Defenders of the Earth – A Call For Global Action

Since its inception, this blog has concentrated on many issues relating to the human condition within the framework of civilization: human rights, greed, corruption, justice, equality, environment, politics, tyranny, war, collapse, survival, primitivism, sustainable living and above all, common sense and the transparency and folly of our present world.

It has always been my goal, while not always clear or plainly stated, to effect the final outcome of our common future (if only slightly), a not unworthy goal that has made this effort of mine an underlying driving force, rousing me from my bed at night and spending thousands of hours here, expenditures and efforts that I regret not in the least.

My own learning curve has been steep as I journeyed across the entire world, looking, reading, learning and examining and assessing the information that I found, sharing some of that with you here, adding my own commentary and insight, all in the hopes that even the slightest change might be forthcoming, somewhere, anywhere if even only in myself.

This catharsis of revelation and sharing was necessary for me as I learned, reading, writing and researching was my own way of bleeding out the bad and tainted blood in my own life, sharing this here with all of you was my privilege and not a burden.

I’m a hospitalized patient of civilization like everyone else, seeking health and healing, a balance of truth in my own life, by identifying the sicknesses and maladies that plague us all.

It has slowly dawned upon me that while I documented the collapse and our way of life, that I was missing something critically important. Something so essential and so basic and blatantly obvious that it defied my attention and observation. I was looking too hard for symptoms and causes within, all too-often encapsulated by the indifferent walls of civilization.

Concentrating upon the human condition and how we treat each other and our planet always presumes the preeminence and priority of mankind over everything else, despite the growing knowledge that this has never been true.

Raging against the injustice of modern civilization was still a big theme, which presupposes that something else other then this would eventually somehow solve the underlying human problems. The how to achieve this remained somewhat vague and uncertain because this view remains woefully incomplete and lacking in understanding that there is something far more fundamental unaddressed here.

Humankind is the direct result of millions of years of evolutionary development, entirely exclusive and removed from civilization. The last 10,000 years have seen the rise of civilization and modern agriculture, with all of its accompanying ills and problems, but in this very short time frame, humans have not measurably evolved at all. Our change is ideological only, manifesting itself in environmental domination and control (agriculture) and domination over all other species, including humans.

Putting this into perspective, our experiment with civilization is very short and full of terrible tragedy. The future poses absolutely no promise whatsoever that this will be any different despite our growing knowledge and awareness of this folly.

The common focus of billions of humans for thousands of years has been to continue on this failed path, to work within the confines and boundaries of civilization towards the long promised but-never-realized “solutions”, presuming that we can eventually “manage” our way to eventual global harmony. Even if this could be embraced and believed as being true someday, somehow, this very effort represents human exclusivity — a view represented by civilization itself.

A belief in managed human development, ignores the true history (human and non-human) and undermines the fundamental dependencies of all life. Worse, this practice prioritizes human preeminence above all else, placing priority first and foremost upon the human condition alone, and our propensity for avarice.

This has proven to be a very damaging and dangerous deception, one which has only been permitted due to the sheer abundance and resiliency within the natural world that sustained us as we fumbled our way about, destroying and damaging our way to preeminence and global domination.

We have reached the end of the road of natural tolerance and abundance some years ago. The pavement we’ve ripped up and laid down is crumbling, very quickly under our feet. This is just, and not to unexpected.

We will never learn to treat each other with kindness, respect, tolerance, compassion and care if we cannot practice these things to the natural world that sustains us. The simplicity and truth of this argument is absolutely undeniable. Our life is the life of the Earth. This will never change even if humans were to colonize Mars.

The preeminence of humankind is a lie foisted upon us all by civilization itself. This is avarice itself, the belief that we alone are special and deserving of privilege, protection and preservation. This is not true, these lies continue to exist only because we continue to practice our failed notions of environmental justice and equality.

Supporting every aspect of this has been the living biosphere, with its incredible diversity and density, permitting the privileged and exclusive development of civilization and all things human. All of the modern world is at the costliest expense of the entire biosphere, the living Earth, a ecological deficit of terrifying proportions.

