Collapse Is Not Crisis

“Collapse is NOT a Crisis” – by Lonwolf

Everywhere one looks these daze and crimes, one sees “crisis” this and “crisis” that proclaimed in virtually every headline. Dire (yet overtly hedged) proclamations are classically represented as some form of pending yet only momentary set-back or temporal inconvenience.

We are led to believe that “Sure, it will be a rough ride for awhile, but we’ll come through just fine in the end” {ha ha ha}. Still, sheeple, won’t blink an eyelash or bleat softly even as ewe graze upon trampled dust. “Impending crisis have always been foretold” – they assert – so “pay it no mind, no heed to the prognosticators or the men behind the curtain. We’ve all been though many “crisis” before and came out fine – really we did. See, we’re still here are we not? ”

But (instead), the impending, utter and absolute collapse (of humanity) is what is now ‘at stake’. Cumulative causation made manifest/revealed. Time is now to ‘get real’. Collapse is NOT crisis. Crisis are crisis. They develop and they dissolve (mainly supplanted until the ‘next crisis’).

Collapse is NOT crisis, Collapse is collapse – utter and final – the end of ‘our way of life’, of ‘civilized’ man, of me, you and the delusions we’ve harbored. Collapse is NOT “some crisis”. A collapse that is inevitable, unavoidable, and imminent (if not also overdue and necessary), the literal termination of the vast(-ly destructive) human experience (condition) throughout the past 10,000 years. No crisis nor any composite set thereof can remotely begin to match the consequences of terminal decline and mass culling if not literal extinction (for review, extinction – not diamonds – is forever).

“Crisis” implies a potential for eventual ‘recovery’, a (mythical) return to an alleged ‘normalcy’, the (magical) salvaging of ‘our non-negotiable way of life’, that a ‘solution’ or techno-fix can and will be discovered in time to suspend gravity, levitate this sinking ship and deny all consequence(s), and circumvent physical reality. To ‘think’ such things is willful (overt) mass delusion albeit a milieu we are each highly skilled at/versed in, NTM conditioned for since birth.

Cognitive dissonance rages – virtually unanimously supreme – and thereby further assures the continued wanton destruction of the (not our) ‘world’ and everything we once ‘knew’ (believed, wanted, ‘hoped’) to be true. Yet our denial can and will in NO way change any outcome one iota.

Hope Kills (protracted diatribe omitted]. I’m told that Italians have a saying, “those who live in hope live in desperation”. I’d add, we exist (for awhile) in overtly delusional fantasy-land. Hope being neither a plan or action. Surreal isn’t reality and never will/can be.

Many (dubious) authors in the Doomer Press corps have recently thrown out phrases such as “things will be different this time around” yet they manage (mangle) to utterly fail to grasp that which they claim to be portending. Descriptors such as “the next great depression” and “the greatest depression” doesn’t BEGIN to present a cohesive picture of the immediate future to say nothing of the unfathomable future (if any).

Peak Oil (aka Peak Everything) is NOT temporary. NOT even close. Resource depletion (e.g. energy degradation) is just as permanent condition as is extinction – aka forever. Global, national, and individually diminished access to energy sources (whether cheap or otherwise) is permanent. Period. As too is everything derived from/by said energy – aka everything you’ve ever ‘known’ (experienced) – aka you. As access to energy (life as we know it) becomes increasing costly and/or difficult to secure, conflict at every conceivable level can only escalate – and will. ‘Think’ permanent global resource (CONsumption) wars – coming soon to a theater of operation near you.

Escalating climate change (accelerating environmental chaos) is likewise a permanent condition (on human time scales). Indeed, change itself is permanent. The Universe and every ‘thing’ (aspect) is dynamic, sinusoidal, frequency modulated – aka “No Static At All” (with apology to Steely Dan). All of the climatic thresholds to run-away environmental crisis were breached long ago (by human actions), yet we are only now just beginning to barely notice or to reap the resulting whirlwind.

The pace of degradation/destruction can and will only continue to escalate as 6.7 billion planet-consuming parasites strive daily to extract their survival from diminished resources and at ever increased personal/societal risk.

This is NOT a temporary circumstance – albeit one of our own making. Drought, famine, pestilence will inexorably accelerate across the globe producing ever more self-reinforcing fear, mass panic, universal pain, suffering, chaos, unrest, despair, ‘incivility’, ‘inhumanity’, aka widespread torturous death.

Once the human infestation is purged, only then may the planet attempt to heal – not that it can/will ever be ‘the same’ again. Paleolithic ‘oceans’ of alga and micro-flora did ‘bequeath’ unto us petroleum (with geologic assistance over eons). Humans shall bequeath thousands of distinct and persistent biotoxins (derived from oil) now permeating the entire biosphere.

