CNN Lies About Wet Bulb Temperature

CNN has a wet-bulb temperature warning. Read it – The ‘wet bulb’ warning

It may appear to be informative, but it is incredibly disingenuous from “the most trusted name in news”.

They failed to get all of these facts right:

  • Over 1,000 people died in the recent heatwave in the Pacific North West;
  • We are already over the 1.5 degrees Celsius so-called “limit” (using the wrong pre-industrial date is the reason);
  • There is zero possibility of limiting warming below 2C, we’re nearly there right now;
  • There is no possibility of removing the greenhouses gasses already emitted in time;
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions only means reducing more contributions – it does not mean existing greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere will be reduced – this will be there for at least 1,000 years, virtually guaranteeing more warming;
  • This future guaranteed warming should rightly be labeled by every institution in the world as “unstoppable” now, there is NO mechanism available to humans to reduce previously emitted greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere (not even tree planting, already covered here on this blog);
  • Mitigating climate change isn’t even possible by simply reducing more emissions;
  • Far more then ‘950’ cities will be effected by 2050 – this number is beyond ridiculous, draw a swath around the equator and you’ll get the idea, but it’s a far larger region then that in truth that will be severely effected by rising temperatures;
  • The supposed “good news” about learning to live with deadly temperatures is pure hopium, based an a gross misunderstanding of human needs and survival;
  • Crop failures will make many of these locations unlivable and / or untenable for human habitation;
  • This will trigger an ever-increasing massive wave of migrants and refugees, eventually numbering over a billion, all seeking refuge;
  • Minuscule efforts and claims of ‘success’ such as 84 kilometers of ‘cool pavement’ don’t even scratch the problem and frankly, are so pathetic it’s embarrassing to even mention them, because it demonstrates how, at this late date, we’ve done so little and worse, fail to grasp the seriousness of the problem;
  • The World Bank estimates are far too low, extreme poverty due to deadly climate change has already reached nearly 100 million in 2021;
  • Humanity cannot “buy it’s way out” of deadly climate change as claimed, this notion is simply false;
  • Expenditures create more emissions, further development and more growth, increasing the problem of global warming (civilization is a heat engine by virtue of all of it’s activities and emissions created);
  • Funding poor countries will help raise their living standards, but it will also increase their emissions and it will do nothing to stop rising temperatures, since the gasses already emitted are still there;
  • The only answer is to stop industrialized civilization (all emissions), and still deal with rising heat;
  • Existing emissions removal is essential for human survival;
  • Attempts to ‘preserve this civilization’ are misguided, ill-conceived and replicate the problems that created this global crisis (which is really a predicament).

It’s patently clear that there is no clear-thinking from the staff over at CNN (or anywhere else) on exactly “how” to try and solve this. I have yet to see ANYTHING that addresses the root causes of global warming. Every plan, proposal, effort and claim has been seriously misguided and ill-conceived. Nowhere will you read “reduce populations” or “end energy consumption”.

Every proposal builds from the notion that this civilization must be maintained for as long as possible, which in turn means (fact) that hydrocarbons will continue to be burned (even to build ‘alternative energy’ sources and infrastructure), which in turn will only perpetuate and exacerbate civilization itself, which is a heat engine. More growth, more consumption, more pollution, more waste, more destruction, more conversion of the Earth and the natural systems that sustain us to exclusive human use, at a time when we’ve already taken far too much.

This is not a plan that will work. It will fail. How do we know? Because it is all failing now, across the entire world. A destroyed environment means a declining future for all of humanity, it can’t get “better” by taking more, or failing to restore it (or just leave it alone). Every plan proposes to take more, couched in dishonesty and deception that we’re going to have a ‘green future’. No, we are not, not if we continue to grow. Not if we continue to massively overpopulate the planet. Not if we attempt to give high living standards to everyone. It’s never going to happen.

The the root cause of global warming are excessive energy consumption, endless materialistic consumption, over-exploitation of natural resources throughout the entire Earth and excess human population. We call this ‘growth’ and ‘progress’ but there is another more accurate term we need to be using – extinction. “More” will / is leading to our extinction, because we cannot simply “reclaim” the emissions we’ve already released, and we cannot seem to stop ourselves from demanding a never ending stream of “more” from the Earth that has already given up so much. The collapse of the Earth’s biosphere and fauna is well underway (documented here and many other places). Civilization IS the problem. The cause. The reason this has already happened. Nobody will talk about this. Nobody will admit it. Nobody will even begin to remotely address it.

That’s why we’re still failing, on every front with every proposal, every claim, every “idea”. The root cause of deadly climate change, wet-bulb temperatures, failing crops, extreme weather, deadly heat waves, flooding, drought, lack of water, too much water – it’s all being caused by us and our civilization and our excess greed on how we attempted to live on this planet. We literally poisoned the atmosphere beyond survival temperature variability, and now this effect is making itself known all over the planet.

In just 200 years, we wrecked the entire future of the human race. Now, there will be hell to pay for our folly. There is no forgiveness for this ongoing insanity and miserable failure to admit where we went wrong, where we are still wrong, and where we erroneously think we can ‘solve’ this. It. Is. Not. True. We haven’t solved anything (fact) and it is extremely likely that we will not solve anything either because we keep ignoring the real problem, the root cause.

