Denying the Deniers – Village Idiots Take Note

Readers of this blog are aware that Survival Acres supports climate change science. Specifically, I am in full agreement that the Earth’s climate is changing and that humans are a major contributor to the causes through greenhouse gas forcing, logging, fracking, industrial and agricultural activity.

The world has been experiencing rapid irreversible climate change at an unprecedented scale and speed in Earth’s history, unleashing huge storms, floods, droughts, sea level rise and gargantuan amounts of ice melt (to say nothing of permafrost loss and methane release). These measurements and effects have taken place all over the world, from the Arctic to the Antarctic and all points between. No region on Earth has been unaffected.

The science continues to point to human causes. This particular point has caused no end of division and disagreement and discussion as the world attempts to grapple with the issue. The vast, vast majority of credible scientists are in agreement that the evidence supports the facts – the Earth’s climate is changing (rapidly), human activity is the current primary cause, and continued activity (the “business as usual” model) will lead to the catastrophic collapse of civilization.

The reason is food. We won’t be able to grow adequate levels of food with an inhospitable climate. Most plants that we and our livestock consume cannot adapt to a hotter or wetter world. Nor can we “farm up North” due to poor soils and short seasons. Humans can attempt to “adapt” to a hotter world through better insulation, air-conditioning or even going underground, but it is the natural world (habitat) that cannot. Adequate levels of food for Earth’s present population will plummet. Civilization then collapses.

Food then becomes a gigantic “linchpin” for human survival. As food crops fail in different parts of the world, humans and livestock starve.

Food is not the only issue, there are many more important topics, such as ocean acidification, a collapsing ecosystem, flooded cities, rising sea levels, devastating storms and drought. Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest city of 13 million, is now trying to survive on just two days of water per week, despite being in the middle of the “rainy season”. This is a story repeated around the planet in ever-increasing numbers (California is still in a 500 year drought as I write this).  Lack of water, or in some areas, too much water, is caused by increased temperatures and higher rates of evaporation and changing jet stream. An increase of 4% – 10% of water content is now being recorded in the atmosphere. These are huge numbers – with huge effects.

Climate change is also having a major effect on the jet stream, which now exhibits very erratic behavior in the Northern Hemisphere.  Right now, there should be over two feet or more of snow on the ground where I live, but I can see bare ground everywhere. Only a few years go at this same time of year, we had over eight feet piled up and more coming down. It’s nearly 50 degrees outside! An aberration? Yes – and no. This ‘extreme’ change from the norm has been happening everywhere.

The Earth is resilient, but it is also fragile in many ways. The Earth inhabits a tiny “habitable zone” in space, and Earth’s climate is very sensitive to small changes. Those changes have occurred naturally in Earth’s history over extremely long periods of time, but Earth’s history has never recorded changes at the speed and extent of the present changes being experienced.  Extensive research by the world’s leading scientists has proven that human activity is the primary cause, leading to cascading domino effects around the globe. Humans will “experience” these changes in thousands of ways, not all of them “major”, but cumulatively speaking, they are all bad.

Yet despite the accumulated evidence and easy-to-see changes going on all around us, there is still a large body of vocal “deniers” who for various reasons (all of which I have found to be unfounded) do not agree that humans are either the cause of climate change, or even responsible for the current climate change and that everything is honky-dory. Their excuses and straw arguments are many, but their logic and reasoning is either entirely absent or without supporting evidence.

I strongly disagree with their position of “belief”, since this is quite ridiculous (belief has nothing to do with the evidence or the facts), and since the evidence of rapid and unprecedented climate change is absolutely overwhelming now. Yet vocal deniers go on pretending that climate change is somehow “faked”, or fabricated in some mysterious gigantic conspiracy involving hundreds of thousands of people, or they weakly attempt to deflect their responses by blaming Al Gore (which is a straw argument and has zero relevance to the facts or science assessments) or some other utter nonsense.

This vocalized dissent is very strident and beyond ridiculous now. What these people are doing (including many in the main stream media and politics) is hindering every effort to honestly address the issue by even denying that there is a problem. By pretending that there is no problem and nothing need or should be done, they are effectively disabling any forward momentum that could be achieved to mitigate human contribution to a rapidly changing climate. I’ve always been an advocate of the “try”, but I’m not an advocate of “denial”.

All over the world, we have seen the evidence of this – where politicians, along with a complicit and ignorant media, and well-funded campaigns from the Koch brothers and many others, refuse to make any meaningful concessions or agreements. Opposing them in a huge body of qualified scientists and researchers who are seriously dismayed at the non-response by policy makers. In the middle is the media, which depending on which source you read, is either “for” or “against”. The increasingly vocalized “middle” is the public, which has loudly screamed out a “disbelief” and astounding ignorance of the entire subject.

