Dealing With Reality

I know I’m very biased, especially when it comes to the collapse as a topic that should have been shouted from every headline. By NOT making this publicly known, more people will be severely affected by it.

But on the other hand, too many people in “the know” will have created an uncontrollable panic. Our systems simply cannot handle a mad rush of anything, everything would simply break down.

This is the situation I think our masters have been in for a long time and why we are being left in the dark. They know what’s coming and have known for decades. But they’ve never wanted us to know, since it would make things too difficult too quick.

But it’s still strange to read the headlines of today and realize that absolutely NOTHING they are reporting is the least bit meaningful. It’s all inane garbage.

This one: Bush Scolds Congress About Iraq is a sludgereport headline that is meant to grab our attention. The only thing I want to read about Bush is when Congress physically attacks that lying bastard and flays him alive on national television. Nothing else is even worth reporting.

This story does exemplify however my personal position that nothing can be changed. We should be talking about world wide emergency measures and how we can best adapt ourselves. The time to do this is now, but it’s not happening and when it finally does, it will inevitably be too late.

We’re still being broadly ‘entertained’ (stupefied) with inane and ridiculous infotainment. I’m coming to believe something that is going to seem like heresy: this is how it should be because we simply cannot handle the truth in large doses.

We don’t seem capable of being able to deal with large doses of reality, we’d rather cover it all up and call it something else. “Gold plating” reality is something humans really seem to like to do, even paying for the ‘privilege’ of doing this.

Even in the things that we do attempt to deal with that are very real and very serious, we still find that humans tend to “mix it up” with illusion and self-deception. For example, the Iraq War, certainly a very serious matter, and the one our very stupid presidential pretender was scolding Congress about (why don’t they just walk out every time this lying murdering bastard opens his mouth?) is never discussed in terms to what really happened. It’s always predicated upon the common acceptance of a variety of illusions and deceptions.

We’re all supposed to go along with this too. The “official story” of 9/11 for another example is the story of many different illusions and deceptions. The Iraq invasion, genocide and occupation is the bastard child of those illusions.

But these things go much farther back then this. The members for Project For A New American Century deceived themselves into creating a new Pearl Harbor event because of their own self-deception and illusion that America somehow deserved a special place in the world and it did not matter how she got there.

We find that the authors of this report were very much in bed with the Israeli’s and Zionists. And their American co-conspirators have been found to embrace the “end times” illusion that triggered this whole mess.

Recall that I recently wrote that we are in the “power of nothing” and how only the few powerful people are really the ones making the changes in the world. It is their illusions and self-deceptions that we are having to deal with. The mess that they have created.

There are now over a million dead, buried in the ground or burnt to cinders, as a result of these illusions and deceptions that these monsters have embraced. We know all this, many of us knew this before it happened. But there are still millions more people, primarily Americans who still embrace these illusions and deceptions. The reality of the horror that was caused and the blood that was spilled and the incredible destruction that was wrought STILL does not penetrate their self-deceptions.

Amazing, isn’t it? I think it is. A 2×4 across the noggin wouldn’t penetrate their consciousness (or conscience). In fact, you should be deeply frightened by what this signifies. Our ability to self-deceive our own selves, and then go forth and deceive hundreds of millions of others is a power like no other. It is a power that can lead to genocide — and has, many, many times before.

We are not supposed to notice these things but they are evident in how humans treat each other. Now I’m afraid I’ve digressed a bit from my earlier point. Illusions are necessary for humans (modern ones anyway) to live. They keep us in our overbearing numbers, under control. We seem to have a need to be self-deceiving, reality is simply too harsh for us to deal with.

This makes us easily (and often) mislead by those that understand these things. I have long suspected that they are very quick to do so too. In fact, I have gone so far in my own research to discover that they have been doing this for several thousand years. Yes, I am talking about Christianity here. I know where it came from and how it came to be and I know how easy it is to manipulate people into believing anything. It’s been used as a tool to commit genocide again and again and again.

But it does not take religion to make people do unspeakable acts (although it certainly does help a lot). Patriotism is yet another tool that is used to cause people to kill. Fear is another tool.

What do these things all have in common? Illusion and self-deception. None of them are based upon truth or reality, they are based upon illusion and deception, manipulated until it is internalized and externalized.

