Dangerous Delusions

One of the great things about America is you are free to believe whatever you want.  As long as you do no harm to another, your belief is entirely up to you.

You can even be certifiably crazy if you like (as evidenced by so many nutcases posting online).

But this idiot, is not “harmless”. He’s dangerously deluded and is seeking to delude thousands more.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9qRdT1rFi0 (apparently, this idiotic video has now been deleted)

There are virtually thousands more videos just like this all over the StupidNet. Some have bits of truth, but most are so full of (sh)it that it only bears the briefest viewing to realize that these people are dangerous, and certifiably crazy.

Several people have contacted me, seeking my support for fear-mongering material just like this over the years, but I have long since learned to discern truth from delusion.

The agenda is always the same, some big cataclysmic / Apocalyptic “event” is “heading our way”, and predictions / prophecies / signs are “there” for anyone who can “see”. The only survivors will be those who “heed the warnings” and usually, “head to the hills” for their refuge and safety. Of course, all this is to happen AFTER they’ve fleeced your pockets for everything that they can by selling you useless junk and inedible food.

Ahem… well, most of this, is utter bullshit. While real cataclysmic events can, do and are happening (right now), the brain mud these fear-mongering idiots are shoveling tends to ignore the rest of reality.

Anything can happen, including chocolate-covered aliens landing in our midst and demanding our first-born, but it is only within the realm of reality that we should base our expectations and responses (if any).

What is real about most of these claims?  Very little is real. The “dwarf star” theme (Planet X) is presently running the gauntlet of fear-mongering fools who are convinced that we are all in dire peril.

I’ve seen hundreds of such claims (if not thousands now) by fear-mongers who all lay claim that they alone, are correct, and you absolutely MUST follow their guidance.

Their claims are based upon what all such claims are based on: belief (and secret “evidence” from anonymous sources).

Believe us, we are telling the truth, we alone are the “interpreters” of “events” (which includes the weaving together of disparate evidence into a conspiratorial “proof”).

The danger here to followers, like all such Jonestown outcomes, is people are going to get seriously hurt.  The stronger the belief, the greater the danger of this happening.

Imagine if you will, if (any) people do what this guy is claiming. Abandon their homes, jobs, lives, even their unbelieving spouses and children, leaving it all behind…. and head for the hills, converging in hundreds, or thousands in the Ozarks awaiting Armageddon events to occur…

Now multiply this by 1,000 people.  Or 5,000 families.  Or 10,000 armed crazies… that’s a virtual army of idiots running from their lives, abandoning everything in their past, converging upon the unsuspecting towns and hills in the Ozarks, awaiting end-time events.

What do you suppose is going to happen to these people?  Should we even care?  Perhaps a little thinning of the gene-pool is overdue anyway.

If I, like the author of the video claims, was willing to capitalize on this fear-mongering, I’d dare not bother posting this kind of reality-correction. His claims that “survival stores” are selling out all their food to the rich is quite literally crap. Almost nothing he’s claimed is true, but there are 41,000 hits already to this video on Youtube.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. That Americans can be so gullible and stupid, or that somebody has actually capitalized on this stuff to rip people off, or that our country is so far gone now in intelligence, wisdom, comprehension and understanding that you can shovel virtually anything and people will lap it up like dogs.

2012 is approaching, and you can be absolutely certain that much more of this fear-mongering will be making its way into the mainstream.  Whatever happens, use your head.

Reality is what we should be accepting, and reality is what we should be trying to deal with.  One of these things these fear-mongers all do is to deny reality.  Instead, they fabricate other threats and ignore the very real ones we already have.

I’m not sure why they do this. It is escapism, similar to the Rapture crowd, all who would prefer to escape this life and its day-to-day reality.  The problem with this is there IS no escape.  We’re all stuck with this reality, whether we like it or not, and whether we even agree with it or not.  Tomorrow will be much like it is today, and the day after that and the day after that. Real events do occur, including losing your home in a catastrophic flood or tornado event.  There are even earthquakes and failing nuclear power plants to be aware of.  But not chocolate-covered aliens or invisible dwarf stars.

A few other points: deliberately making yourself a refugee is stupid beyond belief.  You WILL suffer beyond all your expectations and you may even lose your life.  It is one of the LAST thing you want to have happen to you.

If you are making “your stand” or final preparations because you are convinced that you must (and sometimes this is true), then do it right. Heading for the hills is going to be a disaster in itself for all those who try this.  I’ve written several times on this topic.  In short, you are not welcome; you are not adequately prepared; and you will be facing harsh environmental conditions; and you cannot hope to “last” long without constant support and influx of supplies.  The “living off the land” notion that most have is exactly that — a notion and it will not work for 98% of the people who try this.

How do I know this? Because I’ve been at this for decades now and have spoken with professional survivalist instructors, homesteaders and have even done this myself. I’ve also extensively searched for actual evidence that “running away” from civilization actually works. If you have the fortitude, physical health, money, support and a source of supplies, including food, medicines, repair parts, shelter and good soil, endless time and accommodating weather, you can succeed in excommunicating yourself from civilization. But this is VASTLY different then bailing out and running off to the hills and “foraging” off the land. NOBODY that tries this survives long. They all die.

The “flee” doctrine embraced by all end-time adherents is basically complete and total bullshit, and anybody who has truly thought this through should know this. Almost always unnecessary, poorly executed and destined to fail. The truth is, you’re going to be safer right where you are, unless your life is in immediate jeopardy. And if that happens, you still need someplace to go where you will be safe. Running around in your well-stocked R.V. maybe fun for a while, but it can’t last (and you are in constant need of resupply). Even worse would be hiding in a cave eating your last MRE and wondering what in hell you are going to do next as you wither and weaken, exposed to the elements.

I don’t know.  Maybe I should give up on the idiots and let them self-exterminate. I’ve received this advice many times, so there are more then a few of you who feel that way.

I suppose it will take a severe reality check to wake some people up to their dangerous delusions.


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