Collapse In The News

There is (always) more news, of course, as the collapse progresses right along.

Connect the following dots:

California is spending more money on prisons then on college education. The Real ID Act continues to be supported in Congress, and now Congress is proposing bio-chip implants for airport employees.

Kuwait moves against the U.S. dollar. Yearly gasoline costs are already $1,000 higher for the average family then in 2001, yet gas guzzling vehicles are still selling at record rates.

Kansas is mining it’s water supply. Montana takes Wyoming to the Supreme court over water (and this man has nothing to say). Tampa is under a water emergency.

Species extinctions will lead to human disease spikes. A tragic example is here.

Police beat a man senseless then attack the camera man. England deploys a new aerial spy camera to monitor citizens. England also proposes a department of “precrime” reminscent of the Minority Report.

North Carolina pigs are now being fed junk food due to the high cost of corn.

There’s much, much more, these are only examples of what is being reported daily in hundreds of articles.

Many years ago, conspiracy theorists were derided for their claims of black helicopters, microchip implants, a cashless society and secret prison camps. Those theories have all since been proven to be 100% correct.

We’re not that far away (imo) from real “mark-of-the-beast” stuff. Despite objections, the progression towards microchip implants has made huge gains. The appalling indifference we’re seeing today is absolutely mind boggling. Such examples demonstrate how authority and service workers and even the average American is simply indifferent to everything.

Now connect the dots. The relationship of the above news items is how our civilization continues to advance towards a totalitarian police state that is running on fewer and fewer resources as consumption and apathy and even desperation, skyrocket. What does it all mean?

This is quite probably, where it is all going. It’s possible, since the desire to oust Bush is growing, and other nations would like to have him tried for war crimes. Would another 9/11 attack be orchestrated? YES. I have no doubts that they are quite willing to try again.

Will it happen? Who knows? The important thing is it is probably in the works, and worse, the “need” (fabricated and imagined) for a national emergency and dictatorship is rising every day.

This is what happens in a collapse – the government takes over (everything) in a desperate attempt to ‘save’ the people, and apathy, indifference and cognitive dissonance takes over the minds of millions who stand mute, silent and helpless in the face of their world falling apart. It’s why great crimes occur and are not stopped or prevented before becoming widespread. Those caught up in this mix of desperation and indifference are helpless victims and will be sheep led to the slaughter.

A critical eye towards the daily news reports reveals that every step is being taken, deliberately or inadvertently, even accidentally, but it all points to the same outcome. Our world is not improving, but declining, imperceptibly, gradually and overtly, day by day. The threat these events signify cannot be understated, but are almost always unrecognized, unappreciated and misunderstood for what they really mean.

I have spent countless hours documenting the collapse from many different angles and vantage points. The continual decline in life, living and the world around us is undeniable. There is no easy way to prepare for this emotionally, physically or spiritually. For Americans, the shock will be absolutely huge when ‘reality’ finally takes hold. For many others in the world, collapse has long since been a part of their lives.


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2 thoughts on “Collapse In The News

  • May 21, 2007 at 1:11 pm

    Though not being Christian, I have no problem seing the neocons as representations of the greatest evil. They have with the greatest geniality and cruelty played all of their cards right (but wrong of course). So right that they have to need some sort of powers to guide them.

    Or was it all inevetable? Is it due to that the majority of humanity is too short sighted and stupid to see that eternal growth is bad and impossible?

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