Dead Men Walking

This is one of those terrible stories with insufficient details, but enough so to make your hair stand on end (sent in by logrithmic):

WASHINGTON “” A Justice Department plan would loosen restrictions on the Federal Bureau of Investigation to allow agents to open a national security or criminal investigation against someone without any clear basis for suspicion, Democratic lawmakers briefed on the details said Wednesday. Deciding Who’s A Terrorist Just Became Totally Arbitrary

Of course this is terrifying and unnecessary and nothing will or can be done about any of it. This is really no different then what is being done by cops all over the country, who using their positions of paid terrorism in service of the State, can target anybody (and do) for personal gain or vendetta.

There is a new movie coming out, forget the title, with Samuel Jackson, who plays the part of a neighbor. Not just any neighbor, but a neighbor who is a cop. Jackson takes it upon himself to dictate what his other neighbor does, who just happens to have a black wife.  The usual drama and escalation to violence takes place, with Jackson becoming increasingly demanding and violent (just like it is in real life in America).  I saw the trailer, maybe somebody could post a link if there is one.

But this is a reminder of what I’ve seen — “law enforcement” doing whatever the hell it wants to do, never holding itself accountable and doing nothing more then offering an apology after ruining somebody’s life. This happens tens of thousands of times each year in this country. We’re not suppose to notice these crimes, until it happens to you.

This Just(us) Department plan will only make things worse. I still maintain that there are NO TERRORIST in our midst that cannot already be dealt with by existing laws and law enforcement already long in place. The “terrorist fear mongering” that is such a gigantic part of the Bush / McInsane bullshit in this country is disgusting.

Let me tell you something — we need more terrorists to justify what these freedom destroying fools are doing to this country, which is turning this place into an armed police state, where you can’t even take a shit without running into some goon sniffing up your ass for a explosive device.

I am sick to death of this. Absolutely disgusted and angry and ready to pack my bags and leave this god-forsaken land. America has become a land of death and destruction, full of evil machinations and exploitive, malevolent, murdering monsters who allege to “govern” us and declare themselves our masters and slaveholders.

YOU SHOULD BE ENRAGED. I know I am. I am absolutely fed up with this kind of crap. When you fear your government, you are ALL IN TROUBLE. When you fear law enforcement or the fucked up Justice system, you have NO FREEDOMS left, all you have left is illusion. And this is EXACTLY where we are at today, I have posted countless links and stories and commentary demonstrating this fact, and many, many others have done a much better job of it then I have.

But nobody is listening and nobody cares. This I know. This many of you know. This is why this kind of thing has continued to creep upon us all. We are all dead men walking to the gallows. Freedom lost — forever.


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7 thoughts on “Dead Men Walking

  • August 22, 2008 at 12:45 pm
    Wait until it is no longer desirable to protect rights: Peru suspends rights in jungle protest regions

    Peru’s government suspended some civil rights Monday in remote jungle regions where Indian groups are blocking highways and oil and gas installations to protest a law that makes it easier to sell their lands.

    The 30-day decree published in the official gazette suspends rights to public gatherings and free transit in three northern provinces.

    It follows nine days of protests by members of 65 Indian tribes and a clash Saturday in northern Peru between police and hundreds of spear-carrying Indians with painted faces. Lima newspaper El Comercio reported eight officers and four protesters were injured, but police declined to give details.

  • August 22, 2008 at 3:32 pm
    found at PO a year ago or more: – not necessarily pertinent (or funny):

    Q: How many doomers with a codependent personalities does it take to reload a empty magazine during a food riot?

    A: 3 – one to reload, a second to give the first doomer verbal affirmations of praise, and the third to update their blog with HA! I TOLD YOU SO!!!

  • August 22, 2008 at 6:03 pm
    Let the games begin. Actually, the sooner the better. Maybe, with enough bullshit from our fucking govt., ze revolution will finally be at hand. Not holding my breath. I just want to be able to fish when I want for the rest of my life, and the only way I’m seeing it is for a mass culling of this planets sheeple. Might sound harsh, but if they are too fucking stupid to care, so be it. The signs are there for all to read. Yada yada yada. I just hope that not every nuclear power on this planet are being run by the same bunch of greedy elitist assholes, or else I bought all those potassium iodide pills for nothing. I hope the shearing is close to the end and the slaughter will begin soon. It really fucking sucks when so many billion people have to die (according to ole Lovelock or even Alex Jones in Endgame)when all it would take is some one in the right position to get honest with the sheep, and get everyone on the same page to save the planet. All it would take is a moratorium on all births worldwide for five years. Can’t be done you say? Bullshit. Just tell em the truth, have a baby today and watch it die in five years of starvation, along with the rest of the 9 billion people or wait five years so the child can grow up to be a grand parent. Doesn’t take rocket science to figure that one out. Right now for every 2 sheep that die, 3-5 are taking their place. AND THE ONLY ONES THAT ARE PROFITING ARE THE SHEPHERDS. TIME FOR THE SHEEP TO STAMPEDE. YIPPY KI YO, MOTHERFUCKER.
  • August 22, 2008 at 7:29 pm

    While governments believe they can suspend rights, rights supersede all government authority and decrees. They even supersede all governments very existence.

