Descending Into Madness

I am totally tuning out the ongoing idiocy in Washington, Korea, and well, just about every place else. The reason is simple. All this crap is irrelevant. There is nothing anybody can do about any of it anyway. It’s just another page of rising stupidity.

None of these so-called “issues” has anything to do with me or how I conduct my life. I refuse to be a part of the misguided rage, the hatred, the xenophobic reactions, or engage with any of it. It is all irrelevant.

There are much bigger fish swimming around in the pond that intend to eat me. And you. Not talking about these issues is what Americans love to do. Anything to remain distracted and stupid. Always worried about the little things and ignoring all the big things. Our descent into madness continues unabated.

The StupidNet ‘engages’ millions of people into the escalating cultural wars – as if all this activity would actually accomplish anything. It doesn’t. But don’t wake up to this fact. The juggernaut against life continues without even noticing this hive of ‘activity’.

There is a hive mind at work here. Busy little bees surrounding the queen king, competing for favored status and attention. There are hives everywhere. Some are focused on destabilization, others are focused on end time fantasies. They’re all at work (if that’s what you call it), vying for attention and ‘membership’. It’s all quite stupid when you stand back and assess all this effort and activity. It has not accomplished diddly squat, other then foster deeper divisions and accelerate destruction.

Is this really what civilization has become? Apparently so – for some people. However, not for me. As always, I’ve refused to join the fray. Which one would I ‘pick’ anyway? Recruitment is everywhere, so it would be easy to just stand on a random street corner and wait for it.

I’d have to turn off my brain first and put my thinking skills into park. And then learn to mouth stupid slogans as if they were phrases with real meaning. And then just ‘do’ what everybody else seems to be doing (which isn’t much), convincing myself that this ‘activism’ has real ‘value’. Then I could go home at night (or more likely, stop surfing the StupidNet) and congratulate myself that this was all time wasted well-spent. Maybe I’d even beat my wife again if I were so inclined.

American history (unfolding as I type) has gone bonkers. As it has many times before.


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