The rage I have felt towards this modern world and its terrible injustice of the human condition has been based upon civilizations failed precepts and promises. My own failure has been the assumption that this was the battle to be fought.

I was wrong.

There is something deeper, more fundamental and more important than this. The harmony of people on the Earth can never be found within the confines of civilizations yoke and chain, this is a stockade hiding behind notions of “progress” and “civilized society”. A civilization the destroys and abuses the resource base that sustains it can never be justified.

This is not the battle to be fought. Saving this civilization or even railing against it is totally pointless.

This is not the war to be fought because it is anathema (totally set apart) from ethical human existence.

It is our civilization that is destroying this home to all things living and yet to come. This civilization will never succeed in stopping this destruction, because of the fundamental principles which drive it, and therefore it does not deserve to survive. Any and all efforts to ‘preserve’ or ‘sustain’ this civilization is morally wrong and should be vehemently opposed.

Humans are no more preeminent over all other forms of life then a rock is to a grain of sand. Because we alone “decided” that we are the most important form of life on Earth, we embarked on an insane imbalance of life, tearing and destroying the very fabric of existence from beneath our feet, devouring the bones of anything and everything in our way.

But like sand, humans are not indestructible. We are not rocks that can endure this weathering of self-destruction for millions of years. Our existence is fleeting fast before our very eyes. This is just. A civilization that refuses to preserve ethical life is not worthy of continued existence.

At times they were kind, they were polite in their sophistication, smiling but never too loudly acting in a civilized manner an illusion of gentleness always fighting to get their way. while the people see, the people know, the people wait, the people say the closing of your doors will never shut use out, the closing of your doors can only shut you in.

We know the predator, we see them feed on us, we are aware to starve the beast is our destiny. At times they were kind, they were polite, but never honest.

We see your tech no logical society devour you before your very eyes we hear your anguished cries exalting greed through progress while you seek material advances the sound of flowers dying carry messages through the wind trying to tell you about balance and your safety

But your minds are chained to your machines and the strings dangling from your puppeteers hands turning you, twisting you into forms and confusions beyond your control

Your mind for a job your mind for a t.v. your mind for a hair dryer your mind for consumption.

With your atom bombs your material bombs your drug bombs your racial bombs your class bombs your sexist bombs your ageist bombs

Devastating your natural shelters making you homeless on earth chasing you into illusions fooling you, making you pretend you can run away from the ravishing of your spirit

While the sound of flowers dying carry messages through the wind trying to tell you about balance and your safety.

Trying to isolate us in a dimension called loneliness leading us into the trap believe in their power but not in ourselves piling us with guilt always taking the blame greed chasing out the balance trying to isolate us in a dimension called loneliness

economic deities seizing power through illusions created armies are justified class systems are democracy god listens to warmongers prayers tyranny is here, divide and conquer trying to isolate us in a dimension called loneliness

greed a parent insecurity the happiness companion genocide conceived in sophistication tech no logic material civilization a rationalization replacing a way to live trying to isolate us in a dimension called loneliness

To god we hope you don’t mind but we would like to talk to you; there are some things we need to straighten out, it’s about these christians they claim to be from your nation but man you should see the things they do all the time blaming it on you: manifest destiny, genocide, maximized profit, sterilization, raping the earth, lying taking more than they need in all the forms of the greed. we ask them why, they say it’s god’s will.

Damn god they make it so hard. Remember jesus? Would you send him back to them, tell them how to kill him, rather they should listen stop abusing his name and yours.

We do not mean to be disrespectful but you know how it is, our people have their own ways we never even heard of you until not long ago, your representatives spoke magnificent things of you which we were willing to believe, but from the way they acted we know we and you were being deceived.

We do not mean you and your christian children any bad, but you all came to take all we had we have not seen you but we have heard so much it is time for you to decide what life is worth we already remember but maybe you forgot.

