Dear God, Don’t Kill Us All

A strange thing happened….

Before writing this article, I thought of the title first, and decided to do a Google search and see what others had to say on this.

Lo and behold, I found this article, titled “Dear God, Please Don’t Kill Us All“.

It’s from 2009, but just as valid today as it was then.

And since that time — not a single thing has changed.

Somebody is definitely NOT getting the message, not even close.  In fact, we are so far from accepting the reality of our situation, that it appears to be utterly hopeless, i.e., “we are indeed DOOMED” as the article linked above says.

And perhaps we are.  There is a growing mountain of evidence that the modern world will stay the present course, which is in my opinion, the daily embracement of insanity with the promise of utter destruction.

Dear God, don’t kill us all.  Exactly how many of us contemplate this thought?

I’m not even going to say “Please“. Why should I?  None of this is God’s fault.  Its ours, every last damned bit of it.

We’re not only “headed off a cliff” as we’ve all heard, we’re about to implode on the jagged rocks below! Day after day, I absorb the news “insanity” being reported from around the world, and almost none it make a lick of sense. It’s the pathway to hell and destruction, no doubt about it at all.

And every day, we’re being entertained with absolute ridiculous crap. It’s not that some of it isn’t amusing or funny, but why the laughter and distraction when a terrifying impact lies just ahead?  Is this really how we intend to survive our folly?

Perhaps it is.  There is really very little evidence that we intend to change anything in time.  Long time readers and some of the inquisitive, will realize that my rhetoric here hides nothing, I’ve already given up on on the idea that we will save ourselves (change our ways) before it’s too late.

Instead, I advocate “saving yourself” as the best and only course of action that can be taken.  In this regard, I have expended huge amount of effort, time and money, towards that goal.

I’m not afraid of hard work, even brutally hard work. It’s not fun, but I’ve been keeping my eye upon the goal ahead, which is both a prediction and a promise.


What we know about our environment, what we actually know, is regarded as a collection of facts.  Facts combined can lead to accurate predictions, many of which are now coming true.

More data, ie., more “information” based upon accurate measurements, trends, analysis and even long experience, can have a huge impact upon our predictions.   This is probably where many people reject “predictions”, failing (or falling for) to account for what information was utilized, where did it come from, and how accurate it was, or was it rather instead just based upon pure speculation, wishful thinking or even Hopium?

On the other hand, there are plenty of people, billions actually, that “fall for” pure speculation, wishful thinking and Hopium, having almost zero standards or a baseline by which they “measure” the accuracy of what they believe.  What is really ironic is these same people will reject what is accurately measured and what can be proven with facts, evidence, and documentation and what it all means.  They refuse to admit to the double standard by which they formulated their own beliefs while rejecting others, requiring proof from one but not the other.  Overcoming this dichotomy can be very difficult.  This is sometimes called cognitive dissonance, simultaneously holding conflicting and opposing ideas, beliefs and opinions.

This is actually “a house divided against itself”.  Those that know your scriptures will recognize this term. But it is very, very common.  It’s even jealously guarded in some circles as “divine inspiration”, which is a complete contradiction in reality, since the divine by the very definition, is just as capable as revealing all truths instead of just a select few.

What you will find however, is that not all truth is equal…. or so it would seem.  Only some truths are revealed, or so it is claimed, while others are intentionally hidden.  This contradicts quite a lot, including human experience, and the progress of human intelligence over the centuries.

The explanation for this is very strange: We are not capable of understanding what is not ours to understand. In other words, it really is to be hidden from us, we are to be satisfied with what we have, and ignore the rest (even if it destroys us!).

This actually explains a lot — if you’ve ever wondered why science is so resoundly rejected in this day and age by millions of people.  Since it was not revealed at the beginning, we really don’t need to further our knowledge or even accept what others have learned as “truth”.  We may be “in charge”, but in reality, we’re not. Doesn’t that explain everything?

This is medieval thinking at its worst, but it’s pretty common and not just in religion either, it’s also found in our cultural biases and paradigms.


It is because of this type of rejection of knowledge that millions of people reject the human responsibility for what is taking place on the Earth today.  Yet if humans are not responsible, then who is?  Why God, of course! It is His responsibility to ensure that everything runs smoothly (or not, He gets to play it both ways).

This then means that whatever “happens”, it is the will of God, and not humans.  We actually do not play a significant part in any of it, we’re just bit players in a scripted reality, the end already being written.  Being already decided then, means there is really nothing we can do, or even should do except go along with whatever is already taking place.  You may as well enjoy the ride.  Nor do we have any responsibility for any of it, our role as it were, is to allow it all to unfold according to the master plan.

Of course, if any of us actually ran our own lives like this on a day to day basis, we’d probably not have survived this long. Instead, we’ve made millions of private and independent decisions for ourselves, making countless choices to ensure that we met our daily needs, our desires and plans.

Few have come to realize that this actual experience in life, with all of us, directly contradicts who is responsible for what. And who is actually accountable. Nobody has yet managed to hold God accountable for anything, yet He’s claiming a divine right to interfere in the affairs of mankind, including a promised future destruction (which we are not supposed to question either).  What will be, will be, according to this line of thinking, and it is God’s responsibility, and not ours, and therefore we are exonerated from all of it!

