Creating Our Own Reality

This isn’t funny anymore: orders are clocking in at the canneries now at 100 per minute by my estimates.  Apparently, the doom news and the promotion by Beck has got a stampede on.  The last week has been literally insane.

We’re literally creating our own reality here in the truest sense of the word.  But be careful of what you’re being told.  I’ve already done cost comparison to “food insurance” (Beck is promoting this) and our units.  Wow!  What can I say.  Dishonesty abounds but who’s playing who is for you to decide.

Here is an email I wrote to an inquiry I received about our prices and food units, now I’m just cutting and pasting this since I can barely keep up:


We’re significantly less, and have a far larger selection.  You simply won’t find a better more affordable company then us, we’ve been doing this for fifteen years.

I did a comparison the other day (11/10/2010) for a customer with that company, they were asking about their 5 person plan, which I then examined for them.

I’m unable to see the actual details of their plan, no quantities are even listed.  Can you get these?

I would need the actual can counts for each product.

But I will tell you — at just 545 lbs this unit can in no possible way meet the nutritional needs for a family of 5 (advertised on their site) for a year, something is seriously wrong.

That package is only 210 cans (35 boxes advertised x 6 cans per case) — another indication that they’re very inaccurate on how much food you are getting and how far it will really go.

You need 75 cans of dehydrated food (minimum) for just 1 person. Even better is 120+ cans, per person per year.  You can’t scrimp on calories or serving sizes and expect to stay healthy.

And for freeze dried food, the numbers are even bigger.  Freeze dried food is “puffier” and takes up far more space, for example there are just 10 – 11 servings per can for freeze dried food .vs. up to 40 or more servings for dehydrated food per can, depending on product.

So even though I cannot see their unit details (can counts) yet, something is seriously amiss with their advertisment.

Please see the “Suggested Food Storage” and “Dehydrated .vs. Freeze Dried” pages on our website (they can be found on the left navigation bar under Information pages).

There is even more problems I’m afraid.  They’re advertising 2528 servings.  Do the math.  2528 / 365 days = 6.9 servings per day. But you’d have to share that with 5 people, which means it’s really just barely over 1 serving per day.  Not even a survivalable level of calories.  You can actually look this up if you like — a single serving of freeze dried food will in no way keep you alive everyday.

I’m afraid that they are not offering you anything close to what they are advertising.

Finally, their price is pretty far off the mark for what you’re actually and truly getting.  We could easily beat this, but would never offer such a package, it’s far too small and overpriced for what you actually receive.

You owe it to yourself (due diligence) to investigate this more closely before you make a decision.

~ Survival Acres ~
Survival Acres – Storable Food & Supplies

There IS a lot of food doom news coming out. This and the economic doom news has created a literal firestorm, which I think some are taking advantage of.  But on the other hand, my own views on the future aren’t “good”.  We’re headed downhill towards collapse faster and faster and it’s going to create a stampede for the exits no matter what anybody else does or says.

But we ARE creating our own reality now, I think this is pretty obvious.  Talking heads with millions of fans say something and the people react.  I think it is a bit scary to be honest to realize that this can happen so incredibly easy.

Just be careful out there.  Factual, accurate and honest information is getting very hard to come by.


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