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2 thoughts on “Degrees of Uncertainty

  • April 27, 2021 at 11:22 am

    I watched the video.

    There are many valid points.

    What always disturbs me is the talk about the average temperature of the Earth. That is exceedingly mispleading. As pointed out in the video, a change in average of a couple of degrees makes the difference between continents covered in ice a mile thick and little ice restricted to mountain peaks.

    Whilst a change to the average of 2oC may not be reflected in much change at the equator, it will be reflected by a substantial increase in the Arctic region -leading to triggering of numerous positive feedbacks that exacerbate the predicament very quickly.

    It seems to me the producer is offering hope when there really isn’t any. Until the way money works is changed, the catastrophic trajectory we are on remains in place; and the banks and corporations and bought-and-paid-for politicians have no intention of changing the way money works; therefore catastrophe is guaranteed.

    What matters is the heat content of the oceans; and that has been rising inexorably for decades. And the quantity of ice in contact with water has been declining for decades. Once the ice cover of the Artic vanishes, everything moves i to an entirely different regime. The UNIPCC does not factor in such scenarios, and generates graphs that are not far off linear. Which is almost certainly absurd.

    Because storms affect the rate at which CO2 is absorbed by oceans, daily CO2 comparisons vary considerably and year-to-year comparisons have to be considered carefully. Nevertheless, the latest numbers

    Daily CO2
    Apr. 26, 2021 = 420.01 ppm
    Apr. 26, 2020 = 416.12 ppm

    give us a pretty good idea where we are headed.

    Not directly related to the topic of overheating, but nevertheless connected, is the very astute analysis of the collapse of industrial economies and the global financial system by Tim Watkins; he focuses on declining energy return on energy invested or net energy available….which has been declining for a hundred years but has now reached an inflection point .

    ‘Signs of things to come’

    In my opinion, as relatively clean energy sources like natural gas and electricity become more difficult to acquire or more unaffordable, people will turn to chopping down trees in the local park or burning tyres to keep warm in the winter -with obvious environmental repercussions.

    • April 27, 2021 at 11:55 am

      I agree. Nobody has yet produced a video science summary of what is really going to happen. Every video contains the usual hopium (and dishonesty). For those that are staying informed on the topic, it’s very clear that it’s going to get a lot worse in short order (in your lifetime, even if you only live another 10 – 15 years).

      That said, the video does present compelling reasons to trust in the science. What temperatures have been, where they are going, and how fast it is happening. It was my hope that viewers would realize these important points. I can’t do anything about the hopium, other then keep teaching that there are no valid reasons (still) to believe we are going to solve this in time, I do not think we will. But despite this, I still think we should keep trying, only much, much faster. So far, this is not happening.

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