Dead Bodies Washing Up On The Gulf Coast

There have been some new developments in the Gulf oil disaster.  But they’re probably not what you think.

Speculation is running rampant.  Conspiracy theories are making the rounds.  But what is truth in all of this?

Are there dead bodies washing up on the Gulf coast?  Is there a nuclear weapon being lowered down the relief well?  Will massive evacuations take place through the Gulf states?  Will martial law be declared?  Will BP deputize American law enforcement?  Will there be roundups and internment camps?

Let’s talk about truth for a moment.  The truth is very important because it gives authenticity to your response.  Your understanding is complete when you have the truth, and you can respond, if needed, accordingly.

Let’s say someone told you your house was on fire.  Perhaps you are miles and miles away, but a neighbor bumps into you and mentions that your house burned to ground.

What would you do?  If you know your neighbor, or if you trust his word, you would believe him.  You would rush home and hope your family escaped safely.  Your heart would palpitate, your palms would sweat and you would be in a state of shock.

But you would react. You wouldn’t do nothing.  You would worry, sick with fear for your family, your belongings, and wonder how on Earth you could ever recover from such a disaster.

Is your insurance paid up?  Did you forget to pay the premium this year?

Upon arriving home, you find that your home is perfectly ok.  Nothing is wrong, your family is safe and now, quite concerned about your agitated state, wondering who on earth would have told you such a thing.

And why?  Why would they do this?  Is this not evil?  Is this not disengenious?  Is this not harmful to your state of mind and your well being?

Your house may still be standing, and your family is still safe, but your entire world fell apart for those minutes it took for you to race home.

Would you be angry?  Would you react?  Would you go punch your lying neighbor in the nose?  Would you stop listening to anything that they said from that point on?

Of course you would.  You would not trust that man again, ever, for the rest of your life.  You would avoid him and keep a suspicious eye on him anytime he was around, because he can’t be trusted.

Then why aren’t you doing this on all those alarmists websites that endlessly repeat the allegations and claims I’ve shared with you above?

The Gulf disaster is not “entertainment” that any of us should take lightly.  We need the facts, we need the truth and we need to know what is going on there.  It’s bad enough already with BP and the Coast Guard and the local law enforcement and the MSM doing a massive coverup — but it’s way, way worse out here in lala land where speculators and conspiracy theorists are trying like hell to get your attention.

Doesn’t it MATTER anymore that these fools are lying? Or do you actually like someone repeatedly tell you that your house is burning down?

Just how important is the truth?

The speculation that some people are engaging in is counter-productive.  It sets us all up for disappointment and unbelief.

Most of these claims we read never come true, everybody should know that by now (but apparently they don’t).  When I read this kind of stuff, I reject the accuracy of these authors, because it seems like they’re just interested in readership, and not truth.

The truth is bad enough, but when we are focused on speculation, it distracts us all from the truth.  We have a tendency to do this, probably to avoid dealing with reality.  “Let’s wait until it gets REALLY bad before we react“.  This give us a cushion of “disbelief”, the cognative dissonance that we are so famous for.  It buys us time, because to put it very redundantly, we can’t accept the truth.  So we fabricate shit up.

It doesn’t have to get really bad. It already is.  But speculation and assumptions make us believe “it must get worse” as some sort of prerequisite before we can act with authority and conviction.  The implication that we should “act then” instead of right now.

I think that this is a very dangerous way to view the news because it leads us away from the real truth of what is going on, right now, today, all over the world, and breeds complacency.  We need constant titillation to be moved beyond our complacency.

How many people check the Web everyday for the next big disaster?  The next big crisis? The other shoe to drop?  The “end all” event?  That trigger event that causes all those tottering dominoes to crash and fall?

Anybody?  Everybody?

Of course you do, we all do this.  We are all guilty of this morbid fear of what comes next.

Every wonder why that is?  Why do we do this?

Because we already know it’s going to get a bit worse everyday, and we know that there will be some big events headed our way, and this “day” might be it.

And because we’re all a little bit psychotic, but I’ll leave that for another essay.

