The Devil Is Laughing His Ass Off

I had a Black Friday sale, but was afraid to announce it for fear of being trampled to death.

I need not to have worried.  A new television is a lot more valuable and important then having any storable food.

The holiday season is upon us, but it would be nicer if it weren’t. This is when the real crazies come out. Either H.A.A.R.P. is pumping out more electromagnetic crazy or it’s just something Americants “do”.

This season will be like last season. But it’s not open season, not yet. Too bad.

ISON didn’t deliver any aliens either, at least, not yet. Nor has California slid off into the acidic oceans either, at least not yet.

There are plenty of earthquakes and volcanoes going off right now (35), maybe this helps account for the crazy season. Maybe the clouds of ash are belching a chemical causing mass stupidity, iradium stupidest, now encircling the globe.

Oh, in case anybody missed it, the “October Surprise” embaced by the other fringe crazies didn’t happen either. Some of you are in for a loooong wait…

Fall is a very wierd time, every year. This is the time when all the prophets and profits come out, or their failed predictions fall through the widening cracks, but nobody really ever seems to notice. There’s never any accounting.

It’s strange.  Really strange.  All of it. Nobody seems to be able to count anything anymore. Basic math. Add, subtract, sum.  Total. What does it mean?

Peak Oil = Peak Civilization = Peak Prosperity = Peak Population = Peak Food = Peak Progress = Peak Future = Peak Hope = Peak BAU = Peak Sapiens = Peak Energy = Peak Production = Peak Progress = C.R.A.S.H. = C.O.L.L.A.P.S.E. = Die Off

bAsIc MaTh mean understanding fundementals. Positive and negative. The sum of all that is.

Not rocket science. Simple numbers. Cause and effect.

Economists, futurists and technologists would have us believe that they can magically wave the invisible hopium wand over all of it, claiming the power of the Almighty truly – and make it all just go away. Innovation is alleged to be the salvation of humanity as the disaster(s) get larger and larger, but this doesn’t add up correctly either.  Remember the fundementals.  And this quote, recorded right here in bad english for years and years, “If you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always got“.

The other day I was reading about how the world is going to struggle to feed 9 billion people. The discussion centered around innovation, technology, waste management and so forth. None of the researchers involved even breathed a word about “population control”, or that it’s actually a very bad idea to encourage (enable) a population of 9 billion in the first place.

That’s what innovation and technology did while rapidly plundering and depleting the planet of easily found resources. But nobody bothered to add it all up, and see what it means. They’re STILL not adding it up.

I don’t think they can. It’s too far out of their worldview and expectations of the future. Their future continues to use worth like “growth” and “economy”. It’s complete crap of course, because it doesn’t add up at all. We call this hopium here, that opiate-laced ‘hope’ for the future that isn’t based upon reality.

You have to forget the fundementals to embrace bad ideas. Great big obvious things like climate going to ‘extremes’. Or available farmland. Or the transportable, abundant energy needed to harvest all that food required that must be grown somewhere. But definitely not ‘up’. Verticle farms are a joke. Never going to work. Never going to be able to offset their costs or energy requirements.

Here’s the deal. We don’t all live in the same place. And where we live matters, quite a lot. Either we import most of our food from better places to grow, or we…. uh, we actually go on importing most of our food, over 90% of it, from better places where it can grow. So this means we’ve got a gigantic transportation issue to figure out when the energy is gone or too expensive for the 8.999 billion to buy. This has not been solved, probably because it can’t. Alternative energy doesn’t replace essentials like fertilizer or transportation – essential components of the just-in-time global delivery system. Don’t expect your wind turbine or solar panel array to feed you – or anybody else, because it won’t – ever, I don’t care how large it is.

9 billion is an INSANE number. Encouraging this through innovation or technology only ensure even more suffering for the living. 7 billion is an insane number, taking 2.5 “Earths” of resources (some place this figure at nearly 5 Earths) in order to continue to “sustain” the present population. More on sustainability further down.

