Collapse Science

In a recent email, I had used the term collapse “ňúscience’, which sparked some questions by the recipient. I didn’t realize that this term is not in common use.

A Google search reveals that this term simply does not exist. Clearly it should, because it is going to come into popular use. So, I hereby decree its new found existence, its soon popularity and its definition:

Collapse science is the study of the circumstances and events preceding and causing the collapse of civilization, both ancient and modern. Environmental and human causes are examined for their effects and impacts upon civilization, its stability and likely demise. All areas (factors, influences) come under review, since environmental, societal and human factors are not isolated from each other.

Every preceding civilization has collapsed, usually in predictable patterns and by generally understood means. Therefore, collapse science can be predictive, because the mechanisms of collapse have been documented before.


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One thought on “Collapse Science

  • November 3, 2007 at 6:41 pm

    The good news is that several small hunter-gatherer (‘uncivilized’) groups remain today and many will likely survive. Their ancestors will benefit from collapse of ‘civilization’.

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