The people who are engaged in the useless speculation are feeding on our fear and psychosis.  They know it too, it gets a lot of reader responses and sells all kinds of shit to help you feel better about your own level of protection and preparation.

Many are book authors, website owners, blog writers, businessman, speculators, talk show hosts, preachers, laymen, and they all have this one thing in common:

They are full of shit.

The truth is sufficient.  The truth is bad enough.  The truth is what we need to face and deal with.  Not more speculation, not more assumptions, not some stories pulled out of the asses of the unwashed to scare the hell out of people, but the unvarnished TRUTH.

What it is that we know and even what we can fairly estimate, that’s fine too.  But most of this “stuff” (being polite here in case I offend thine sensitive ears) isn’t facts or logical assumptions.  Most of it is pure bullshit.

These people are part of the problem.  They have presented themselves all, invariably as helping us all towards a solution, but by leading us in never-ending circles chasing after fantasy and illusion, misrepresentation and outright fabrications and lies.

They are a LARGE part of the problem.  It’s bad enough to try and get three minutes or three seconds of attention from anyone these days, but it’s much, much worse when they’re nervously jumping up and down expecting fireballs to land on their heads at any second.

I wish I could let my readers in on the phone calls I get, but I can’t.  Suffice it to say that I “hear” about all these wild claims every day by their favorite profit, err prophet or talk show host or website.  Again and again and again and again, ad nauseum.  But then I also read this stuff myself from time to time.

Long experience has taught me that it is easy to take a shred of truth and wrap layers of lies all around it, and have the entire thing shoved down our throats, with us thanking them for doing this “service”.

I think we have all had quite enough of this force-fed bullshit from all segments of our society, including those that allege they are “helping us” with “the truth”.  Please note: this is exactly what our beef is with the media and large parts of our government, so why are so many people engaged in this very same unresponsible activity?

Is it really the truth that they’re after?  Does anyone really believes this, while ignoring all their failed predictions, unverified “facts” and missed dates?

Let me get my hand on my wallet first, and check your facts, and your “stories” before I buy into any of that “stuff” you’ve been shoveling.

Meanwhile, stop the bullhorn tactics and the grandstanding and let’s calmly talk about your facts and discard all the rest.

We don’t need more speculation — we need more FACTS.  We need more evidence (in some cases).  In other cases, we already have enough facts and evidence, but we still don’t need more needless (and endless) speculation. This only hamstrings us and prevents us from acting upon what we do know. It lowers our ability to recognize truth and wastes our resources (time, effort, money).

It desensitizes us in critical and important ways to the truth itself, hardening us like a tempered steel, unwilling to bend and be broken when we should.  We become inured, accustomed to lies and misrepresentations, which makes us willing victims of deceit and deception.

I’m appalled at how some supposedly credible websites engage in this.  There are always the looney tune sites to visit for entertainment and laughs.  We all love a good story, but reality is what we need to deal with.  Good website only damage their credibility (read the comments after the article) and leave you wondering what their real agenda is.

We live in a collapsing world (fact), that is going to get worse (fact) as the planet heats up (fact) and runs out of energy (fact) while continuing our rapid destruction of the environment (fact) and the world’s ecosystems (fact) that supports all life on Earth (fact).  The rather major fuckup by BP (fact) and other parties involved in the Gulf disaster will haunt the entire planet for decades, if not hundreds of years to come (fact).

The Gulf disaster will probably get significantly worse before it can get better (logical assumption, based upon what we already know, i.e., the sheer volume of oil being dumped into the Gulf and the environmental destruction caused, to say nothing about the economic impacts).

The relief well is right on the verge of being able to puncture the well casing (fact), but nobody actually knows if this will work yet (logical assumption) or if it will make the situation even worse (speculation).

Nobody knows if dead bodies will wash up on the Gulf coast someday (speculation), or whether a nuclear device will be used (speculation, denied by government, but any government can change its mind), or whether if such a device is used, whether or not it would actually work (speculation), some say it will because it worked before for Russia (fact), but the Gulf is very much different in composition then those areas (fact).