Long ago, I wrote that people don’t create wars, governments do. I have nothing against the Iraqi’s or Iranians or any other “enemy” I’m told I’m supposed to hate. I find such notions hateful and stupid. I don’t like being manipulated — by anyone, and I really resent it when my government tries to manipulate me and my mind. They’re not only known to lie, they ARE liars — about everything. Nothing that comes from government can be trusted — and I mean NOTHING.

We’re lied to about our economy, about our future, about our consumption, about our population, about our immigration problems, about our elections, about our candidates, about our food supply, about our resources, about every single thing there is. Is it really that bad?Yes it is, and even worse. How do I know? Because I can go look up the facts for themselves and often have.

It’s second-nature now for our government to lie to us about everything. They do this to keep up the illusions and deceptions that they have embraced and created. They think they are helping us and as I noted above — maybe they are. Maybe they are because we can’t handle the truth anymore and have not been able to for a very long time.

I think this is a subject well worth exploring because something seems to keep us all in this perpetual state of self-delusion. Most of us do understand that our government lies to us, and our bosses lie to us, and our neighbors lie to us and we even lie to each other. Most of us understand this and it’s “how the world works”.

But why? What is it about the human condition that finds this so necessary? It can be easily pointed out where this all eventually leads. It’s always leads to a reality check and often costs lives.

Another example of the end result of all this lying is the concept of infinite resources. Only idiots would have denied that a finite planet would never run out of resources. But that is exactly what we deceived ourselves into believing and we’re still doing it!  Are we just idiots, are do we have an incredible ability to continually lie to ourselves?

Why is reality so damnably hard to accept?

I’ll go first — I don’t know. I don’t know why we built our civilization on lies. Why we live lies day in and day out, I only know that we do. And I know that the truth would scare the hell out of people, but what if we had always lived the truth? Would we then have been able to accept reality?

I don’t know that either. I really don’t. I’ve never met anyone, including myself that has always lived the truth. We all have our deceptions and illusions. It’s very hard to shake them all off. What we “think” and perceive isn’t always true. Sometimes these don’t hurt us, sometimes they do. But when we deceive by our positions millions into believing lies, we can do great harm and damage and very often do.

The illusions that we are going to solve our climate crisis or resource shortages is one such damaging illusion. There is very little to zero likelihood we can “solve” this at all, but we’re being told the exact opposite by most researchers. Here is a lie that was based on a lie — we could continually take whatever we wanted without fear of any negative consequences to humankind. That was a HUGE lie, and it’s just as huge a lie to think we can now “fix it”.

But telling this truth, this “unlie” and unraveling the mess we created won’t help either, because it is too late for that (and even this premise needs to be checked, is it really too late? Yes it is). So what do we do?

Nothing. Our response at this time is to do nothing. Is this the best response we can achieve? Yes, I think so, because it really is too late (we’re a good 40 years too late now) and creating a mass panic is the last thing we want.

What does this really then mean? It means like I’ve long said — get the hell out of the way for the coming shit-storm that is about to hit. We cannot “save” anybody now. We cannot fix what is wrong. We cannot warn enough people. We cannot create a groundswell of change. We cannot solve anything now. And we never, ever could, it was just another self-deception and illusion that we embraced when we thought we could.

This is how I read the headlines today. Any headlines. Deek likes to call them headlies. I agree, they’re ALL lying. Screaming about this or that, how to “get ready” or “learn survivalism” or “sustainable living” or how we’re going to get mad finally and “put a stop to all of this”. No we’re not. We’re not going to do ANY of those things now. This is deception and lies and illusion. It is not reality and never was, it’s just as bogus and misleading as everything else I’ve pointed out here.

Wow. Now I really do think that this is all a mouthful that is going to be a bit difficult to choke down for some. Bitter truth in a horse-sized pill. I wouldn’t have it any other way, would you?

What does this then mean? It means that we are no more better off embracing lies or reality now. Sometimes I envy those who haven’t “woken up” as they blissfully go on destroying the planet. They’re not bothered by guilt or regret or any such thing, nor do they spend their time or their money trying to make ready. They’re living their lives, having fun, doing their thing — and none of it makes any difference.