Look at us, look at us, we are of Earth and Water
Look at them, it is the same
Look at us, we are suffering all these years
Look at them, they are connected.
Look at us, we are in pain
Look at them, surprised at our anger
Look at us, we are struggling to survive
Look at them, expecting sorrow be benign
Look at us, we were the ones called pagan
Look at them, on their arrival
Look at us, we are called subversive
Look at them, descending from name callers
Look at us, we wept sadly in the long dark
Look at them, hiding in tech no logic light
Look at us, we buried the generations
Look at them, inventing the body count
Look at us, we are older than America
Look at them, chasing a fountain of youth
Look at us, we are embracing Earth
Look at them, clutching today
Look at us, we are living in the generations
Look at them, existing in jobs and debts
Look at us, we have escaped many times
Look at them, they cannot remember
Look at us, we are healing
Look at them, their medicine is patented
Look at us, we are trying
Look at them, what are they doing
Look at us, we are children of Earth
Look at them, who are they?

Indigenous tribes and cultures are facing extinction all over the world. We are their modern descendants. We deny this ancient heritage, pretending that we are unconnected, and somehow, ‘different’, but this is untrue. We are a branch from the same tree from which they themselves have sprung.

The only difference we exhibit is our meglomanical and psychotic human behavior in this insane asylum we call civilization.

The real hope of humanity is not in civilization and never was.  With or without any of us, we will return to a non-civilized world. This is by far, the best solution the human condition can ever achieve.  History proves it, and millions lived it.  Our short experiment seals it.

Look at us. Take a hard, hard look. What do you see?

If you are the least bit interested in ‘saving’ anything, save only the things that really matter. Most of them don’t. They are folly, foolishness and presumptuous.

Let history be your guide if you are in doubt. What existed for millions of years is your roadmap.


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7 thoughts on “Defenders of the Earth – A Call For Global Action

  • November 27, 2008 at 4:52 pm
    Post Carbon Institute:

    Today comes the startling news of a British government report showing a drop in oceanic zooplankton of 73 percent since 1960.

    For many people, this may seem relatively inconsequential as compared to daily cataclysmic revelations about the state of the national and global economy. This reaction is understandable: we care first and foremost about our own immediate survival prospects, and a new and greater Depression will mean millions losing their homes, millions more their jobs. It’s nothing to look forward to.

    It takes some scientific literacy to appreciate the implications of the catastrophic loss of microscopic sea animals. We need to understand that these are food for crustaceans and fish, which are food for sea birds and mammals. We need to appreciate the importance of the oceanic food web in the planetary biosphere.

  • November 27, 2008 at 5:15 pm
    Could be you are optimistic these days?

    Or maybe, I am not hearing what you are saying, is it:

    What is collapsing now, is that which harms us all deeply and only that.(?)

    What harms us all(‘civilization’), only has the power to destroy itself and vaporize its own creations such as the banksters and industrial psychosis.
    (Destroying money, destroys scarcity and not abundance in nature)

    Civilization is disconnected from the real world and blindly arrogant, assuming it has the power to destroy what it never had the power to create in the first place. It doesn’t.

    We humans have not actually evolved beyond animals. Such good news; animals are sacred- and a decent gig to fall back on.

    and maybe the most sunny of your ideas:
    Nothing harmful is left in place, nothing, no matter what we try and do to salvage them. (we can’t screw this one up)

    Chellis (recovering from western civilization) or the ‘web of life imperative’ are great reads if you haven’t already been reading them with an interesting perspective on the post-civ roadmap.

  • November 27, 2008 at 10:35 pm
    I’m of two minds about this. On one hand, civilization as we know it is destructive of the ecology that we all depend on. (And that on a personal level, I find beautiful and sacred.) On the other, all life on Earth is doomed anyway. If not by nuclear war or an asteroid, then by the eventual expansion of the sun.

    What’s the real difference between life being destroyed by humans, and life being destroyed by the expansion of the sun? Certainly one seems a lot stupider, but the end result is the same, and the universe doesn’t care.

    The only chance of avoiding the destruction of all Earth’s lifeforms is for some of those lifeforms to leave the Earth. And the only realistic hope of that is technology. There’s no fundamental conflict between technology and ecology, but the way technology is being used by our societies is terribly destructive.

    I feel the romance and allure of a simple, natural life, even though the reality wouldn’t be so rosy. But I also share the dreams of Carl Sagan in Cosmos.

  • November 28, 2008 at 10:14 am

    Adam – There is a gigantic gulf of absolute opposites between ecology and technology.

