Death By Cop

RT has a disturbing video of a homeless man being murdered by the local cops in Fullerton, California.

I say “murdered” because it’s pretty bloody obvious that they fully intended to kill him.

Ten months after Fullerton, California police officers beat a 37-year-old homeless man to death, video footage of Kelly Thomas’ last few minutes of consciousness were showed in a Santa Ana, CA courtroom on Monday.

Monday marked the first day of a preliminary hearing that will go on to determine if there is enough evidence for two Fullerton cops — Officers Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli — to be ordered to stand trial for the May 5, 2011 beating of Thomas. Ramos was charged last year with second-degree murder and Cicinelli with involuntary manslaughter — both have plead not guilty.

Describing his own actions, Officer Cicinelli is recorded on tape in the aftermath to explain, “We ran out of options so I got the end of my Taser and I probably…I just started smashing his face to hell.”

By the time the bloodied, unconscious body of Thomas was delivered to a local hospital, doctors determined that he suffered multiple broke bones in his face, several cracked ribs and a crushed thorax. Physicians also figured Thomas to have choked on his own blood during the incident. After five days on life support, Thomas passed away.

Last year, Ron Thomas, father of the deceased, told CNN that he won’t settle “for anything here except for complete justice for my son.” Despite the evidence that has Americans across the country accusing the Fullerton, CA cops of excessive force, however, reparation might not be easy to receive — attorneys for the defendants maintain that their clients were in the right.

The only “just us” that Ron Thomas is going to get is the execution of the cops involved in the murder of his son.

I wouldn’t settle for anything less.  Ever.


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One thought on “Death By Cop

  • May 10, 2012 at 9:22 am

    If he wants them dead, then he will have to do it himself. The state won’t execute any of its goons for crimes, unless they are a threat to said state. The goons are vital cogs in the machinery of the state. So in practical terms he may, by himself, be able to get just one or two, but the other goons will just hunt him down. Supposedly he is a former Orange County sheriff’s deputy, so he knows their strength’s and weaknesses.

    As soon as he gets millions of $ of compensation he could move to some place, like China, and then publically offer millions of $ to the New Black Pather Party to get those goons. Maybe he is not out for blood and will come up with a plan concerning unguarded state property. However, I think he will just squander his options by working too long within “the system”.

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