I realize now that none of it could. Nothing is going to make any difference now. This is not “quitting” as some have thought, this is the realization that what will be, will be. The ONLY thing I can do is to choose how my “crash” is going to affect me. This is where personal preparations come in — you are making ready for your crash and how prepared (or not) you will be for it.

Early in this essay, I said that uncontrollable panic is the least desirable outcome because it would make things too difficult too quick. Another bitter pill to swallow — leave them be. Don’t warn them, don’t worry them, don’t try to change their deceptions and their illusions. It won’t do any good anyway.

This is why I’m fading back, scaling down, dropping out bit by bit. Not only is it not my problem what others believe and embrace, it’s not your problem either. And you cannot effectively help them no matter what you do. I don’t care if you conduct a school in survival or sell storable food or teach primitive skills or whatever it is — what will be is what will be. Only those that accept their personal responsibilities for their future and cast off their own illusions and deceptions can be “helped” in any way possible. The rest are just sheep for the slaughter.

We all were at one point, but now we’re sort of dangerous sheep with teeth. I grew my fangs a good twenty years ago when I discovered the lies and deceptions that I’d believed were making me stupid. I taught stupid things that weren’t event true.  Imagine how that made me feel?  But after two decades of sincere and honest effort to wake up the sheep, I have come to see this as a complete waste of my increasingly valuable time.

If anyone has noticed, I’m not even writing this blog for the sheep anymore. My whole tone and emphasis is to work with the other group of people who are somewhere on the same path I am. Why not? The truth that I have tried to expound (as I see it) such as the few control the many is also true here. We cannot serve everyone, this is a impossible task and will quickly wear you down to the nubbin. I don’t think we should even try anymore. We should serve those that we can, and our sphere of influence is really quite small.

Start at home. Deal with reality. Deal with each other. Build your circle, your tribe and keep at bay all the lies and deceptions being spouted off by everyone else. Realize that illusions make their lives bearable (illusion also makes your life bearable). Taking them away won’t help anyone. It’s too late now to fix our planetary problems, the only thing we can really do that will actually be effective is to learn how to cope (adapt) with them and be as ready as we can.

The rest of the world is going to go on with it’s inane headlies and deceptions. Let them. Move on, they live in another world altogether that is soon going to pass away and there is nothing you can do about it. They will die or adapt or become prisoner slaves, it’s not your problem anymore.

If you think this is harsh — start thinking about how your going to act when they come for you. Or when the collapse is at a deep point and starving hordes are demanding what you have. Start growing a backbone now. Start realizing just how strong and unbending you’re going to have to be then. Start doing this now.

I no longer tolerate the bullshit that comes my way, I’ve written about this before. It’s “growing” a bit as some think they can tell me how to conduct my business or my life. They want to pull me back where they are. I’ve been there and I know it’s not accomplishing a damned thing and never can. I’m not trying to be rude here, but collapse does not mean we get to stand still and do the same things over and over and over again, especially when they’re not working and stand absolutely no chance of working. Move on.

Those that want to hold you back aren’t helping any. They’re just dead weight and they don’t even realize it. They’ve yet to come to grips with reality. Illusions and self-deceptions remain more important to them. Fine — let them have them and move on, you can’t help them anyway.

Deal with reality — if you can. I know it’s uncomfortable and very wearisome, but at least it’s the truth. Keep your own illusions if you must, we all have them. Just be sure that they don’t set you up for a great big fall.


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23 thoughts on “Dealing With Reality

  • March 27, 2008 at 2:11 pm

    I’ve been trying to figure out why my friends, family and spouse haven’t been able to embrace the mountain of evidence I’ve shown them. As silly as this sounds, I think the Anthony Robbins cd’s I listened to 10 yrs ago have led me to think for myself, set long term goals and be wary of advertisers and media.

    But if you’ve never been deprogrammed extensively or never grown up around non-conforming people, your chances of waking up are slim in my opinion.

  • March 27, 2008 at 2:13 pm

    Our brains are actually hardwired for self deception, group think, seven major cognitive thinking errors, premature cognitive closure(irrational thinking) when put in a state of high physiological arousal, and gullibility uber-all.

    … A good software saleman could reframe that for you…… “it isn’t a bug, it’s a feature…”

    For example: If 1000 people look at a situation and decide its dangerous, we are wired to override our own perceptions if they dissent and go with the majority view.

