Connedspiracy As A Mental Health Crisis

Adherents to the Trump cult, Q-anon and the many, many other conspiracy-based memes are connedspiracy theorists engaging in harmful acts that in many cases borders on sedition.

There are many different original posts on this blog that have warned readers about the dangers of embracing connedspiracies, perhaps over 100 articles now. This blog deserves a dedication section to this topic because I’ve written on it so many times, but it’s done little good despite significant efforts to change the tide.

Spreading connedspiracy, by repeating what has been “heard” or posted online, or by interjecting new conjecture and / or false claims, connedspiracy theorists are tacitly engaging in seditious activities. Before you object, understand some basic definitions to grasp their seriousness:

A connedspiracy is two-parts: a “con” representing dishonesty, fabrications or lies at the center of a conspiracy, and a false conspiracy, usually containing an alleged “plan” to engage in harmful or unlawful activity.

  • Verb: con – 3rd person present: cons; past tense: conned; past participle: conned; gerund or present participle: conning
  • Persuade (someone) to do or believe something, typically by use of a deception. “I conned him into giving me your home number”.
  • Noun: con – plural noun: cons. An instance of deceiving or tricking someone. “a con artist”
  • Similar words: swindle, defraud, cheat, trick, fleece, dupe, deceive, rook, exploit, squeeze, milk, bleed, fool, take advantage of, mislead, delude, hoax, hoodwink, bamboozle, string along, embezzle, sting.
  • Noun: conspiracy – plural noun: conspiracies. A secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.
  • Similar words: plot, scheme, stratagem, plan, machination, cabal, intrigue, deception, ploy, trick, ruse, dodge, subterfuge, frame-up, racket.
  • The action of plotting or conspiring. “they were cleared of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice”.
  • Adjective: seditious inciting or causing people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.

The difference between the meaning of conspiracy and connedspiracy is the first is real, while the latter is fabricated.

Real conspiracy do exist; connedspiracies are fabrications of conspiracy and rely on conning adherents using deception.

In the past few years, connedspiracy theory has taken on a life of its own, swelling very rapidly and now widely embraced by tens of millions of people. This is now a world-wide phenomenon and has drastically grown during the Trump Presidency.

Conspiracy and connedspiracy are considered free speech under the United States Constitution. Connedspiracy can be seditious activity when it becomes dangerous and harmful.

To me, it has been quite obvious for many years that seditious activities were being promoted by many different people who had embraced connedspiracies. What was being claimed as the exercise of “free speech” was in reality attempts to exploit widespread ignorance and fraud and incite people to rebel en masse.

The attack upon the Capital was not the first rebellion or incitement of people to riot because of connedspiracies. The counter-protests at the Black Lives Matter protests predates this, and even this wasn’t the first examples. Most of the mass-casualty events involving shootings were based upon connedspiracies with the shooter espousing beliefs in their alleged “truthfulness”. Even the post-shooting “discussions” were found to be baseless connedspiracies about what “really” happened. You have to go way, way back many years (decades) to attempt to find the first connedspiracies suffered by this country, but suffice it to way, they have been with us for a long time.

Individual acts of sabotage, rebellion, violence, murder, property destruction and bombings have all been documented to have originated because of the embracement of connedspiracy theory. Many different online and off-line groups that sprung up promoted and ‘researched’ connedspiracy theory with quite a few of these members and readers then choosing to arm themselves and prepare for mass unrest and civil war because of what they had read or heard.

Nobody really seems to know if the majority of connedspiracy theorists are violent or not; but it’s painfully clear that most of them are at least preparing for violence with thousands of examples of members engaging in actual violence. As I’ve often mentioned, I’ve seen this first hand, many times. People are arming themselves to the teeth in preparation for war, but their motivation and reasons to do so are almost always based upon connedspiracies. Embracing the lies and deceptions they’ve absorbed, they have oriented their very lives around these deceits, while often rejecting what is actually true.

We’ve all seen the dangers of connedspiracies and how they can result in violent action, mob behavior and dangerous escalations to property and persons. Yet we cannot seem to have a national conversation about this phenomena, and this is a huge mistake.

There is a real and present danger to the country and the whole world when connedspiracy theory becomes commonplace and widely accepted as an alternative “truth” to be embraced. It’s inevitable that this will culminate in violent actions as the dichotomy of two opposing narratives will clash eventually. But there is another danger here that isn’t being discussed – the self-harm of the connedspiracy adherents themselves.

Most of my blog articles on the topic cover this self-harm issue in some detail, describing the addiction and the damage being experienced by connedspiracy believers. I’ve also tried to warn readers and whoever else would listen elsewhere on other forums and websites that this was all going to blow up one day, resulting in violence. Most of the country and indeed, most of the world does not seem to be ready to deal with this, and stands by helplessly as millions of people implode their own lives and those around them embracing connedspiracy theories.