    Rights can only be protected, but not taken away in other words, by any government.

    Now, I realize that this doesn’t mean they will be respected or protected or enforced, governments believe they have the authority to revoke rights, when they do not.

    Human beings throughout the world have the right to defend their rights at all costs, irregardless of government decrees.

    I doubt if free transit is really a right, but the right to gather in protest certainly is.

    Notice how the government always responds to protect it’s interests, and not the interests of the people. It’s a very common theme when big business is involved. A recent case here in Spokane exemplified this “interest” and protection of corporate rights over individual rights.

    Ancient tribal rights are even more mishandled these days then individual rights. Natives have fewer protections then any other group when it comes to facing off against the corporations, even though they’ve had ancestral rights since time immemorial.

    The clash was 2:1, not bad, but could be better.

  • August 23, 2008 at 4:40 pm
    When you think about it, every single Federal law enacted since Cheney/Bush got in office are not really law. Remember two stolen presidential elections in 2000 and 2004, so that means these so-called “laws” really aren’t anything but pure fraud.
    To my way of thinking, people, given the opportunity, don’t have to obey laws that aren’t really laws.

    In fact, since this is true, we really don’t even have a government. We have a bunch of pretenders and wannabes with a lot of firepower but not much else.

    Remember, they only have the firepower–but not the brainpower. One can use one’s imagination to think of various ways of dealing with these miscreants. Think.

  • August 23, 2008 at 7:58 pm

    Most laws have been designed to protect the vested few, therefore, they can be ignored (at your own peril) because they are not designed to serve you, only control you.

    Many laws came about because of bad decision, ill-informed “do-gooders” and such like. Reactionary laws have been the rule for a long time now. In the wake of the U.S. Government attack on the World Trade Center, many laws were passed that make absolutely no sense at all — unless your trying to build a police state and keep the people in a constant state of fear.

    Nothing Bush or Cheney has done can be considered lawful at all. Pretenders to the Presidency, the entire Bush Administration has totally usurped the Constitutional process of checks and balances.

    Of course, most everyone knows this, but stop and ask yourself what this country would be like if WE stop going along with all this unlawfulness.

    We’re not going to stop the Administration’s unlawfulness, our Congress is too spineless to do so, but we ourselves can stop obeying laws that do not apply to us and do not serve us.

    This is rebellion, at a grassroots level. It will not make you free, but you won’t be the same slave you were before either.

    I think it is a question that everyone needs to ask themselves: When will YOU stop obeying?

    I’ve written on the fallacy of the “line in the sand” thinking before, it’s really kind of stupid and dumb to pick a particular issue like gun confiscation (or whatever) and claim that this is your “line in the sand” whereby you stop obeying (or start fighting back).

    Resistance is a constant, it is not a variable that you can adjust whenever it suits you, if you’re going to resist, you must do it all of the time, otherwise it is of no effect, not in your life nor in anybody else’s.

    You are only as free as you make YOURSELF, governments do not create freedom, they are there to protect freedom. And most don’t. Most believe that freedom is the enemy of the government, as do most corporations and large businesses, who having a vested interest in the status quo and protected territory and markets (and resources of course, including human labor), viewing freedom as really being an evil thing.

    They believe that every human being on the face of the planet deserves to be controlled. Tagged, bagged, stamp, monitored, approved and labeled as an “economic unit” only fit for their exploitation and service. Step out of that construct and you are now the enemy of the State, identified as being a non-conformist or worse.

    To the State and it’s agents, you are useless, of no earthly good, seeking not after all the useless junk, power, prestige, position and money everyone else has been brainwashed into accepting as the “good life”, which for them, equates to freedom.

    This is a lie, one which has been taught to all of us since birth. There is no freedom in such a world that forces you to be a slave to possess such things. You become trapped, unable to escape, owned by the things that you sought to possess, a bond-slave to the banks and corporations that created them.

    There is no doubt that we will not be free (ever), not this generation and not probably for a very long time. The creation of our world into what it is today will not just suddenly stop and go away, even in collapse it won’t. I have presented this argument before. We will have a fascist dictatorship police state, of this I have absolutely no doubt.

    We have a long ways to fall before we achieve “bottom”, only to rebuild it all again, renewing fiefdoms and warlords to positions of power.

    If we survive climate change, which is truly unknown, humans will seek to take advantage of other humans once again. We have yet to learn to leave this issue alone and probably never will.

    If we colonize space, the territorial wars will extend to the stars. We can always hope we will fail, because we are not ready for the galaxy, or really, anyplace at all.

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