Therefore, I not so humbly ask, “Dear God, do not kill us all“.  And I dare to not to even say “please” as others have done, because I strongly disagree that you have the right to destroy us at all.

To say please would mean that I’m convinced that I need Your permission, which I don’t think I do.  In fact, if I did need your permission, I’d be convinced of a few other things too, such as it’s Your fault that things are so screwed up down here! You could have fixed it at anytime, but didn’t.  Many of my kinsmen, well let’s not be too generous here — many of my fellow humans are convinced that You want this destruction to take place, while they sit of their fat asses, which is the definition of insanity as far as I am concerned. I’m completely convinced that humans are entirely responsible for everything happening here.  I cannot even conceive it being any other way.

In fact, my entire life experience tells me that of everything that has ever gone wrong with the world, and all that I know of history, it was most definitely NOT Your fault. All I have ever seen, witnessed and read about is what humans have done to other humans and to the planet itself.  I’m sure You are not responsible for the corruption on Wall Street, or all those stolen trillions of dollars, or 9/11, or the Deep Water Horizon disaster, or even the melting ice in the Arctic.  But admittedly, there are still an awful lot of people that believe that all this and much, much more is all by designYour design — an intentional downward spiral of suffering, destruction and death lasting thousands of years until “the end”.

Of course, this then means that my request is true — do not kill us all — and YOU are indeed responsible if this is all by Your design, which makes absolutely no sense at all.  What about all the science and facts we’ve now gathered — including who did what — doesn’t any of that count?  Aren’t you then also responsible for all those people being employed in paleontology, climate science, hydrology?  Why would You have have even bothered to deceive us?  Are we supposed to believe that no matter what we do, You rigged the game from the start?  Did you really create us to be that stupid?  If so, what happened to me?  Did I somehow escape from the programming?  What might this mean?  I guess You could understand — I’ve got a LOT of questions now about all of this.

I’m rather convinced as You know, that humans alone are entirely responsible for all of it…. because it’s just too abhorrent for me to honestly consider that You did all this to us. I lay the blame squarely at the feet of mankind and none other. No, of course You didn’t ask me what I thought, but there it is…. and if this is NOT true, then YOU NEED TO FIND ANOTHER CAREER because the centuries of horror You’ve inflicted can never be justified under any circumstances.

I also don’t think laughing and entertaining our way into the Apocalypse is what You had in mind either. In fact, I distinctly recall that we ought to repent of our wicked ways, which ain’t happening in case You haven’t noticed. In fact, we’re getting worse then ever, justifying all kinds of immoral and illegal crap under new laws and legislation, giving us the supposed right to torture, bomb, occupy, imprison and just make life all around a miserable hell for anybody anywhere on the planet! It’s gotten so bad here that nobody can tell the real terrorists from the other terrorists!  So most of us are just keeping our heads down, hoping we won’t get noticed, but even that’s getting hard — maybe you could do something about all those surveillance drones overhead?

I don’t mean to digress, but dang, do I have a lot of questions and a LOT of requests.  You see, things are running out down here, but it just doesn’t make any sense.  We could do something about it, if we wanted to, but that seems to be the part that is missing: Desire.  Did You take that away from us also (along with common sense)? Maybe You could help us with that.  Maybe you could instill in us the desire to do right — to live better, in harmony or something at least closer then what we have today.

Didn’t the Natives occupy this land far longer then we have without destroying it all?  Seems like if they could, then we could too…. or is that just simply asking for too much?  Does that interfere with Your plan?  How about changing your mind?  It’s been done before…. yeah, I read the entire Book, several times.  Seems like you can be persuaded… isn’t that what prayer is anyway?


As we do indeed march closer and closer to the Apocalypse, it’s pretty clear that unless humans decide for themselves to save themselves, we WILL experience an Apocalypse of our own design. Unfortunately, we’re saddled with superstition and disbelief, hindering the ability of our institutions to change in meaningful ways.  We’re also deeply corrupt, willing to sacrifice virtually everything for another damned dollar.

The only solution is to accept reality and then to take action on what this means.  The reality of our predicament is already telling us that we are in deep, deep trouble, far into overshoot, resource destruction, climate change and environmental destruction.  No amount of Hopium, religion or disbelief is going to make any of this go away.  We are facing a virtual and very real Hell of our own making, happening even now all around us. The predicted Apocalypse will indeed come to pass. But for those of you that do not know, there is a promise in there too. I have no optimism that we are going to avoid our collapse, my optimism is entirely reserved for the opposite end of all this.

What we do now is what is going to “count”. In fact, it’s the only thing that will count.  Either we can go on believing in escapism or denialism or we can accept the reality of our situation and get BUSY about readying ourselves as best we can to endure what is already occurring. I’ve dedicated my life to this end, doing something for my family every single day, non-stop.  Long ago, I wrote that I am not trying to save myself, which remains as true as ever.  I’m trying to save them.

This is the goal of humankind — to preserve the next generation and to perpetuate the species. It is our obligation and our responsibility.  Our selfish desires and temporary pleasures and pursuits need to be laid aside.  There is simply too much to do.