Let’s consider. We’ve already mined all the low-hanging fruit (oil, minerals, forests, fish, wildlife, fauna and even insects) for our connedumption and benefit. So next we planted mega-farms, after ripping up the prairie and the healthy forests, so we can produce even more food so we could breed even more humans so we could expand our civilization even further so we could make even more profits and so on and on it went for the past 200 years of sheer fucking stupidity… and in that tiny brief moment of time, we have nearly ruined it all.

We also tore into the ground and the bed of the sea to pump out toxic oil which we turned into combustion engines polluting our atmosphere and soil and acidifying the oceans which we still stupidly call “progress” while all sorts of things are dying all around us and even some of us are now dying too. But not fast enough, because we’re still doing all the same things over and over and embracing all the same values and ideals and telling ourselves again and again how great this all really is. The future of mankind is at stake and it is being called progress but it’s really correctly identified as genocide on a global scale. But we’re too busy to understand the fundamentals, there are lots and lots of wars to be fought and where there are none we can manufacture enemies out of thin air so that we can go get their resources too.

Let’s speak the truth. We’re really, really good at this shit. Self-deception. Blowing things up. Killing virtually everything on a massive scale. Forgetting how to perform basic math. Or changing the sum of “it all” to mean “progress” despite the endless bloodletting and environmental destruction recorded in the numbers.

And covering it all like a sticky toxic tar cloud is the gooey, oozing, bubbling gusher of hopium, drowning out any objections, questions or observations that something is not right is Disneyland…

Humans apparently are incapable of an honest assessment of civilization. Denial is more fun, don’cha know? At least it is when you’re pulling the trigger. Or twisting the throttle. Or pushing that button. Easier to ignore what our actions are causing then to change our ways. Hell, everybody knows that.

We should pass a law. For every economist that predicts a better future, we take the guy outside and beat him to a pulp. And for every technologist that claims their innovation is “green”, we shove the damned thing down his throat and make him eat it.

Saw a short-lived discussion on “sustainable” the other day. Idiots abound. Nothing modern civilization “does” is actually sustainable. NOTHING.  There can only be one outcome of this.

This means C.O.L.L.A.P.S.E. by “the numbers”.  Just as soon as we run out of anything essential, like raw resources, tolerable climate, energy, money, fertilizer or rare earth minerals, it all comes “‘crashin’ down” because we stand zero chance of sustaining the present population or continuing this insane expansion policy.

So how come these blabbering idiots keep projecting 9 billion living humans on a increasingly depleted planet? Even more importantly – why would they?

They’re not doing us any good. They’re deceiving billions of people.  It’s time for a tar and feathering party. Enroll them in Liars ‘R Us, with a subscription to the magazine, “Capitalism Does A Body Good”, which we can shove up their ass. Let them sit on that for a while and twirl.

I’ve reached the point where I want to beat the idiots that are still trying to deceive us all into a bloody pulp. But there are far, far too many of them. So I stay mostly silent, knowing that nothing will do any good now. Stupidity, ignorance and denial is running rampant around the globe. The Devil is laughing his ass off. Humans are sooooo stupid… They’re going to run this civilization right into the ground and declare how they thought that sustainable meant exploitable


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12 thoughts on “The Devil Is Laughing His Ass Off

  • December 1, 2013 at 11:16 am

    I’m done trying to convince people. Half the people I talk to, sadly including my mother and father in law, think global warming is a hoax – a liberal hoax, I should say. The other half are so bogged down by debt, corporatism, greed, money, consumption they willingly defend this system. $13B fine for fraud? Just part of business they say. We are so ingrained into this system there is no way out except for total collapse. If you argue against it, you are controversial, ostracized from society. If I really continued to push my view, I have no doubt I would lose my wife, family and friends. The snake oil salesmen have won. Hopium has been bought and even though there is no solution for continuing ecocide, iPod’s have everyone convinced the next product to save us is right around the corner. The collapse is going to be hell. When we are broken down into our primitive state from starvation it will get ugly fast. If you have ever been hiking and looked into the wild, hungry eyes of an animal, you will understand what I mean. When your only concern is daily survival, the human world will be a much different place. You have been warned.

