Defining The Movement

I’m wondering how much of this stuff is getting on television? Anybody know? And what kind of spin is the television media putting on it?  1500 Cities Protest

It’s obviously gaining (some) momentum. It’s not as big as they claim however, looking around the web it is still in its early stages (elsewhere).

There is also a “name and address” site, Occupy The Boardroom (link) that lists the names of the executives of Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Chase, and others. This is long overdue, but has been available on alternative media sites for years in various articles.

And there’s this, from Michel Chossudovsky, who writes about how these movements are planned very early on, and always co-opted and infiltrated. Occupy Wall Street and “The American Autumn”: Is It a “Colored Revolution”? Also see this, “Manufacturing Dissent“.

Personally, I side with the ‘revolution’ or ‘occupation’ or whatever you may want to call it, but it is fatally flawed in its present form. The crowd is after something that they cannot have. They may be given a few crumbs in the end, after a lot of head bashing, but the justice and equity they’re demanding will be lip-service only. Maybe, just maybe a few “responsible” heads will roll, or as Max Kaiser recently said, “we’ve got the guillotine”, but it is unlikely that this present effort will succeed with any real changes.

I emphasis “present” on purpose, because there is a small likelihood that this movement will be morphed into something else altogether.  We all know what that is: a violent people’s revolution.

You do not have to like it to understand that this could happen. At present, the movement is being co-opted and redirected, containing the debate and the response of the participants and spokespersons.

It is hard for people to realize that all political expression (and activity) is almost always “predefined”. Nothing happens in politics unless it has already been approved. Even political “grassroot” movements have this restriction. Every group in America has long since been infiltrated.

They want this to expression to happen. They gain the upper advantage in every situation by doing this. Dig deeper and you find that they play on both sides of the fence, funding and supporting in so-called “secret” while publicly chastising it.

What appears to be a a growing popular movement sweeps up any other expressions of dissent. The people join because it “seems right” and opportune, but not always because it is going to be successful or achieve its objectives. This serves as the “steam valve” I’ve written about before, defusing real dissent of a violent nature and immutable demands from the people.

Here’s the gist of the matter: the guilty are rarely punished and oftentimes “go free” or retain their golden parachutes. Nothing really changes. The people “had their say” and they “got involved” and they “took their stand”, but the status-quo remains the same as ever.  And that is a dangerous compromise.

This is why I say that asking for more crumbs is useless.  Crumbs you WILL be given. They do not mind giving out a few more crumbs, or the illusion that you’ve “made a difference”.  However, I’m not going to fall for this myself. The only way a real difference will be made is if we were to somehow dismantle it ALL and rebuild with something better and more equitable (and punish the guilty).

It is highly unlikely that our two-party duopoly will change. It is highly unlikely that Wall Street will be dismantled.  Or our fiat banking system or indentured servitude.  Or abolish our national debt or dismantle the military industrial complex or our abandon our foreign occupations or stop being the global “cop”, or starting more wars, or any number of truly huge and significant issues that lie at the very geological center of our country. These fault lines are deeply entrenched into America’s very existence and economic function, and it will take a supernova explosion to put a stop to any one of these issues.

Yet these are the very things that need to be utterly dismantled and done away with.  But what we are seeing, and what we will see (most likely) in the days ahead is crumbs being offered as token appeasement and “rewards” for being “patriotic Americans and voicing our dissent”.  This is said to be the highest form of patriotism there is — but what isn’t said is the rest of this truth — just as long as this is all you do.

It’s crap. And I do not like eating shit. Nobody does, but the crowd is easily manipulated and co-opted, and they will fall for it.

Why do I say such things? Because this is what history almost always teaches us. They control the debate, the dissent and the outcome. Only if they lose control does this thing have a chance of being something else.

But we’re already being told that it’s co-opted from the get-go. This could be stopped if the participants wised up to what is happening. Or if some outside force acted independently.

One thing to keep in mind. They don’t control everything or everybody. They cannot. It is a logistical impossibility. They’re woefully outnumbered in reality, even if they brought in the National Guard or something to control riots. This country functions not because of their mechanisms of control, but because we want it to and we submit to those controls.

If that changes, then nothing on Earth can stop it.


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