I was recently asked by a young woman what my definition of freedom was. I thought for a moment and replied, “Without coercion”. She got quiet and pondered the meaning of what I meant.

I do not support the State. Coercion is a defining principle in any controlling entity. I recognize the need for the State, but that does not change my opinion about it. The State is most likely the logical outcome of a coercive and combined effort of former individuals who established their definitions of “common interests”. It is self-perpetuating, generation after generation, an entity unto itself, but neither alive or dead.

But it is not life. I consider it my duty to resist.

I do not know many people who choose this path. The State is necessary – if you embrace civilization. I don’t.  The State and its coercion is the outcome of civilization, which I consider death. My worldview on this is unlike other people I know. Yes, I benefit in some ways from the State and certainly from civilization, but that isn’t even a choice in my life now or at anytime since I was born. It is forced upon me.

I spent years looking for individuals or people who knew of individuals that lived outside of the clutches of the State. I eventually found some evidence that this was occurring, but I also found that none were able to live outside of civilization itself. All had connections and ties and obligations (coercion) to civilization. Call it “society” if you will, call it whatever you want, but none were without coercion.

Cooperation with the state / civilization is considered one’s civil responsibility and duty. I disagree. Non-cooperation (where possible) represents far more of everything I believe in and have come to know as true. Non-cooperation means “less”, not more. The only more it can mean ultimately mean is more freedom, but not without price. It is a path rarely followed.

We live in an era of decline. Declining opportunity, independence, freedom, resources. Decline is what you could aptly call the age of the Anthropocene. Or the End of the Holocene. On the other hand, coercion is definitely on the increase. It is increasingly difficult to extract oneself from the myriad of ways we are all being tracked, tagged, monitored, indoctrinated and levied. I consider it my duty to resist.

I spent some decades online, as a systems analyst. Early on, I detected an alarming trend that would undoubtedly lead to a loss of individual freedom, independent thought and free speech. That trend was called the Internet.

That day has definitely arrived. The fulfillment of what I foresaw is certainly here today. Although I have moved this blog to ‘private’, it is still a dangerous forum to engage in. Anything online is. It is all about coercion and control, manipulation of minds and messages, insidious and overt efforts to infect minds and mental capacity.

It is clearly obvious to me that not everyone perceives this, and those that do, do not show much concern. Allegedly, it is the “price” for engaging in electronic communications. Perhaps it is, but perhaps we should pay far more attention to this then we have.

Our ability to communicate effectively is in decline, just as much as global resources are declining. Being able to price shop instantly, or find something online is not freedom. You’re still a slave with a credit card, indebted to the system and the demands, tracking and monitoring of your activities. An AlterNet would have been a great invention if it could have avoided all of this, but even this goes too far in the end and would as all technology does, destroyed us.

Humans do not have the capacity to restrain their desires, or their demands for more control, more ownership, more things. It is the species curse. It is leading to terminal decline on a global scale. Technology has outpaced our social growth, but it is wrong to claim that we would ever socially adapt (mature) to technology’s leverage. This is what is always overlooked. The leverage humans have over their environment, growth, demands and control of the world’s resources is the result of invention and technology.

We will always be immature with our cultural and social maturity to use technology safely and wisely. Machines are dangerous to the Earth and always will be. We lost our connectedness long before and replaced it with insulation and innovation. Machines now guide us, instruct us, repair us and sustain us. It was a huge mistake with devastating consequences.

Coercion was introduced into the matrix even before machines, manipulating everything for gain and leverage. Machines eventually provided hugely increased leverage, profits drove the gains. Humans had already became hollow shells, we’ve so long forgotten what we were like that we cannot even truly describe it accurately today. I won’t even try because I don’t even know what we were. But it is easy to know that we were not the slaves that we are today, because there was no laws, no regulations, no work, no money, no State, so we were obviously something very different.

And here is the final paragraph. We could have created something else, certainly. The capacity that we have exhibited to achieve all that we have could have been focused on something more just, more equitable, more meaningful. But we chose the path of decline, knowingly. We still do. It was not hidden from us. It still isn’t.

That’s one reason why I still resist. It is not hidden from me. I know what we are.



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  • December 25, 2016 at 7:25 pm

    It has been an interesting journey thus far, and though I only discovered this website a few months ago, a long time after my personal awakening, it’s worth seeing this through to its conclusion, if at all possible. Actually, I should probably say rediscovered because have a vague recollection of Michelle, a Kiwi woman living in New York, mentioning Survival Acres about 9 years ago but a new computer (5 years ago) and lost links resulted in a long period of absence.

