Collective Failure

[This is another previously written unpublished post from about two years ago. Still applicable, more then ever – Admin]

The public cannot discern between truth or fiction. The many lies, deceptions, distortions, omissions and outright fabrications being extolled are asĀ  unperceived as whatever actual truths are being told. What this means is we’re in a particular point in human history where any kind of narrative (story) can be deemed real. Whatever the truth actually is, has become irrelevant to the narrative being promoted because almost nobody is capable of staying (verbalizing) on the truth. Any kind of narrative is now acceptable communication.

This is a very dangerous development, especially when it concerns the dangers and risks to the future of the human race. Existential threats are now easily ignored, downplayed or distorted to entirely false narratives – and nobody is the wiser. Not even many of the scientists who remain seriously blinded to their own conclusions and what they actually mean.

We’ve all come to rely upon the experts for their experience, insight and guidance – but what if the experts are no longer able to avoid the deceptions and distortions themselves? This is what appears to be the case with climate science and the rapidly warming conditions of the planet. Not all climate scientists are blinded to the real narrative (what is really happening and what it really means for the future of the species) – but many apparently are. And these are the ones who’s voices are still being heard on this topic – but the problem of collective failure and the the inability to tell the truth, perceive the truth and stick to the truth isn’t limited to just climate change issues. It’s happening everywhere on nearly every topic. And it’s getting worse.

The “non-truth tellers” are the ones getting noticed, published and promoted. The other voices that have been trying to portray reality are being silenced and ignored. I generally try to stick to specific themes here, with the climate issue / climate future being one of them. But you could apply this collective failure to just about anything these days.

The problem here is this – a false narrative about the climatic future of the planet, the timing in which this happens and the severity of the issue is being promoted – instead of the real reality of what is rapidly unfolding and what it will mean for future human survival. This is a situation that does not seem to have any resolution yet either and in some specific cases, it seems to be worsening (silencing the dissenting but true narrative).

The collective failure to grasp the true narrative has devastating consequences for the species – and for all life on Earth. By embracing the distortions, distractions and misrepresentations of say, alternative energy, the so-called “carbon budget”, and the seriously delayed climate mitigation / adaption strategies that are obviously critical and necessary, the human race is committing itself to stupendously difficult-to-impossible survival conditions in the near-term future (a single generation or less, ie. your kids lives). We’re fiddling while Rome burns by endorsing the false and distracting narratives still being promoted.

It is very evident that it is an incredible waste of time, energy, money and effort to attempt to promote the true narrative within the public space. This type of effort needs to end, quickly so as to spend what time we have left focusing on the people, resources and logistics required to effect potential human survival on this planet. But that isn’t happening, so we’re still dinking around “trying to change the narrative”. I think we should be honest about this and ask ourselves two questions: Is this necessary? And what do we hope to gain?

We don’t need the whole world to support reality. There’s plenty of room for people to go on believing whatever they want. But what we need is for the levers of power, control, finance, and politics to face and accept reality. The rest of the world will follow. And that is not happening. Instead, their still catering to polluting interests and the status quo. They’re still undermining science, reason, facts and evidence in favor of profits. So many people, myself included, have turned to public protest – trying to convince the public at large of the dangers we’re all facing.

It hasn’t worked. Nothing has changed. In fact, the situation is worse then ever now. Therefore, new tactics are needed if anything of significance is going to be accomplished. And even that is doubtful, but I don’t believe in giving up. Our collective failure is two-fold: the true narrative isn’t fully accepted of our predicament; and our tactics to effect change aren’t working. We’re saddled with ineptitude and that only seems to be worsening too.


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