  • December 5, 2013 at 12:45 pm

    Oh, come on! The New York Post just published an article with this headline:
    Global-warming ‘proof’ is evaporating, so all is well.

    Seriously, it’s hard to argue with people who don’t want to hear the truth. In fact, it’s impossible. Even if global warming is not occurring, peak oil and peak resources will still cause a die-off. The species is way beyond the carrying capacity of the planet, minus the input of resources that are falling off a cliff.

    I was discussing this with a young woman last night -someone who is living in our basement, because she has no job, no resources (well, she now has a b/f who lets her use his car).
    She “believes” that human ingenuity is working on something right now that will solve whatever problems come up. She has a vague idea of what the solution will be – well, she has no idea, but she “believes” there will be a solution.

    I pointed out that her belief is akin to religious belief, but less honest. Religious folk (which includes almost everyone when you include secular religion -most “atheists” believe in progress, human technology, etc.) are at least honest about the fact that their beliefs are just beliefs and not proveable by observation.

    Anyway, she just smiled and laughed, and went back to the basement, after telling me that pessimistic views like mine are bad for you, bad for others, and reduce the happiness level.

    • December 5, 2013 at 1:03 pm

      The author is a fucking idiot. I won’t beat around the bush. He cherry picked his “evidence” and refused to state the actual facts. His “proof” consists of only reporting what he wants you to read – and nothing else.

      That’s like describing a bicycle as a “machine that flies over the ground”. The guy is a liar and a moron. Extremely out of touch with reality and the actual science and measurements.

      I’m ready to start lining these liars up and having them shot. Warming is accelerating, causing damage globally to plants, animals, humans and oceans, and morons like this are telling other morons that “it’s not happening”.

      Let’s be honest here – the REASON nothing effective will get done about global warming is because LIARS continue to spread factually false lies and deception ON PURPOSE. This makes these asswipes the ENEMIES of the people and virually ALL lifeforms on planet Earth. Rather then simply state facts, evidence, and science, they’re spinning out endless lies to persuade people to ignore what is happening outside.

      This isn’t a fucking joke anymore. It’s deadly serious and these people are hell-bent on killing us all.

      • December 6, 2013 at 9:27 am

        I was being ironic when I stated that “all is well.”
        I agree with you.

        Anyway, my personal observation is that most people are like the young friend I mentioned: they smile condescendingly at we “doomers,” and have faith in progress and technology that is not LIKE religion. It is religion. The religion of progress is just as dangerous and destructive as the old-fashioned kind.

        Let’s be honest about that here. I know Lonewolf hates old-fashioned religion with a passion, but that kind really didn’t cause the destruction that the religion of progress has caused. Some old-fashioned religious types are live very sustainable lives: the Amish, Hutterites, etc. Sure, some are SUV driving, mega-church going assholes, but the religion of progress is what caused the industrial revolution to be embraced by many, and forced at gunpoint on the rest. So-called liberals are often the most violent in their denunciation of sustainable folkways.

        Anyway, be well. Keep up the good work. Don’t forget to foster friendship and relationships, as well as attack these enemies!
        I’d like to be your friend and meet you someday. That kind of thing is still important.

        • December 6, 2013 at 10:28 am

          You don’t “know” me nor the deliberate evil that is religion (‘old-fashioned’ or otherwise). (Sc)read your Wholly Babble; Chapter One: Genesis 1:28. (KIng James Version)
          “And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth [sic], and SUBDUE it: and HAVE DOMINION over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and OVER EVERY LIVING THING THAT MOVETH UPON THE EARTH.” (emphasis added for those who can’t hear).

          By their fruits shall ye know them.

          Geezus FKN Crap!

        • December 6, 2013 at 10:35 am

          History shows that ALL religion has caused unbeleivable levels of harm and can be directly traced to the “outcome” of civilization, i.e., what we have today, virtually everywhere in the world, so it makes no difference if your Russian or American or Chinese. Opressing and controlling people is the norm. THAT is not healthy, wise or beneficial to anyone.