We’ve now seen who they are: doctors, lawyers, Senators, Congressman, judges, teachers, drivers, mechanics, housewives, teenagers and people from all walks of life. And we’ve seen the results, which first of all must be accurately pointed out as lies. None of their connedspiracies have proven to be true, but that hasn’t stopped their explosive growth. And we’ve also seen the results in the lives of those that embrace connedspiracies: broken marriages, broken families, lost careers and jobs, firings and dismissals, wasted lives with endless years spent “down the rabbit hole”, perusing the next “revelation”.

Connedspiracy theories are dangerous, delusional and destructive to both adherents and those who are the victims of their violence and even their non-violence. Thousands of families have self-destructed because one parent or both have embraced connedspiracy theory, destroying marriages and alienating their children. These innocent bystanders, just like employers, bosses, friends and extended family are also harmed when a connedspiracy theorist adherent loses control over their own mind and their ability to discern fact from fiction. Nobody knows what level of production has been lost because of this issue, but it’s probably massive.

This is a national mental health crisis that has now consumed the lives of millions of people in this country alone. Social media has done far too little to stem the tide of connedspiracy memes, shirking responsibility for their promotion of such deceptions. They helped promote Section 230 law that would have held them not responsible (they’re making billions off of the promotion of deadly connedspiracy theories). In effect, we’re funding the violent destruction of common sense, reasonable behavior and non-violence by using these platforms.

It was always going to be this way. Anytime there is opportunity for abuse, somebody is going to come along and make that happen. Even politicians got in on the act, spreading connedspiracies and baseless lies. Many of America’s churches accepted these deceptions, as did many American companies. They’re ALL responsible for fostering division and discord through these baseless allegations and failing to put a stop to the connedspiracies. But the most responsible of course are the people themselves who are acting out their fantasies and engaging in violence. They are ultimately the guilty ones who desperately need mental health counseling and treatment.

Trump will soon be gone, but not forgotten. He was both a symptom and a cause for the explosive growth of connedspiracy theory, but his departure shows no signs yet that connedspiracy theory is going away. I think just the opposite is happening from what I’ve gleaned so far from the StupidNet. Connedspiracies are growing faster now. The more push-back to the election fraud claims and the so-called “Deep State” allegations, the more conjecture and connedspiracy is fabricated. Even now, ridiculous lies about anti-fa and BLM instigating the riot at the Capital are widely circulating, despite video and photographic and identity evidence proving who was really involved.

Oddly, as more real truth is demonstratively proven, connedspiracy theorist reject the real truth more and more. Retreating into deeper denial and more fantasies is a defense mechanism, as members faithful identify as adherents to the cult. Trump and many others have exploited this defense mechanism as fully as they could, demanding unwavering “loyalty” and criticizing detractors and anyone who would make the effort to point out the flaws in their claims. Anyone who has studied cults will recognize this as a common tactic used to preserve membership from outside influence and information.

We have a huge mental health crisis with connedspiracy theory in America that needs to be dealt with. I can only point to the problem and suggest the solution (facts) to counteract the conjecture and fabrications that have arisen. But without addressing this on a national level, this hasn’t actually worked (it’s already been tried).

It’s going to take much more then just “stating the the facts” to change people’s beliefs and opinions and level of accurate knowledge now. When facts and truth really don’t matter to connedspiracy theorists, we’ve got a bigger problem then we might have realized.

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One thought on “Connedspiracy As A Mental Health Crisis

  • January 9, 2021 at 1:18 pm

    Came across this essay published before the insurrection riot at the Capitol, and it’s worth reading because the connedspiracists have a “leader” who’s more mentally ill than they are — he’s a psychopath:

    Excerpt: “…Donald Trump is totally preoccupied with his existential survival as the walls of reality are closing in on him. He has been repudiated in the election. His psyche cannot comprehend how he could have lost to such an ordinary, mortal man. He is beside himself with embarrassment and humiliation. He is driven by revenge. He wants to settle scores. His thin veneer of greatness and superiority is crumbling away. He is desperate and flailing.

    Trump is a psychopath. He has all the defining characteristics in spades: narcissistic, sadistic, antisocial, paranoid. This is malignant psychopathology in the embodiment of our president. He has the kind of personality pathology that should be unacceptable in our top public servant. Trump should have been rooted out in 2016. A psychopath should never have been elected to the highest office in the land. We have been suffering for it ever since: division, tribalism, hostility, racism, xenophobia, terrorism and more.”


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