    Technology enslaves humans, it has never freed them. It would do exactly the same anywhere in the Universe it was utilized.

    Technology is also highly environmentally destructive, the very essence of technology requires this.

    You are taking the position that humans alone receive preeminence above all else, and therefore, whatever humans do is “best”. Moreoever, that “our” survival is more important then anything and everything else.

    It is irrelevant that an asteroid may strike or the Sun will supernova. Such things will remain outside of our control and influence, but preserving this Earth as long as we are here is what matters.

    Basing your hope on a technological salvation for humankind is the exact reason we are already in this predicament of collapse. We would not be here if we had not embarked upon that journey, only a few thousand years ago. Suggesting that we “do more” of this intervention is going to be unbelievably self-destructive.

  • November 28, 2008 at 4:57 pm
    Clothes, fishing rods, root cellars, writing, and low-impact housing designs are technologies too, and I don’t see how they enslave anybody. Certainly many technologies are highly destructive, because of the attitude in which they were developed, but I don’t think it’s essential that all be.

    And I certainly don’t think that more technology developed with the same attitude will solve the problems of resource depletion, since that’s a big part of what caused them in the first place.

    You may say that life doesn’t need to advance, it can simply exist. But would you be satisfied to imagine an Earth with no life more complex than bacteria, just existing? I wouldn’t. Life to me seems incredible and wonderful in proportion to its complexity. So I take the position that the complexity and diversity of life should be preserved and advanced.

    I don’t think that “whatever humans do is best”. If humans destroy the ecology, which I guess we will, I’ll be very disappointed because of the great and unrecoverable loss of life’s diversity and complexity.

    We may not deserve our primacy, but we still have it. So the question is what to do with it. I don’t quite understand the idea that we should “go back to being like animals” either, because we are animals, and we are exactly where our animal natures have led us. The same for going back to being more primitive humans, because primitive humans are animals that by nature develop beyond a primitive state. That’s what they did last time, anyway, and in their ignorance, they caused all these problems.

    So our human nature seems to drive us towards cultural and technological advancement. Even “primitive” tribes today have finely-honed technologies and cultures that they’ve developed over a long period of time. I’m sure if they stumbled across the ideas of metalworking and gunpowder, say, they would have embraced and developed them just as the Europeans and Asians did.

    Ultimately, the only way to overcome our nature and/or prevent us from accidentally destroying the ecology is through understanding, and the clearest understanding we’ve been able to obtain so far has come through science (including philosophy). In fact, scientists have been warning about climate change for almost 50 years, and we’ve ignored them. And we’re still only paying them lip service.

    I have to wonder about the long, long term. If the extinction of all life on Earth will happen eventually, the only chance for some of that life (and not only humans) to survive is if it spreads off the Earth.

    That doesn’t mean I advocate widespread destruction and suffering for the sake of making iPhones and MP3 players… but just as there is a sustainable amount of fishing, CO2 production, and woodcutting that can be done, there is a sustainable amount of scientific and technological development, and that gives us and the rest of Earth’s life the best chance for the long term future.

  • November 28, 2008 at 6:06 pm

    Civilization is not sustainable. Period. There is absolutely no debate on this subject. Therefore, our technology, which is a result of civilization is not sustainable.All technology has come at irreversible ecological price. The use of technology demands further advancement by its very nature, because it creates competition. To advance or even develop technology, more of the natural world must be destroyed. This is a never ending process and why it took less then 200 years to destroy much of the natural world.

    Technology creates non-sustainable populations (of humans) in return. Greater and greater usage of technology creates greater and greater dependence upon technology.

    Technology enabled explosive human populations. We are now far in excess of the planets carrying capacity as a result. Only more technology and more advancement will keep the world’s billions alive, otherwise, we starve.

    But what do we then do when the oil runs out? Or the soils are depleted for a lack of fertilizers? Or the impacts of climate change are being fully experienced?

    Technology is not neutral either. Technology is dominating, and entirely dependent upon the environment itself for its existence. To gain technology, you must destroy the environment. This begs the obvious: Where does it stop?