    It’s a design choice that the odds of 1000 people seeing an actionable situation wrong are less than the odds of 1 person seeing it wrong; which in theory sounds reasonable……in reality, not so much.

    The question isn’t: why are people thinking this way? We are biologically designed to think that way.

    The question is: why aren’t you personally thinking as designed? what happened? and how do we each find the rest of the people with do-it-yourself rewiring?

  • March 27, 2008 at 3:25 pm

    I have come to the conclusion that maybe there are subspecies of humans. Maybe we’re all born as homo sapiens, but as our consciousness and personalities develop, maybe we can spiritually/consciously evolve to a freethinking homo sapiens cogitus and maybe the sheeple out there have likewise evolved into homo sapiens gullibilius, and so on. I like to think it is not only the physical form that can evolve.
    An excellent example is the people who actually ask their doctor “if this pill is right for me” after having been brainwashed by some asinine TV commercial. It blows my mind that people truly do such things, and it is even more difficult to understand in view of the side effects (listed by voiceover at breakneck speed) include convulsions, infections, kidney failure, liver failure, dementia, and an endless list of ailments far worse than the problem the pill is supposed to address. It is hard to accept we’re all the same subspecie.

    Like admin and others, it took me some years to develop backbone. It seemed so difficult to assert myself as a younger person, but that’s history now. Once you realize you’re your own person, you never go back, only forward, and in fact, you take great delight in standing your ground when needed.

    One of the most important things admin has said is “start realizing just how strong and unbending you’re going to have to be then. Start doing this now.”

  • March 27, 2008 at 6:12 pm

    John, need to update ‘How to order’ page which still reads, “You need $100 product minimums per product line. This means if you order any Rainy Day Food items, you need at least $100 worth for this product line. ……”

  • March 27, 2008 at 8:36 pm

    Socrates said-among other things-“man’s biggest fear is to discover he has been living a lie”.
    Why would a sheeple do the hard work of looking themselves and their culture square in the face and say “oh shit, we suck”, when they can keep voting for their favorite idol, eating their favorite unhealthy food (fat ass on the sofa) and driving their behemoth gas guzzler. Blissfully unaware.
    The difficult path is what we walk.
    More than once I wondered what it would be like to be “normal”. Even sometimes wished i was.
    Debt out the ass, two weeks vacation a year and looking forward to “movin up to the east side”. And discussing the horrible, stupid, inane TV shows of last night around the water cooler with much emotion.
    Religion has always been about controlling the masses-Patriarchs.
    You ask how can this have happened since the dawn of time. No answer. But there is soon to be a new dawn of time. History will disappear and only myth and legends will tell of these times. (There once was an angry GOD called Bush…all we really know about him is that he was an idiot.)

    In MHO it is up to us (the survivors?) to teach the young’uns the right way to live in harmony with nature and humans.
    It will be us who shape the future, so one day our descendants will say “I don’t know why everyone is so rooted in reality; I don’t know why being kind and caring is the way it is. I don’t know why we all live so close to nature and nurture her so. It has just always been that way.”
    What we teach “out the gate” is the way it will evolve in the future. I hope our descendants will say that is always the way it has been and that it is good.
    Of course we all have different views of what the right thing is to teach our descendants but there does seem to be a common thread among us.
    Admin, as usual your writing is superb. I greatly enjoy your thematic writing more so than commentary on the news. Not that i enjoy bad news or anything.
    Good luck awakend ones.

  • March 27, 2008 at 9:10 pm

    Sadly, Murph and I have been coming to much the same conclusion. Now, we don’t speak to our neighbors or family so much about what we believe the future holds. They get overwhelmed, start to look inside and come up against despair that is too painful to deal with, I guess. Now, we tell them that we garden so that we can eat food that is not contaminated. We’ve lost too many loved ones to cancer, etc. We store food as a hedge against inflation. We don’t use credit cards because they rip us off. We turned off the TV because it’s bullshit and we’re not paying them for it. We raise chickens because we like fresh eggs – want some? They never turn them down. Those things they can hear. Those that need convincing of what is coming down, can’t be convinced. Those that don’t need convincing are already preparing.
    I gotta admit, though, that sites like yours and LATOC and Carolyn Baker, et al (earlier, From the Wilderness) really have helped us a lot to build the life that we like living. I am grateful.