          Moroever, religion DROVE the expansion of western civilization, with all of its evils, genocide and torture of peoples, wildlife and the rape of the planet, and has now virtually taken over the culture of the entire world. Civilization and religion are not seperate and never were. They’re one and the same.

          Most religious think there is nothing “wrong” with the taking of other life – which they very much actively support, because they were “authorized” to do so. They’re using religion as their “right” and excuse to cover up their incescent crimes, but it doesn’t end or even begin there. Watch “Being Free” for some examples. The world is their playground – but not their “real” home and so trashing the place is their divine “right”.

          The Amish are not even remotely “sustainable” by the way, this is a total myth. They rely on all kinds of external energy inputs including all the many thousands of derivatives of oil, AND the infrastructure in place today. NOBODY in modern society is sustainable.

          And there is virtually NO difference between “old fashioned” religion and the religion of today – both are sourced from the same spring of polluted water, both seek oppression and control. It isn’t “old fashioned” that Lonewolf (and I) hate – it’s false teaching, fabricated stories and polluted minds. Religion is a “virtual reality” of the mind that has nothing to do with real life and how the world and physical universe really work. And this is WELL understood by those that would manipulate religion and the religious to their own ends, thus the “world” and its fucked up value system that we have today with BILLIONS of deluded people ungrounded in reality.

          I’m still reading Carrier’s book, but he’s saying what I’ve always said here years ago in my own words – if you embrace a false belief system, you will make a long series of disastrous life decisions and choices which WILL have consequences.

          Any “belief system”, whether political, economic, spiritual, geophysical or metaphysical (philosophy) that is “false” is dangerous to you and everyone else, leading to a life, culuture, society – CIVILIZATION that is corrupt at the core. There can be no doubt at all about this because we have ten thousand years of history to point to as our evidence – leading us to right here, today – with all its false and phony “beliefs” about life, living, death, experience, rights, culture, government, industry and virtually everything we are taught to embrace. It’s ALL a lie on a massive scale that is so vast that few can uncouple their minds from and come to understand. People are AFRAID to know this truth because it undermines virtually everything that they are and have become.

          I’m not trying to attack your words, just pointing out that if you dig deeper yet, you will uncover all of these things.

  • December 5, 2013 at 1:54 pm

    The “devil” you say ! And which “Devil” would this be? White “devil” most likely. And I too am laughing my ass off” at the folly of misery monkey’s malevolence and mayhem. Guess that makes me a “Devil” too. Or, at the least, to upwards of 80% of Americunt suicidal maniacs for God-self. These are “The Meeple”. Everything ‘seen and unseen’ aka real and unreal is ALL and ONLY about them in the moment. Nothing about/for any “other’ ntm the planet ntm any future on Earth at all. These Meeple prefer wanton delusion to life as well as death to us all versus anyone dare attempt rational fulfillment in knowledge aka reality. So, as a ‘true’ Devil, I say kill them all and let their ‘lord’ (self) sort them out as the fungi and worms chew them and shit them back out. Ruppert posted a comment at a recent post saying “People are willing to go extinct for capitalism.” To which I replied, “Yes but at least as many Meeple are EAGER to meet their Lord by forcing their preferred vision on Armageddon upon us all. And so the have.” These are the actual Devils, one and all – demons of mayhem, minions of darkness, evil incarnate which force their Dominion OVER the Earth so as to kill us all and everything else and all so that they specifically can enter their long sought oblivion without having actually LIVED. Rant rant think think slobber slobber. Gnash gnash gnaw gnaw twitch twitch. Oh! but but … But, the Devil made me do it (say this). Bye bye bipeds.

  • December 6, 2013 at 4:39 pm

    Speaking of religion and things related, I grew up being brainwashed my entire childhood, and it wasn’t till around late teens that I began to question it all. It didn’t take long to figure out it was a big hoax.

