These pictures of Joplin are unbelievable.  The scale of the devastation is hard to comprehend.  My heart goes out to those who are battling for survival — and those that lost loved ones.

More pictures here, with more devastation, destruction and even more tornadoes.


From the last link page:

– Tornadoes to strike Joplin: 1
– Tornadoes so far in the U.S. in May: More than 100
– Average number of tornadoes in May during the past decade: 298
– Record for tornadoes in May: 542, in 2003
– Tornadoes so far in 2011: Approximately 1,000
– Average number of tornadoes in a single year during the past decade: 1,274
– Highest recorded number of tornadoes in a single year: 1,817, in 2004

Six more tornadoes reported today.

UPDATE: More photos here.
A few weeks back, I saw a lot of planted stories that all these storms did NOT have anything to do with climate change.  I knew that this was utterly false and still do.  It’s very simple: increase temperatures lead to increased evaporation, which causes an increase in drought and precipitation and temperature variations in the atmosphere.

It’s all energy and it builds up and it must be released somewhere.  Essentially, the hydrological cycle is being massively disrupted from the norm we’ve come to expect and dumping a deluge of rain Columbia, Pakistan or drought in China, or Texas is / will be the result.

The mega-fires and drought in Texas are part of this “non-event” the climate deniers keep telling us isn’t happening.  Makes you wonder how many bodies it is going to take before they finally wake up.

But it is too late, something I’ve been saying for years now.  This isn’t a switch we can simply “turn off”, even if we went to a zero-carbon existence tonight.  We’re in this unfolding disaster now for a long, long time to come (generations) and it is only a situation that is expected to get worse and worse.

You can only prepare now for what is already set in motion, as best you can.  These events, like all the other events (nuclear releases, earthquakes, financial meltdown, etc.) are increasing around the world.

Collapse is happening right now to thousand and thousands more every day.


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