  • March 27, 2008 at 10:19 pm

    Here it comes.

    Death. It comes for each and everyone.

    The species as a whole will also one day die.

    There it is.

    It is not my job to save these people. Save them for what? More BS? More mindless consumerism?

    I had initially resisted fatalism but soon realized it is my friend. Having no fear of death, only the process of death, is remarkably freeing.

    I will die, and if I am lucky, my nutrients will help rebuild some small part of the skin of the earth.

    Let them die. Or, should I say, they are already dead, and it is only a matter of time before the zombies exhaust themselves.

  • March 28, 2008 at 6:27 am

    More so than sheep with teeth, I like to think of ourselves as Wolves. Caring intelligent loyal creatures that care for their pack and defend their territory fiercely. When they sense imminent danger, they move their pack.

    I personally recommend the movie, ‘Living with Wolves’ by Jim Dutcher for an enlightening experience.

  • March 28, 2008 at 7:11 am

    My daughter and I have this conversation all the time. What do you do if you see the bridge out ahead when the train has insufficient room to stop? Brace yourself. Iâ’m more concerned about her well being than mine so I recommend that she live frugally and not be surprised at anything.


  • March 28, 2008 at 7:52 am

    Good call, John.
    I came to embrace this viewpoint a short time ago, one reason I just don’t post here much anymore. I can easily tell Lonewolf and Cherenkov feel much the same way. You were just a bit more determined than we were, got an earlier start, and struggled on with it longer. It is kind of freeing, is it not?
    For all you’ve done and put yourself through these last few years, thank you. ^_^

  • March 28, 2008 at 8:00 am

    This article is another gem.

    Bright people prefer delusions to reality. I have a friend, a Ph. D. who asked me point blank if the information I was sending him was from a legitimate source or some “fringe” blog. I’ve had this discussion with others. The corporate media’s has a monopoly on mind control in our country. Breaking away from their mind-numbing drivel is extremely hard for people.

    I agree that the time for persuasion is more or less over. Protest doesn’t work. Letter writing doesn’t work. Even lawsuits don’t work. So in control is our government and the ruling class, there really is no alternative but to do as Admin suggests: drop out and prepare.

    Overpopulation is driving the depletion of resources, but so is exploitation. This is what the powerful want from us. They want us to waste because it makes them money. This is the fundamental problem with capitalism. And it suggests that the only regulation that works is price. So as prices rise, sometimes brutally affecting people’s lives, it is fine with them.

    I seriously have doubts whether I can survive a collapse. This is reality. Perhaps my weakest link is pharmaceuticals, which I need to lead a normal life.

    As I’ve said before, I’m working on securing water supplies, but even as I develop a rainwater harvesting system, the system itself will rely on hardware like filters and gutters and pipe that can only be purchased from the system. Same with solar panels. They charge batteries. While the panels may have a 50 year shelf life (more than enough for my natural life), what happens to the batteries???

    I’ve also mentioned that my woodland is being taken over by vines. While I was chastised by admin for cutting these vines back to keep them from strangling my trees, again I look at this as a survival strategy. Wood plays a part and to have access to wood, I’ve got to protect the trees. This is not easy work, I assure you.

    Along with these techniques, I’m going to adopt low use appliances (toilets, on-demand water heat, etc.) that will help conserve water and energy. Luckily my house was built using passive solar techniques. But none of this is easy. Especially for a “white” collar guy who has built his career around information and not around the back-breaking work of survival.

    Good luck to all….

  • March 28, 2008 at 8:02 am

    Two days ago, I got an email from a friend, and it said, “Have you given up on me? I haven’t heard from you in a long time.” I stopped emailing her because she can’t face the music, and I told her so. Nevertheless, I emailed her about most important sites to get the news: latocforum; this one; and Carolyn Baker. I included the story that Saudi Arabia is making plans for nuclear contamination after Cheney left,and a few other heart stopping stories. I told her that I had gathered a huge food supply, that I quit my job and was moving to as safe a location as I can afford for my crash pad. No response back from her. Well, she and her family will think I’m a nut, and I said that she and they would think that. My wife divorced me because I’m facing reality, and she couldn’t. 20 years ago, when I was 40, I found Emmerson’s essay “Self-Reliance.” I read it over and over again, probably 30 or more times. THAT gave me a backbone. That was the father that I never had, that emerged off of those pages to guide me like a real father would have done. I’m forever grateful for him.

