Criminal Minds

The modern society requires its participants to subscribe to a peculiar mindset that is counter-productive to life, happiness, contentment and purpose. These points may not seem readily obvious, but under any honest examination, they will reveal themselves to all be true.

In order to participate within society, and to be “valued” as a “contributing member”, every single human is expected to submit to the expectations and demands of society.

These demands include your participation and involvement in the destruction of the biosphere, the killing of other species, the creation, overproduction and consumption of consumer goods, endless resource destruction and environmental damage, all with a blind but knowing eye to what is being done. You’re also expected to sacrifice your own children and grandchildren to the gods of war whenever called upon. And during your entire life, you’re expected to pay for these dubious privileges.

In truth, we are all held hostage to our society demands. You’ll pay a penalty for attempting to not participate. You may even go to jail. If your thought processes run counter to the status-quo, then you’ll find yourself a target of the delusional propaganda that runs so rampant through society. You may even have problems with your job, marriage, friends, church or family. Compliance and cooperation is considered an essential part of being “a good citizen”. Don’t speak up too loudly or even be noticed and you’ll generally get along just fine.

The criminal mindset has elected to abdicate reason, common sense and human decency in exchange for compliance and participation with dubious benefits. Most people have this criminal mindset. Most people don’t even realize it. Most people don’t even care. It’s not something you can readily talk about in polite conversation. But it’s always there, just below the surface, expressed in attitudes, bigotry, indifference and thinly veiled hatred.

These minds are poisoned by propaganda and ignorance to such a degree, that they have lost all common sense and grasp on reality (watch these videos for example 1, example 2, example 3). They’ve been spoon-fed lies their entire lives and have rarely, if ever looked for or desired anything else. They’re gullible, easily mislead and even easier to deceive. They want to ‘belong’ at nearly any cost and ultimately, have made their choice. Toe the line. Accept what ‘is’ instead of what ‘should be’. Go along with the group, the status-quo, the mass media programming of conformity and compliance. Go along to get along and hopefully, get ahead.

There are some really serious problems with this attitude. It breeds indifference, apathy and unaccountably. It’s irresponsible and abdicates individual authority and responsibility. If we don’t hold our own selves accountable to our own thoughts and actions, we’ll certainly never be able to hold anyone else accountable either. Especially our politicians and leaders, who have promised to do all of our thinking and reasoning for us. They’re happy as clams to be in charge and taking over the reigns of critical thought – or at least, that’s what they claim. But it’s clear from the escalating levels of human suffering, indifference and inaction’s that they’re just as criminally minded or even more so then anyone else.

Personally, I find it hard to accept the direction that this country has taken. I also find it impossible to agree with how people supposedly think. If what I see, read and witness online and in real life is any honest indication – it’s clear to me that we have abdicated all considerations of human respect and decency. The world is now more brutal, more harsh, more indifferent, more callous, more hateful then ever. It’s ugly, and it’s disgusting. And it’s getting worse.

What passes for rebellion really isn’t. It’s criminal. It’s acting out of fear, xenophobia and hatred. Much of it is highly racist. It’s not rebellion – it’s an embrace to fascism. The extreme right has taken it upon themselves to attempt to force the rest of the country into their image of a ugly dark age of hatred, racism, bigotry and oppression. They can’t see it. They think they’re offering freedom from the past – by embracing the past. It’s bizarre, nonsensical and very, very ugly. I personally want absolutely nothing to do with any of it. But that’s me.

How you feel about this is up to you. But don’t mistake the growing ‘rebellion’ for true rebellion because it’s not. It’s not even on the same page. These people are still operating with criminal minds. They’re still advocating for the destruction of the biosphere, other countries, other people, other cultures and other ways of life. They want everyone and everything to be molded into their backwards image. If they could launch and era of Inquisitions, they would. And it would be just as ugly, just as brutal, just as history has always showed.

We’re living in a dark, dark era and it’s getting darker by the day. These criminal minds have become very commonplace and very bold. They’re recruiting people wherever they can. It’s a massive step backwards, to an ugly past that we should have learned from and gotten over. But apparently, we haven’t.


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