Massive evacuations have not taken place (fact), although some people have left (fact), but it is really anybody’s guess whether or not the government will do this (speculation).  It could become necessary (logical assumption) if the conditions warrant this, such as the air, or water becoming toxic enough to threaten life (logical assumption).

An explosion over the Gulf, a tsunami or methane cloud, even “oil rain” caused by a hurricane or other weather event (speculation) could precipitate an evacuation of wide areas (speculation).

Has BP “deputized” law enforcement, superseding American laws and nullifying the Constitution?  That’s not a proper question, but you will read it posed like that.  Has BP received assistance from law enforcement?  Yes (fact).  Has the Constitution and lawful authority been nullified in the Gulf states? Yes (fact), to some degree, but not to others (fact).  Is this anything new in America?  No (fact), this has been going on for a long time now.

Will this precipitate martial law?  Nobody knows (fact), but it might (speculation).

And here is a question that nobody has asked yet:  Will that be necessary?  Nobody knows.  It might be, we saw what happened with looting during Katrina (fact), some of it was necessary for survival, to obtain food and water (fact), but some of it was just outright robbery (fact).  So it might be necessary IF it were ever to happen.  Protection of private property (and lives) isn’t going to just “go away” if martial law or an evacuation proves to be necessary.

Would such an event cause the collapse of the United States?  No (fact), but the speculators will disagree here.  The Gulf disaster is huge, unprecedented, but still not the “trigger event” so many are waiting for (logical assumption).  I do not buy into the trigger-event theory.  We have seen a long series of disasters (fact), abuses (fact), lost rights (fact), lost freedoms (fact), economic collapse (fact), coverup (fact), corruption (fact) and yet, here we still all sit (fact).  Personal collapse is happening all over the country (fact), but a trigger event has not (fact), therefore, the logical assumption that the Gulf disaster will be the trigger event is probably not true.

I believe Americans will continue to sink down, down, down (logical assumption) because it is self-evident now that we don’t have the means to help ourselves (fact) like we think, or we would have done it already (logical assumption). There is no reason for us to “self-punish” ourselves if we did have the means, but since we have not done so, we probably don’t have the means (logical assumption).  By means, I mean the willpower, the time, the desire, the money and the “wherewithal” to stop this descent.  I see no evidence at all that Americans retain what is necessary on their part to do what needs to be done.  Not yet (fact), since it hasn’t happened yet (fact).

Moreover, we are now dealing with some much bigger effects in the environment, in resources, in energy, in “abundance” (shortages), and in our ability to govern and control these things (fact), that would prevent us from ever returning to our “former glory days” as they were before (fact), and we must not forget the rise in demand for resources in much larger countries like India and China and how they will impact any “return” that we ourselves may desire or envision for ourselves (fact).

We will see descent from here on, until such time as the world stabilizes its political control (logical assumption), resource usage (fact) and populations (fact).  We are not immune to Jevon’s Paradox (fact), or the exponential function (fact), or finite resources (fact), or human impacts upon the entire biosphere (fact).

Facts represent the truth (most of the time, unless we get our “facts” wrong).  Speculation is entertaining, but not very helpful and oftentimes, counterproductive.  The truth is “bad enough” when closely examined for its accuracy and completeness.  But if it remains the truth, then that is what we should do our best to deal with.

By so doing, we will not be distracted with endless and useless debate that wastes our time, waste are attention and waste our resources while accomplishing nothing at all.  As I said, the “truth is bad enough”, we have scant enough time, energy and resources left to deal with the truth.

Any hope we may harbor, any optimism that may exist, any faith that we can somehow get through these times and days, can only succeed if we understand truth.

The real truth.

Not some fabricated, trumped-up, phony illusionary magical wishful thing, but the real truth.  I guarantee (as if I could) that this will be “bad enough” to entertain you, to delight you, to capture your imagination and flights of fancy… oops, I’ve gone too far — to engage you in creating production and enterprise, to seek out solutions and methods to navigate your own course through this life.

Get the truth.  Don’t be a disinformation agent (or spectator).  You are only hurting yourself and everyone else.

The truth is enough.


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