    Life is short. Time waits for no one.

  • March 28, 2008 at 1:37 pm

    Logrithmic– you can use gravity feed for your catchwater and run it through a bucket or handmade box with sand and charcoal for filtration. Charcoal you can create without exernal inputs.
    And since this is a survival situation you can also use buckets instead of a toilet. Sawdust in one bucket for covering bodily waste and smell. See the Humanure Handbook. I have used this method for a while and it works great. No smell. Though city visitors get freaked. You can also use a standard toilet seat on top of the bucket.

    I found info on ancient batteries from Bablyon and they used vinegar as the electrolyte, clay pots as the casing and copper wires as the electrodes? I have not yet built one so I don’t know how it works.
    You can use passive solar for heating water also, since propane will eventually run out. The most basic type is black pipeing on the roof with a ‘draw tank’ at ground level and a storage tank (insulated) on the roof. Sized as needed. One time purchase.
    Regarding refrigeration see Texas refrigerator.
    Hole in the ground with a suspended towel soaking in a pan of water. You can put shelves in there. The towel goes out above ground and airflow will cause evaporative cooling. This will add days to the life of your perishables. Obviously protection from bugs and animals too.
    Good luck.

  • March 28, 2008 at 4:17 pm

    Logrithmic, have you tried accupressure? I have used it to stop a full-blown asthma attack in its tracks, plus I have used it periodically for about 5 years to tweak my thyroid gland, as thyroid anomalies seem to run in my family, even when correct iodine intake and other factors are normalized.
    A good book on accupressure, by Michael Reed Gach, is ACCUPRESSURE’S POTENT POINTS, A Guide to Self-Care for Common Ailments.

  • March 29, 2008 at 6:28 am


    My neighbor, a bit of a survivalist himself, is an acupuncturist Lynda. Nope, my problems are more due to genetics than anything else. He’s been practicing for a dozen years. He recommends it for certain muscular and nerve ailments, but not the problems I have. In fact, I’ve had to bring him medecine before when he’s been very sick with the flu.


    Thanks so much for posting the various possibilities. I hadn’t thought of sand and charcoal for filtration. The book I’m reading (I just ordered another one too) recommend charcoal filters and UV lights as well as reverse osmosis.

    Buckets, now that’s cool. My grandfather used to have an outhouse and in the winter at night we’d have access to a large ceramic pot. I think I’ve seen this method before in some of my travels outside the U.S. You’re right – it works. You’re also right that it freaks city visitors out. I’ll check out Texas refrigerator and the draw tank water heating. Thanks!

  • March 29, 2008 at 1:38 pm

    TAOAND Zen: regarding those Babylonian batteries, would it work better to have two wires of different metals, such as one copper and one aluminum or zinc, etc.? Isn’t the electromotive gradient a factor in making it easier for the current to flow in one direction or another? I’m certainly no electrician, but recall some snippet of info. along those lines and maybe someone can clarify.

  • March 29, 2008 at 3:22 pm

    Lynda, yes you are correct. In keeping with Admin’s philosophy i gave enough info to guide one to doing more research.
    The batteries in question consisted of an iron tube suspended in a coppper jacket sealed with asphalt and even soldered in place with the equivalent of our lead solder. Google ancient batteries bablyon.

    logrithmic, it is my understanding that you need charcoal to remove the nasty crap (chemicals) in our air and bad taste. If you had a sod roof you would also have a high degree of filtration.
    My philosophy is to utilize as many passive “technologies” as possible now so when the power goes out or we can no longer
    purchase things our lives will have little to no disruption but I am all for being as comfortable as possible until then.

  • April 3, 2008 at 3:51 pm

    Does anyone know of a low-tech way to remove excess iron from drinking water? By low-tech, I mean a technique using materials one can scavenge if stores are history.

  • April 3, 2008 at 4:00 pm

    Doesn’t distilling water remove minerals? A solar distiller would permit a low-tech approach.

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