Or as some suggest — do nothing, resigning themselves and humanity over to the fate that awaits.  If this is a fate that we had no part in and do not control — then yes, this is what you should do.  But if our fate is our own doing, then we owe it to ourselves and to our children to never give up.  But just remember this:  Every fact in the world screams “we did it” and none other.  Perhaps that is why I try so hard, because I know we are truly the responsible ones, and as such, we really can undue what we’ve done if we want to.

I want to instill that desire for meaningful change in as many people as possible, because that’s what it’s going to take.  A new culture and a new way of living, ours if we really and truly want it.

We will not be able to avoid the Apocalypse, but we might survive it if we get busy.


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4 thoughts on “Dear God, Don’t Kill Us All

  • August 21, 2012 at 7:57 pm
    Who is God? I do not know. Who is not God? He is not the god of the Christians; a being who knows all, can do anything, is perfectly moral, and who shall do anything that is asked of him by those who believe in him and ask in the name of Jesus of Nazareth. He is a fictional character.

    It took a long time to not be angry at Mickey Mous-, I mean God, for broken promises and incomprehensible deeds.

  • August 23, 2012 at 6:48 am
    We can prep all we want, but that is pretty much physical stuff and collapse on many levels is rapidly approaching whether we like it or not. There is another thing that is seeming to help and that is mindset.

    A most unusual book, The Secret Teachings of Plants, by Stephen Harrod Buhner, may change your/our way of seeing and being in the world. I highly recommend it. In fact, this is my second reading in about five years and feel like I’m seeing new material. The book is probably the most thought-provoking read I’ve experienced so far.

  • August 25, 2012 at 8:46 am
    Nice article as always Admin. It’s too bad we never got what the indigenous knew for millions of years , that we don’t own the land we just protect it for the next generation.
    It is a sin the way we treat our planet. You could say we lost our way in this country, but really the Europeans came here to rape loot and pillage a new land.
    Our continent was doomed the day Columbus saw the Piri ries map. In a way it was evolution that caused the revolution, but either way out founding fathers were out there stealing the land and displacing thousands of peoples as they were fighting for Their freedom.
    We didn’t go wrong we always were. A lot of it can be pinned on the sky Demi_god Jesus Christ, even though he was justification. God gave us this land thing. manifest destiny.
    We all should know our history, god can be a very deadly concept, his followers Not to pick on any certain one, have killed millions over the years.
    I would say in this day and age Take the story of Noah. literally, if you do the reading, every culture has a flood story, I think its safe to assume there was a great flood. Scientist say there were like seven great floods so there’s truth in the story.
    What;s funny is that if you and your family survive, meaning your kids have kids. In a few thousand years the story will be that god saved you, you’ll be Noah.
    Plus like it or not we the people will have been destroyed because we were evil. Not far off from the truth.
    A bonus I read where Noah said what their sin was They knew it was going to happen , but they just ignored it right up till they were up to their necks in water.
    Doesn’t this sound familiar? ” hmm I wonder, I wonder” W.C. Fields . peace B.
  • September 2, 2012 at 6:39 pm
    Maybe if we humans were able to stop ‘believing’ anything, we could finally become a peaceful world. If there is one problem which lies at the root of all conflict, it is the ignorance we are willing to cling onto in order to defend our beliefs.

    When we take on a belief, we build a structure around it in our minds. The structure is built to defend the belief. Any conflicting information is simply rejected by the structure and not allowed into the mind. Perhaps we could make a huge evolutionary jump if we were to tear down our structures of belief which block new or different ideas, maybe we could use our intelligence for a change.

    It does not take much pondering to see how ineffective belief is when it comes to human communication. We tend to “own” our beliefs and defend them to the death, literally. Look at all the wars on the planet. These wars are waged mostly by Kings, overlords, corporations or governments, etc., but the important idea to note is that the boots on the ground are “believers” who are known to commit atrocities to defend their beliefs. It is an old game and it has been played for centuries. “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities” ~ Voltaire.

    So what do we do to change this key component in our human consciousness? We need to ‘understand’ what we know to be true, based on knowledge and new information. And we need to realize that it is constantly in flux and changing.

    Our newfound ‘understanding’ would be very different from belief. It is the finding of “meaning” through intelligent critical thought processes which can enlighten an individual or a community.

    ‘Understandings’ or ‘meanings’ are unique with each individual. There is no need to defend an understanding. As we learn to open our minds to new incoming information, we find that we are more able to make sense of this incredible evolutionary journey. We need not all be the same, and there probably would be at first very few ideas we could all agree upon. Although at the core level, perhaps we could agree upon a couple of key ideas in the new paradigm:

    1. Respect the rights of others to hold different ideas
    2. Do no harm to others or to the planet

    If we simply take on these ideals, war becomes obsolete. We may find that our intelligence is much greater than we once ‘believed’. We may find our abilities can surpass the limitations of all belief systems currently held by humans if we just drop the word ‘belief’ from our language and replaced it with the word ‘understanding’

    “Maybe salvation means enhancing your humanity instead of rescuing you from it” John Shelby Spong

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