Summers has gone from 0.1~0.2% to 10% in 50 years, a 50X or 5000% or more increase! Therefore, the probability that a particular recent 3-sigma heat event is due to natural variation is ~1/50 or 2% and the chance that it is caused by climate change is ~49/50 or 98%! Note that 4 and 5 sigma events — which essentially were unheard of in the past — and now happening a few percent of the time. The chances that these events are due to natural variation is close to zero.

    Also note that this study is not based on climate models nor is it a prediction. It is a simple statistical analysis of measured temperature data from the past 60 years. The 5000% increase in Extremely Hot Summers already happened! And we can expect the frequency of these events to increase this decade and the coming decades.”

    The scientists are RIGHT because the EVIDENCE EXISTS. Oklahoma should fully understand this now, but like the proverbial saying, a 2×4 to the head still won’t sink in with some people. Even the loss of one’s home may not be any proof.

    We probably need to go beyond the pitiful attempts to “convince” the public, which has neither the interest, the education or the desire to be persuaded to the truth, and go after the only other idiots that matter — legislatures. They’re the ones that can make policy changes that will trickle down to industry, business and how we live our lives, and how much more contribution we dare make to the atmosphere.

    Recent analysis indicates that we really cannot contribute anything more. As in ZERO. And that we must find ways to pump it all BACK out of the atmosphere as quickly as we can before catastrophic destabilization occurs (which may actually already be underway).

    This is what needs attention, funding, focus and effort.

    Convincing and non-intelligent public and idiot lawmakers is almost a complete waste of time and effort now, something else nobody on planet Earth has anymore.

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