    So much has happened over the past 9 years, what with Mike Ruppert ‘running round with his hair on fire’ over Fukushima and the toxic culture that was ‘killing him’…..and then deciding to end his own life because he couldn’t stand it any longer. And Tim Bennett, Carolyn Baker, and Dmitri Orlov, and Derrick Jensen and David Suzuki and James Howard Kunstler and Mike Lee and Richard Heinberg a d numerous others giving it a go, and failing, following in Al Bartlett’s footsteps. And then there was Guy McPherson losing the plot altogether and practising the very behaviour he was previouly so pejorative of. There are now so few places left where truth can be written without censorship being imposed or trolls swamping serious discussion. Add Bill Mollison and David Holmgren -the Australian permaculture folk to the list. And Nicole Foss.

    Spending less time on Internet sites may be a good thing because over a period of 15 years I spent thousands of hours pointing out basic truths will little or no effect. A few months ago I was having an interesting debate with climate change deniers before being derigisterd by the business-as-usual site operator. Trespass orders based on lies, court appearances based on lies, refual to publish letters to the editors, deletion of public comments to council… name it, I’ve encountered it. Corruption and lies averywhere. But nobody has actually tried to kill me for speaking the truth, as far as I know. Not yet. I guess that is because I’m not a member of an indigenous tribe trying to prevent a jungle being chopped down or trying to prevent an oil pipeline being installed across sacred land.

    I was good boy when at school. Well, most of the time. Working hard and gaining knowledge seemed to be a ticket to success. And then I found that success in this society had nothing to do with qualifications or ability and everything to do with connection. After I’d been shitted on and lied to a few times by ‘the empire’ I recognized what the game was. Too late, of course. Now I live in ‘the empire of lies’ but am not a part of it. Nor do I try to bring it down because I realized a while ago that ‘no one’ cares about the environment or the future, and agents of ‘the empire of lies’ are all too keen to jump on anyone who dares challenge ‘the empire of lies’.

    So, now I recognize that the game is to extract resources from the commons and convert them into waste, and make a profit in the process. Or exploit other humans. Either of those strategies is called success, and is richly rewarded. As someone commented on another blog, why bother giving Christmas gifts? Why not just send them straight for the shop to the rubbish dump (since that is the ultimate aim of the system)? Consumption comsumption consumption. More waste = success. I was naive enough to think that pointing out the futility and destructiveness of such a system might change something. A bit like Annie Leonard with her ‘Story of Stuff’. Spot on, and yet another spectacular failure as far as changing anything was concerned.

    Trying to trace this all back to its beginning led me to conclue it was the invention of spears, bows and arrows, and nooses by precursors of our species, some time 0.5 million to 2 million years ago, that put us on the present trajectory. The capacity to kill or restrain larger animals and use them for food or as workhorses, and the capicity to kill or restrain other humans and use them as slaves…..all for the benefit of the ‘selfish genes’ that want to maximise their numbers in the next generation.

    ‘Humans do not have the capacity to restrain their desires, or their demands for more control, more ownership, more things.’

    I have to disagree with you on that point. Maybe it’s an age thing, or just plain stubborness and willpower but I do have the capacity to restrain myself -from eating too much, from drinking too much alcohol, from buying stuff. Indeed, havimg acquired too much stuff in the past I am in the process of gradually disposing of stuff; it’s a good week when I have ended up with less stuff than before. That does make me a very bad citizen as far as the consumption econonmy goes, of course. And growing some of my own food is another very bad aspect of my lifestyle for the ’empire of lies’.

    As far as inhabitants of the Matrix are concerned, I am quite weird, extreme even.

    • December 26, 2016 at 1:07 am

      I remember Michelle, if it is the same one. She wound up misunderstanding me as I recall. It was nothing serious, but I have not heard from her in many years. I hope she is doing well.

      As far as the other names you mentioned, wow. I never followed any of them. Ruppert simply gave up in despair. There’s been a movement to deify him. You can’t even mention him in some circles without attack. But I understand (I think) why some would give up. It is an empty world without real hope, especially if you are alone. I am not and they are the true reason I even bother to try anymore.

      I understood some things too late too. The former life I lived for example. But I gained perspective. From the trash heap I stood on. And fed from. My own efforts to change that connection met reality.

      Age tempers desires. The allure of civilization and the need of what it provides remains. I went through the minimalist stage a couple of times, it was liberating. But it didn’t last indefinitely. Now age reminds me of what I still need. I don’t see anything really wrong with that, realizing what it means for the Empire. We exist because it exists. We are ill-prepared to do otherwise.

      To be honest, I wish it weren’t so. I wish we could escape the matrix. I’ve given myself over to a great deal of thought on this subject. Creating a private space was something I did in real life. I keep the gates locked. But the Empire is still there. It is even in here, right now. We will be ignored as long as we comply.

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