All of evolution has been irrevocably altered (not ‘just’ human evolution)- and ‘we are far from being done with our wanton planeticidal impacts. A million years hence, the Earth and every living ‘thing’ remaining (if any) will (genetically, molecularly) still ‘know’ of us and our effect. (I now return the theoretical reader to the ‘irregularly unscheduled’ deprogramming).

Both energy death and climate chaos immediately and irrevocably impinge on food production – global and local. “Our daily bread”, “manna from heaven”, and related nonsense is a ‘prayer’ aka “hope”, desire, a infinitely sterile plea – not fact, nor a right (and never was, ask any African for example).

Soylent Green can likewise be ‘at best’ but a temporary respite albeit for an infinitesimal few. Together, unfolding energy and climate realities represent a double-whammy to human sustenance (existence) and presage an end to food ‘security’ (survival of ‘civilized’ mankind) in every niche and corner of the globe.

As with pollution, there is NO “away” – no ‘out of sight out of mind’ – no way out of this ‘quandary’ (reality) we each must attempt to confront (and die anyway). Humans, our composite greed and ignorance, have willfully – even eagerly – destroyed the very planet which solely and wholly sustained us (note use of past tense).

The global ‘loss’ of functional ecosystems (life support) and of widespread accelerating species extinctions (literally by the minute) will never be restored, repaired, reinvigorated, replenished – never ‘return’, never ‘provide’ nor ever ‘permit’ the continuation of ‘modern life’ – perhaps ‘any’ human life – as we’ve ‘understood’ it since pre-HIStory. Extinction is forever.

Forever is NOT a crisis. Forever is forever and ever. And collapse is forever. Forever is Not crisis. Whom amongst us, tremulous readers, can NOT accurately recite the nursery rhyme “Humpty Dumpty”? Few to none, I’ll wager. Yet how many hear/see the ‘moral of the story’? – appreciate the message of finit’ ? Few to none.

“… And, all the King’s horses and all the King’s men, could not put Humpty Dumpty back together again.” Impossibility IS. Gravity sucks. Shit happens, flows downhill and can never be ‘put back together again’. So it often stinks – so ‘bushing’ what? Hey Eggheads, this is no mere nursery rhyme. It’s the quintessential message of inevitability – of reality. Material existence ‘meets’ entropy. Experiential intersection with space time. A ‘pure’ allegory of – metaphor for- life. And, indeed, (the) fact. Death is final, yours, mine, ours, theirs. The sole result of growth, development, creation, … of life. End of Story. What is, was. What was shall never be again. Thank you very much. Truly.


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5 thoughts on “Collapse Is Not Crisis

  • March 24, 2008 at 2:43 pm

    This civilization is utteryly and completely dead but it’s supreme hubris on your part, Lonewolf, to suggest that homo sapiens is doomed to extinction. If that’s not what you intended to convey that is how I read it.

    The odds are against us but they are against all species right now. Yet inevitably, just by luck of the draw, some species will survive. You are correct in observing that the earth will never again be the same and you are correct in noting that we may very well go extinct, but I don’t play god either way and refuse to guess whether the dice will roll for or against our species.

    Other than that though, I agree with your article! This is NOT a crisis. This is change and it’s FOREVER. Most people are completely incapable of getting their minds wrapped around that concept.

  • March 24, 2008 at 3:29 pm

    Eventually, all is doomed to extinction. No hubris (or dice) required. Yet, I do appreciate the supreme hutzpah of denial.

  • March 24, 2008 at 4:16 pm

    Prof. Michio Kaku says this on the future of the planet: “It has no future. In five billion years’ time the sun will swell into a raging inferno, the oceans will boil and the mountains will melt.” According to the laws of physics, he says, this scenario is inevitable. It is the law of physics that one day we must leave the Earth or die.

  • March 25, 2008 at 4:00 am

    I totally agree, there is nothing transitory about this, no dip to recover from, no fleeting bump along the way. The language of denial is subtle and we seem incapable of expression of unfolding doom.

    The damn sad part is that many here have seen this coming for decades. We have wasted our time delivering warning messages we knew, at some deep level, would not be received. It is a goddamn bitch personally.

    We are all dead men walking. How we perish will be the measure of our character as individuals and communities. As Bill Moyers termed it, “welcome to doomsday”.


  • March 25, 2008 at 7:44 am

    I agree too. There is a persistent and ridiculous belief that our (drastically) diminished future is nothing but a ‘temporary’ setback. This is an impossible contradiction and makes no sense at all.

    The entire planet should be going into emergency survival mode on a global scale RFN, but we won’t. We should be mobilizing millions and millions of people to start preparing for the changes underway, but we won’t. We should immediately stop wasting irreplaceable resources, but we won’t.

    This is why I won’t use this blog as a warning post anymore, there is no point.

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