The point of this post is not to convince you the reader one way or the other. You can find this out for yourself if you will take the time and make an honest inquiry (and that is the ONLY way to go from “belief” or “opinion” to knowledge).

However, many people won’t bother. Many deniers will simply believe Fox News or some other idiotic website that continues to spew forth more idiotic nonsense. The American population is generally quite lazy when it comes to understanding facts, science, research and the agendas at work on any given topic. Many are inclined to believe in any “conspiracy” since it caters to their general sense of distrust. While distrust can be healthy at times, it certainly isn’t in this case. It can be deadly and have far reaching impacts on everyone else.

America is a leading polluter of greenhouse gasses and industrialized activity. But so is China. Yet it is America that still “leads the world” in terms of policy, democracy (or the pretense) and decision making. America is still a major “decider” in the world. Since America refuses to act decisively on climate change, so do many other countries in the world. They’re still waiting on us, and we’re still listening to the idiots in our midst. Because America remains divided, so does the rest of the world – and the outcome of this indecision while the world continues to warm will be quite catastrophic.

I refuse to be a part of this ongoing idiocy. I tried for 10 years to document this topic and get the word out. The collapse of our civilization was underway and here are some of the reasons. This effort did no good. The laziness of Americans and their willingness to deny reality is worse now then ever (this is a well-understood response mechanism to difficult topics). Many new websites sprung up, preying upon the fear and ignorance of the people. But despite pointing some of them out here and elsewhere, they flourished. This means that many people prefer to be deceived, and even help pay these deceivers to continue with the deceptions. There are scattered postings found on this blog identifying some of them, and a few others directly related to the food business here.

I can’t be a part of this, since the bottom line means we either have a survivable habitat – or we don’t. We either try for a livable future – or we don’t. Deniers support the “no habitat, no future” position whether they realize this fact or not. Being a family man, I find this horribly irresponsible and astoundingly stupid (and it angers me deeply, I’ve no use whatsoever for Flat Earther’s). But I’m stuck with this disastrous outcome as much as anyone. The “Village Idiots” have decided – and their decision is pretty straight forward – “We don’t give a fuck about the future. Or you. Or anyone or anything else. The present is all that matters”.

This makes no sense and never did. Sacrificing the future survival of every possible future generation of the species is beyond stupid. It’s a suicidal / genocidal behavior – supporting the total extinction of every living thing because of a stupidly held “belief” that has no basis in facts or reality.

It’s not the first time this has happened in human history – but every time it has happened, the results have been catastrophic for the survivors. The utter failure to recognize the present threat and plan ahead is completely inexcusable.

This is NOT how humans conduct their lives, as they strive for career, promotions, family, or financial success, they DO plan ahead and hope and strive for “better”. They always have, it’s what we do, but not in this case. Humans are far too disconnected from the real world, living in entirely artificial habitats that take and take from a rapidly depleting environment without any regard to the actual cost.

Most humans have no experience of the hardships lying ahead that will catastrophically affect their survival. And it will be far, far too late for them to “change their minds” later on and finally respond to the increasing hardships and suffering everyone will be forced to experience.

So here is my public announcement to all you “climate deniers” out there:

Survival Acres supports climate change research and science. Survival Acres will not knowingly support any individual or group that denies climate change, or the urgent need for humans to change their behavior and activity with any sales or support.

Flat Earther’s were the bane to the developing world for thousands of years and the advancement of human knowledge – and so are climate change deniers. They are human obstacles to intelligence, facts, evidence, reasoning and science. Nobody should tolerate their poor behavior and ongoing stupidity, anywhere. But most still will – precisely because they lack ethics and are easily bought off with a “sale” or some other token of their true nature. Not enough people care and will place money before everything else.

Not me – I am not the least bit interested in assisting idiot survival (but I do support a renewing of the gene pool).  Everyone that still thinks they’re going to be ok and there is nothing to be concerned about is encouraged to take the Survival Acres Challenge. Nobody has (to my knowledge), and the one person who did try to live off the land, died (his body has never been found).

There is a price to be paid if you’re wrong – and in this case, and on this scale, we’re talking about the survival of the human race. Can we afford to be wrong, and stubbornly cling to “belief” when the evidence and facts support something else altogether? I think not. I think that the survival of the human race and the biosphere hangs in the balance.

Despite the Village Idiots among us, the rest of the world will try and go on, embracing facts, knowledge, science and reasoning. Humans ARE quite capable of destroying the world’s habitat, but we’ve proven ourselves incapable of destroying human stupidity.


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