Dangerous Thoughts

I’ve finished “Against His-Story, Against Leviathan” by Fredy Perlman. The most interesting chapters were about America and how the rapacious Leviathan murdered, raped, plundered and killed off the Native Americans. By then, Leviathan had already become global. Leviathan had already murdered hundreds of millions of people all over the world.

You can find out what Native land you are now living on here: Native land. America was widely populated and settled before the deadly invaders from Europe showed up. The “uninhabited” land supported tens of millions of people who had been here for thousands of years. Leviathan, in the form of Christian invaders and murderers brought plague, death, destruction and stupidstitions which emanate from the Beast to this day.

Everywhere they went, all over the world, the trail of death and suffering was the same. They thought they were bring Progress and Development, but the reality was very different (and ugly).

The death-machine hasn’t stopped. Not enough people pay attention to any of this, being completely caught up into the entrails of the Beast and gaining all their sustenance from it. They can’t see it, don’t understand it and few care to learn anything about it. Progress has interfered with their critical ability to think clearly with billions of humans actively perpetuating the death machine.

Leviathan is now devouring itself in the form of Christian fascism in the “Western” world as competing parts of the same Beast cannibalize the other. The Eastern world is dying from the same fantasies, where Progress devours Life, and between the two which are now really one, the Earth is being totally devastated and devoid of hope.

Civilization and what it is, means and does has been described by different authors and thinkers in many different ways. In my own words, I’ve always believed since I was a child that we should have done things very differently. The world that we perceive around us is not the world that once was. Now, everything is contrived and priced, the very elements are haggled over. Profit replaced Life, and Living succumbed to Death.

This is the business of Leviathan, to overwhelm All and to devour Everything. This is the way of Death which we’ve been taught to falsely call Life, completely blind to the destruction. But life in a prison camp where all are told to slave away their lives on behalf of the Beast is not Life at all. It is merely Existence, with the certainty of non-existence looming nearer and nearer. Nor is the Death that surrounds everything Leviathan does actually Life. Neither Leviathan or the components of this Beast are concerned about this loss, everything ultimately becomes Death because that is what Leviathan actually is. The Bringer of Death.

As esoteric as this may sound, it need not be. Civilization subsumes everything in its path, devouring everything and killing what won’t submit. Entire civilizations are razed to the ground, natural forests are totally consumed, even the very minerals are violently brought up and forced into machinery to perpetuate the death machine. As children, we were all taught this was normal, but they’re hiding the whole truth from us on purpose. We grow up to become slave laborers in the prison camps we call employment that perpetuates the Death Machine, actively devouring and killing the Earth faster and faster.

We’re blinded to this gargantuan Enterprise of Destruction by senseless entertainment and food to dull the senses and cloud the mind. Our “education” includes the deception that we can retire from our labors if we play along and cooperate with the Beast, ever deepening our dependency and complicity to the Death we are each inflicting. We cannot even imagine what we have never known. Our ears remain stopped and stunted with distorted words and meanings. We are not the enemy, “they” always are, but the mirror reveals an entirely different reflection that if we could only really see, would show the horrifying truth.

The Earth is now largely devoid of Life. Entire civilizations wiped out, the vast majority of the Earth’s surface and oceans razed, plundered, plucked and harvested. We really have no idea how much has been lost. Televised films very carefully script film segments from parks and reserves that irresponsibly show teeming herds of animals, birds, fish and other life forms to promote the idea that there is still more to be taken and consumed. Scientists and ecologists and climatologists object to the phony presentations, but Leviathan doesn’t care. The remaining Life must be converted into Products and Profits and the prison camps fed.

This is the only world we now know. We cannot even fathom the change or the loss, even when we are directly presented with evidence of the destruction. Our minds cannot grasp what we have no direct experience with. Our history is but a tiny slice of Our History and we simply have no idea what is now gone. I’ve spent some years trying to gain understanding and still cannot comprehend but the tiniest bit of it, lacking my own history and perspective in time. Stories of teeming herds and oceans full of fish, abundance so great that it boggles the mind have no real meaning to those who have never seen it.

We’ve weaponized Existence, having abandoned Life. Entire industries are dedicated to this destruction, proclaiming “necessity” and “patriotic duty”. This is Leviathan devouring itself, Late Stage Collapse of the Empire. Robotic factories, Mars settlements and artificial flavors all share the same characteristics – devoid of Life. Factory farms churn out billions of tons of processed meats that never ate grass, never saw sunlight, and never enjoyed a warming breeze. This the Business of Death that we have all been taught to call Life. But Life is exactly what it isn’t.