    Now decades later, I don’t give a lot of thought to religion or the Buy-Bull, but recently a newlywed wife of a long-time friend informed me that “dinosaur” is in the book of Leviticus. I knew it would be impossible, but decided to do the research. Internet search after search showed no such word in the Buy-Bull anywhere, so I did some genuine research–I read all 27 chapters of Leviticus.

    Boy what a shock! I had not remembered all the violence and murder in the Buy-Bull. It was awful. When I read that stuff as a child I must have surely been on auto-pilot. No kidding. “Gawd” is seemingly constantly ordering a bunch of people to be murdered. IIRC, Gawd tells ?Aaron? to tell his sons to tell the congregation to stone certain people to death! And some times “God, the Hitman” is demanding innocent people die for such things as consorting with familiars, or something like that. It sounds like Gawd didn’t want any competition. I actually cannot recall HOW MANY times Gawd ordered people to be stoned to death in Leviticus. What a blood-thirsty bastard! Oops, II forgot He is a “loving” God.

  • December 6, 2013 at 8:30 pm

    We will never find another inhabitable planet,We will never find an advanced civilization,We will never find out where we really came from.We will never understand how two strands of our DNA got fused together.We will never know if god or satan really exist.We will never know if all this is just a simulated illusion.We will never reverse the death of the planet……WHY?….Because we were mean’t to die here, alone,if we were going to find the answers,we would have already found them by now.

    • December 6, 2013 at 9:20 pm

      Seriously? We have all the evidence needed. It’s all the evidence that there is. As for “answers” – we have those too. But knowing the answer does not mean it will change the outcome. The outcome we all face is a direct correlation with the refusal to accept these answers and adjust our lives / civiliation accordingly.

      1. We will never find another inhabitable planet – Given sufficient time, we would. The multiverse is vast beyond comprehension with trillions upon trillions of possibilities. Life can certainly exist elsewhere (a requirement for another inhabitable planet).

      2. We will never find an advanced civilization – Yes we would, given time and understanding the actual likelihood (possibility) that this has happened somewhere else in such a vast multiverse. If we came to be – so could they, it is really as simple as that. The enormity of time permits this according to mathematical theory, and the proof of this fact is “us”. We’re here, proving that it is certainly possible.

      3. We will never find out where we really came from – We already know where we came from, the same place all other life came from. It’s well documented in the scientific literature.

      4. We will never understand how two strands of our DNA got fused together – We know this too, evolution. Life does indeed evolve upwards toward greater complexity.

      5. We will never know if god or satan exist – We know this answer also. All that has been written about this topic, the entire body of literature and speculation throughout history, can be accurately summarized as “no evidence”. Therefore, the answer is obvious.

      6. We will never reverse the death of the planet – The planet is “dying” only in the sense of what we have done to it (and age, but it has a long ways to go yet, ie., billions of years). The planet will go on – we will not. The disease is us, or more specifically, our civilization, but like all diseases, it will not last forever, certainly not over the entire lifetime of the planet. There is no possiblity that humans or civilization can last that long on a finite world. We will be extinguished – but the planet will “live” on, long, long after us.

      7. Because we were meant to die here, alone – This cannot be a statement of fact either, because this assumes a divine “purpose” that chooses FOR us to “be alone”. There is no evidence of any sort that this is true.

      8. If we were going to find the answers, we would have already found them by now – And we have found them, but have soundly rejected them on most levels – intellectually and emotionally. Civilization and / or society and the individual world view is not based upon answers, but upon prejudice, belief, assumptions and yes, assertations – which need not have any evidence in facts in order to embraced. This is a huge flaw in our character. This is the situation the world is in today, with the resulting human effects reverbrating throughout the planet. The “answers” as it were, ARE there, but we’re not intelligent or wise enough to accept them and probably never will be, being immature and generally unlearned. Which we seem to prefer to no end.

      There are indeed things we know – because we can find evidence, and there are things we do not – having either little to no evidence or no understanding. But even with evidence, this does not change the human condition very much, because we are inclined to believe anything we like, whether or not it is true, with the resulting consequences. So we will, in most likelihood, “fail” as you have indicated. That pathway of failure is very much in actual evidence right now.

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