Collapse & Post Collapse Strategies

[I’ve been busy dealing with a well gone dry (a real one) and haven’t had a lot of time to post lately. This is a current forum topic on our board that I think you should read.]

In order to understand this post, be sure you have read this regarding the “too little, too late” concept.

That being the case, what can be done?

There are two things that need to be dealt with here.

A) Collapse survival.

B) Post-collapse living.

They are entirely separate, but related issues. The strategies involved will (probably) be much different.

Regarding A), I have some very specific ideas on how to “best” (imo) endure the collapse (by the average man). But quite frankly, I am not at all sure this information should be made public. Why? Simple. Because it’s potential for success depends upon its secrecy.

Regarding B), I have utterly no personal interest in propagating the present culture – which will soon enough, collapse on its own accord. Again, imo, a new culture is absolutely essential.

There is little point in fleshing out the B) outcomes, if A) cannot be achieved. So, I don’t want to talk about B) too much, because frankly, it is somewhat pointless.

Most B) outcomes depend upon the collapse of Leviathan in order to be successful (at least B) outcomes that I’m personally interested in). As stated, this will probably take care of itself, but getting from here to there is the present challenge, and how to do it without undermining your plans, preparations and positioning.

I have a dilemma then. My ideas for A) are independent of wealth, but very much dependent upon ability and the willingness to implement them.

I acknowledge that others may have entirely different ideas regarding A), so if you have some and you can share them, I’d like to hear it.

Maybe you’ve got a better idea. If so, let’s hear it.

Maybe you’ve got an approach that will not require secrecy. If you do, please share it.

If you don’t have a plan or proposal for public discourse – then state that also.

What I am trying to determine here is –

1) Are there better ideas available for public discourse, dissemination and implementation;

2) What are they, their specifics, their chances of success, etc. (which means we need to discuss them);

3) Or (as I suspect) that like the US government and military is doing now, that secrecy is required for their success, meaning that they have no intention of sharing either their plans – or success (and thereby letting everyone else die or fend for themselves).
A new human culture is needed that increases the life on the earth, living from the increase rather then the decrease.


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