Our years are spent conscripted, scripted and monitored. Google tells us everything we need to know, replacing even our own thoughts. The deeper we are, the more we lose. On the way into town today, I heard a radio advertisement about “staying connected and staying informed”, but the announcer was lying as they all do. You’re not informed, you’re being programmed. Being connected in the same as being put on a drip-feed of cyanide, you will soon be numb to everything. We’re taught to be lazy and let invisible and non-accountable voices make decisions for us. This is the way of Death.

I cannot accurately begin to describe what we have given up, and what we have lost. I know that nobody cares. Nobody will take any interest. Nobody will even bother to read a book, or a blog. And if nobody can do that, then nobody can hope to extract themselves from the belly of the beast. Which means that the destruction and death and profiting from all the suffering and misery will continue. That’s how far gone we are now.

So these words are just my own. Written for posterity. I sense a lot of this when I was quite young. I feel is much more strongly now. I have hoped things would change, but I don’t think they will.



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3 thoughts on “Dangerous Thoughts

  • March 23, 2021 at 9:35 am

    You might be surprised at the number of people who now recognise the unsustainability of current living arrangements and the worse-than-useless nature of governments, which are simply agents of banks, corporations and opportunists and which implement policies that facilitate the activities of banks, corporations and opportunists. The portion of the population that is awake has probably risen from 0.1% to 1% over the past decade.

    The good news is, the system has reached the crash and burn stage, and over the next decade we will witness collapse. The bad news is, the bulk of the populace is still misled and uninformed, and is totally unprepared for what is coming very soon.

    There is plenty of evidence the ‘almighty’ US Ponzi financial system will begin to seriously unravel in 2021.

    What will be particularly interesting will be drought in the southwest US, which is unprecedented. Will there be a period of storm after storm, bringing unprecedented amounts of rainfall? Or will the exceptionally dry conditions continue and bring a large portion of the US economic system to a halt?

    We’ll know by September.

    We’ll also know how bad the meltdown of the Artic sea ice is by September. At some point in the next few years ALL the sea ice will disappear in the late summer, destabilising the entire global climate system.

    Also, there is that ‘small’ matter of energy availability: global extraction of conventional oil peaked around 2007 and global extraction of conventional-plus-unconventional peaked in 2019….and we are on the way down.

    Demand destruction due to the Covid pandemic has masked the dire energy predicament. But there is no getting back to pre-2019 economic arrangements. Indeed, everything governments around the world do makes the energy predicament and the environmental predicament worse.

    ‘Interesting’ times.

    • March 23, 2021 at 9:42 am

      Good to hear from you again. I have no optimism about the future at all. The maddening part is how we are wasting what little time we still have. Nothing penetrates the thick fog of rampant disinformation.

      • March 23, 2021 at 1:19 pm

        I made a few bad decisions, and in combination with illness, that took me to the edge…. very nearly terminal.

        However, a big change in circumstances got me out of that mess and I am busy preparing for the impending economic meltdown, i.e. planting fruit trees and establishing good growing conditions for vegetables etc.

        I have also been working on the thermal efficiency of the house I bought last year and preparing for a big drop in fossil fuel use.

        People I talk with know its bad ‘out there’ but most don’t realise just how bad it is, nor that it’s going to get a lot worse soon. The corporate media don’t say a word, of course: can’t scare the advertisers. So it’s still about dogs riding surfboards etc.

        I discovered a great website in 2020 that I hadn’t previously seen.

        Others may be interested.

        ‘The Consciousness of Sheep’ just about sums up the level of thinking of the masses.

        It’s not entirely their fault: born into ‘the slave camp’, ‘the Matrix’, ‘onboard the Titanic’, denied a proper education, and indoctrinated every hour of every day with absolute bullshit, they know no different.

        There is excellent analysis of energy, economics and the environment here:


        Like the rest of us, Tim Watkins doesn’t offer much hope for humanity, but does, just like you, like to tell it how it really is.

        ‘Hi, I am Tim Watkins, I am, for my sins, a social and economic scientist with a background in public policy research. A one time mental health campaigner (something that may prove useful as we slip over the edge of the Seneca Cliff) these days I apply myself to writing and publishing.

        I first started the Consciousness of Sheep website as an offshoot from my book of the same title. It has, however, morphed into a running commentary on the slow motion train wreck that is Western civilisation in general and its British variant in particular. My sole aim with this website is to raise awareness of the predicament of the “three Es” (Economy, Energy and Environment). While I make myself available for interview/talks, I do not consider myself a campaigner with some end policy goal (I believe it is far too late in the day for that) but rather someone suggesting with growing urgency that we build (local, sustainable) lifeboats while we still have time.’

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