Corn, Poultry, Pork – Corn Rises 70%

“The rising food costs fueled by ethanol demand are also affecting U.S. consumers. “All things that use corn are going to have higher prices and higher cost, to some extent, that will be passed on to consumers,” says Wally Tyner, professor of agriculture economics at Purdue University. The impact of this is being felt first in animal feed, particularly poultry and pork. Poultry feed is about two-thirds corn; as a result, the cost to produce poultry–both meat and eggs–has already risen about 15 percent due to corn prices, says Tyner. Also expect corn syrup–used in soft drinks–to get more expensive, he says.The situation will only get worse, says David Pimentel, a professor in the department of entomology at Cornell University. “We have over a hundred different ethanol plants under construction now, so the situation is going to get desperate,” he says. Adding to the worries about corn-related food prices is President Bush’s ambitious goal, announced in his last State of the Union address, that the United States will produce 35 billion gallons of ethanol by 2017.”Ethanol Demand Raises Food Prices

If anybody checks the numbers, that last claim by the Liar in Chief is yet another lie – it’s not possible for the US to produce this much ethanol, not if people plan on eating. And the necessary fertilizers, insecticides and herbacides are still petroleum based products, by 2017 we’ll be in severe oil decline.

(Update: “The ethanol craze means that we’re going to burn up the Midwest’s last six inches of topsoil in our gas-tanks.”
“The truth is, we will never be energy independent as long as we remain a car-fixated society. It’s that simple. If we can’t let go of the sunk costs associated with Happy Motoring, we’re probably not going to make it very far into the future, either as a nation or a viable economy or as an orderly society. By sunk costs I mean our previous investments in car-oriented infrastructure.”)

The real, immediate and lasting problem is food price and availability. Food will always be the problem to be solved, more so then any other issue. Food is safety, security, comfort and most of all, sustenance. Food permits you to do everything else in this life, without it, you’re just a skeleton. Threaten it, and you’re a helpless victim.

This is a warning I’ve given out for some time now, expect to pay more, a lot more for food in the future as desperate attempts are made to circumvent the natural resource limits. This shell game cannot last, because it conflicts with the natural laws of supply and demand. Too many people consuming too many resources will always create shortages, high prices and eventually, collapse.

This type of action can only go so far before it starts becoming deadly serious. It’s called food shortages. Civilizations like our exist because of cheap energy and even cheaper food. This creates huge overpopulation (overshoot) of sustainable levels. The entire supply chain of energy-to-consumer then becomes very fragile as it is continually streched thinner and thinner. Food is a huge part of this supply chain, a direct form of human energy.

The US is already facing a gigantic insolvable problem with food production, and the conversion of food stock to fuel is insane. This “non-negotiable” way of life is the path to national suicide and will be littered with millions of emaciated bodies.

Politicians aren’t very smart. Their fixated on profits and development, not on sustainable living or lifestyles, even if it kills us, which it will. What needs to be done on a national and global level is going to be ignored as long as possible. It’s quite possible to literally leap off a cliff and still feel safe – until you hit bottom.

Expect more of this insanity. Rising food costs, rising fuel costs and shortages. If corn has risen 70% in the last six months, what do you think the next six years might bring?

In other news, the US Government is warning to obtain food preps for bird flu. This video link, already posted before, reveals just how bad things could get if a real pandemic of any type was to hit.


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2 thoughts on “Corn, Poultry, Pork – Corn Rises 70%

  • February 19, 2007 at 2:00 pm

    What, no more cheap nachos?
    We ARE doomed. ‘Corn-holed’, I tell ya!

    This biofuel production/conversion/marketing (money) bullshit is happening ALL over the planet and IS only hastening ‘our culture’s day-of-reckoning. – aka demise – to ‘say nothing of’ as a specie (and others) and the biosphere/ecology. Indonesia, India, US, Brazil, etc. have already seen the “PROFIT” and massive plantations online and in process – happening now.

    Given the % body fat in a typical American, I’d give’em up to a month from a persistent supply-stream disruption before they
    are not longer a ‘issue’ (threat, concern).

    During said interval, I will be ‘covered’.

    Then ‘comes’ responding to the remaining not-so-typical Americans.

    I have no soultion to pro-offer on that score other than hide (run and die anyway) as long as possible.

    I feel that maximizing distance (per capita mileage) is key to having a (slim) chance at ‘appreciating’ what should/will come next in the ‘story of man’.

    That ‘bridge’ will be obvious, when (IF) one arrived.

  • February 19, 2007 at 4:17 pm

    couple this with the honeybee die-off and you’ve got a pretty decent recipe for famine even without an energy crunch. people don’t realize how serious the honeybee colony collapse disease is to our food production.

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