    It affects the entire world on a massive scale today. Ancient technology was relatively tiny and its impacts marginal.

    If “life should be preserved and advanced” as you claim, humans cannot advance life whatsoever. All they’ve managed to do is tinker with it, messing up the ecosystems as a result.

    The natural process of selection and evolutionary growth is not within our abilities.

    Contrast this with genetic engineering, gene splicing, DNA modifications and such like. We are not “creating” life, nor advancing it, we are simply monkeying around with what already exist. There have been disastrous results. But we have not actually “created” anything at all.
    You might be disappointed if we destroy the ecology, but that’s irrelevant. You nor I have NO RIGHT to destroy the ecology. Even though we have the capacity to destroy it on a planetary scale, we have no right to actually destroy any of it other then what we need. Our right is absolutely no different then any other creature on this planet and that is to take what we need, not what we want. This level of destruction is all we have a right to. Our different feelings about this issue are actually immaterial.

    Preserving life, as you say, would require humans to simply leave it alone as the best solution of all.

    The folly is humans take more then they need, if they could restrained themselves and take only what they needed as opposed to everything that they want (now enabled by technology), then we would not be having this problem today. But there is little interest in restraining ourselves, today’s stampede at Wal-Mart exemplifies this behavior.

    Our primacy (if it is even real) places responsibility and ethical stewardship (of human activities) upon us, and that’s all. But it does not grant “license” to kill, maim, destroy, pollute or commit ecocide for our “privilege”.

    Nor does this concept grant us rights to tinker with the ecology (once again, for our privilege), nor to destroy it with abandon.

    Primitive tribes were limited to local resources almost exclusively. This prevented them from over-abusing on a planet-wide scale, unlike humans today. Even a child in America has a gigantic impact these days on planetary resources, due to our exportation and transportation of everything from food stuffs to toys.

    We all know primitive peoples destroyed their environments locally and moved on, but they had the good sense in many documented cases to not kill everything off and taught this concept to their generations, so when they came back, there was something to come back to.

    Contrast that with the declining or extinct species wiped out by modern man who demands that he can take whatever the hell he wants, and damn the consequences. The current rate of species extinctions is staggering, 50,000 per year. This is up to 1,000 times faster then the natural rate. Enabling this is our technology. Without this technology, we could not begin to achieve this level of extinction, nor could primitive man.

    Importantly, primitive technology was all sunshine based and very low impact. Unlike ours which is the exact opposite of that, their technology was all renewable for millions of years. It should be obvious that this exactly why we are here today — they did not wipe themselves out, nor did they destroy their planetary home, which we eventually inherited.

    The audacity is for us to think that we can “technology” our way to a solution, when just the opposite is now happening, it is constantly and continually making things worse and worse. It is our technology which is killing the planet.

    You’re wrong about ancient man willing to choose gunpowder and metalworking given the chance. To this day, there are tribes that reject the advancements of the modern world, deeming them undesirable and damaging to their culture and way of life. And they are right.

    The introduction of these things into tribal cultures has always led to a fracturing and destruction of their way of life (which also proves that many tribes did accept these technologies). Even simple things like shovels for example. Competition for these wonderful tools becomes intense and destroys the tribal balance that was in existence before their introduction. You should watch “The Gods Must Be Crazy” for a interesting journey in how this destroys tribal groups.

    There are countless examples of this destruction studied by anthropologists.

    Although you advocate “science” as the means to understand our world and ideally save it, this is wrong too. Science has done both harm and good, but it is not the answer either, because science is not neutral either. Science in fact, is very biased and has enabled men to employ their tinkering.

    The danger is the perception of science and how once again, science can be used for our benefit. At issue is the obvious, our benefit which always comes at cost to the environment. The discoveries of science have led to further technological advancements, which as I have noted, always come at an ecological price.

    The presumption that it is all “ultimately beneficial” is quite false. If it was, once again, we would not be in this predicament. To claim that either science or technology will “finally” solve our arrogance, our indifference and our avarice (all three the sins of ecological demand and destruction) is entirely false. It never has. It has only continually enabled us to push the “fix” of these human faults farther and farther back, always promising what it never delivers.

    The promise of science and technology is in fact, not a promise at all. It is a yoke and chain, an ecological deficit and always will be.

    It is actually not “human nature” that drives us to cultural and technological advancement. This is being driven by the development of civilization, which is the dominating and directing force that “drives us”. From civilization, we also developed science and technology.

    Our human nature is exactly the opposite of the things that civilization supports, we do not seek to be owned, controlled, conformed, enslaved, regulated, monitored, imprinted or stamped, but civilization demands these things of us to infinite degrees. The more civilization we develop (with the accompanying advancements in science and technology), the more it demands of us of these things. We have reached the point some time ago that if you do not do these things, you will be jailed or killed. This “event” occurred over 100 years ago.

    The development of civilization is what enabled the development of all of these things, including technology, science, and the corresponding widespread environmental domination and destruction, even our cities and every institution known to man. Yet we are not more free then before, just the opposite is true. We have less freedom then any generation before us.

    Yet ancient man had none of these ills and issues at all. He was not saddled by science or technology, did not have to work for a living, paid no taxes, and bought absolutely nothing at all. His life was totally unlike the lives humans live today, which is nothing short of complete slavery. You are in fact absolutely required to work for everything in this life, even if you are a welfare slug (standing in line, filling out forms, constantly proving your dependency and need, etc.). Everybody works — for what was once entirely free.

    Your defense that “the Earth will be wiped out anyway” is indefensible and irrelevant and a straw argument. This date is so far off into the future (as far as we know), that it remains irrelevant for all practical purposes. And it does not excuse us in any case of our responsibility.

    True concepts of “sustainable” can include fishing and woodcutting and such like of renewable resources. But that doesn’t exist anymore today because our populations are far too large, our environment far too depleted and destroyed and out of the natural equilibrium, and such notions of “limited human impacts” or “limited human development” to even attempt to achieve these things are laughed at (even by you). Your objections seem to stem from the unwillingness to label technology and civilization as being more damaging then enabling.

    Sustainable means utilizing local renewable resources (but not non-renewable), not open pit mines shipping ore to China and then shipped back as useless but “necessary” junk. No non-renewable consumption is actually sustainable, but you won’t read that anywhere else I imagine.

    Taking only what we need and not every damned thing in and out of sight is so far out of the context of human thinking and experience today because words like “sustainable” have been redefined to mean almost anything. The danger here is that we are being lied to, once again and what is being promoted is in fact, non-sustainable and ultimately, any society that is non-sustainable will self-destruct.

  • November 29, 2008 at 8:06 pm
    Technology, no matter how beneficial a new one might appear, always brings more downsides than advantages. ALWAYS. Think of big pharma. Then think of all the demented elders, rotting in nursing homes, and being propped up daily by mongo doses of unneeded and unwanted pills, capsules, patches, liquids, and injections. The purpose of this isn’t to make their life better. It is to perpetuate corporate welfare by keeping alive these “warm bodies” whose medicines are subsidized by taxpayers.

    Further, primitive “technology” was not for profit and greed–it was due to need, whether a stone axe, crafted after hours of meticulous chipping, pecking, and sanding, or a “medicine” harvested locally, by hand digging of some herbal root.

    Some years ago my hubby held a camera up in the air and commented, “how many lifeforms had to die so I could have this?”

    And as much as I’ve always loved science of about every stripe, I’m aware as are others that scientists today are only discovering, piecemeal, what the ancients have known for eons. What the ancients didn’t have was laboratory proof. They didn’t need it.

    As far as our “advancing”….HA!! The only way for our specie to truly advance it to allow civilization to die its well-deserved death.

    There are many humans who could contemplate a rather primitive lifestyle as being better than what we have today.

    Ever watched any videos of fishermen de-finning sharks and tossing those beautiful, still-living beings back into the ocean? All this for profit.

    Ever watched a video of those oh-so-manly seal hunters who walk up to mom and baby seal, then begin clubbingg to death, then skinning while still alive, the baby seal–right in front of mom? All for profit.

    Ever watched a feller-buncher chew its way through a virgin forest, leaving total devastation in its wake? All for profit.

    As we all know, the list is endless.

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