There is no doubt that the Earth will give up everything it has until it is finally, totally exhausted from our activity. We are well on our way there now. But we won’t survive until that final drop is burned, or that last tree is cut, or the reservoirs have all dried up, we’ll all be dead long, long before this as the world’s food supply utterly collapses. Resources wars will kill millions as climate survivors, countries and nations scramble for essentials, fighting over the skeletons of what’s left. I absolutely guarantee you that’s what’s coming. It’s inevitable now, and it’s all going to happen because we’ve been too obtuse, too proud, too greedy to admit where we went wrong.

This blog won’t fill you with hopium and empty promises. The media will. They are miserably failing in their duty to accurately inform the public. But so is science. They know what’s coming, they’ve even put these points in their own publications, but always couched in empty promises and fantasy imaginations that never materialize. They have refused to warn the world adequately. They are all failing us, our entire species, and every other living thing on this planet.

This is the real reason I keep publishing. I want my grandson to know that yes, I knew what was happening. I want the children of the world to know that we did receive the correct warnings, but not from the so-called ‘experts’, but from those who could synthesize the patterns, the ongoing cycle of death and destruction, the clear indications that the Earth was losing a livable habitat under the onslaught of human destruction, and every idea, every proposal, every discussion refused to admit to the truth.

We ‘knew’, but the world chose to ignore. We will never be able to make this up to them.


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  • July 19, 2021 at 8:27 pm

    ‘This is the real reason I keep publishing. I want my grandson to know that yes, I knew what was happening. I want the children of the world to know that we did receive the correct warnings,’

    Along with that, young people need to know that industrial nations have been (and still are) governed by self-serving [in the short term] liars and opportunists. And that every day that passes these self-serving liars make everything that matters worse.

  • July 20, 2021 at 2:01 pm

    ‘Everything is on fire’: Siberia hit by unprecedented burning
    Locals fear for their health and property as smoke from raging forest fires shrouds an entire region of eastern Russia

    ‘Airpocalypse’ hits Siberian city as heatwave sparks forest fires
    A volunteer heads to douse a forest fire in the republic of Sakha also known as Yakutia, in Russia’s far east.
    Siberia hit by unprecedented heatwave and forest fires – video report
    Andrew Roth in Moscow
    Tue 20 Jul 2021 18.01 BST

    Every morning and evening for the last few days, shifts of young villagers have headed out into the taiga forest around Teryut with a seemingly impossible task: to quell the raging fires that have burned closer and closer for a month, shrouding this remote eastern Siberian village in an acrid haze.

    So far, little has worked. Amid the worst wildfire season in memory, locals have vowed to defend their village to the last, sending away small children for their protection from the smog while they stay on to fight back the flames.

    “For a month already you can’t see anything through the smoke,” said Varvara, a 63-year-old pensioner from Teryut, a village in the Oymyakonsky district. “We have already sent the small children away. And the fires are very close, just 2km [1.2 miles] from our village.”

    The extraordinary forest fires, which have already burned through 1.5m hectares (3.7m acres) of land in north-east Siberia have released choking smog across Russia’s Yakutia region, where officials have described this summer’s weather as the driest in the past 150 years. And that follows five years of hot summers, which have, according to villagers, turned the surrounding forests and fields into a tinderbox.

    I don’t know how the locals could stand it. People are both depressed and angry
    Ivan Nikiforov
    Varvara said their main hope was that this week brought heavy rains to their region, which is located more than 400 miles from the city of Yakutsk across mostly impassable taiga, or snow forest.

    “Emergency workers have come and villagers are also fighting the fires but they can’t put them out, they can’t stop them,” she said by telephone. “Everything is on fire.”

    More than 50 settlements have been covered in smog, which has periodically halted operations at Yakutia’s main airport and disrupted river traffic.

    The unprecedented scale of the fires has prompted locals to join auxiliary fire brigades.

    “These are our homes, our forests, and our people,” said Ivan Nikiforov, a resident of Yakutsk, the capital of Yakutia, who has joined a volunteer fire brigade for the first time this year. “Our relatives are breathing smog. I couldn’t stand by.”

    “It’s a thick smoke, yellow,” said Nikiforov, describing the fires near Magaras, a village about 100km from the capital Yakutsk. “I don’t know how the locals could stand it. It will probably have health effects for them in the future. People are both depressed and angry. This situation should not have been allowed to take place.”

    Volunteer appeals on Instagram for help tackling forest fires in Siberia – video
    Volunteer appeals on Instagram for help tackling forest fires in Siberia – video
    Grigory Mochkin, who runs several Crossfit gyms in Yakutsk, said he had spent the last few days volunteering to build firebreaks and helping set up controlled burns to try to stop the spread of the flames.

    “The fires have touched absolutely every single person’s life in Yakutia,” said Mochkin. “The fires are very large this year. And since the smoke has gotten to Yakutsk, people are very vocal on social networks because every person’s life has been affected. In past years, the smog has covered the city for at most a day.”

    The smoke has been seen as a health hazard for young children and the elderly in particular. “It’s like standing next to a campfire,” said Aytalina, a 26-year-old from Yakutsk. “This year you open a window and the stench just fills the room. People are feeling very poorly.”

    The choking smog has hovered for days over the city of more than 280,000, where residents have been warned to stay at home. “The level of air pollution went down [on Monday] for three hours thanks to the wind,” Aytalina said. “We went out to the store for 15 minutes for groceries. That was our first time outside of the apartment since [Friday].”

    Smoke from forest fires engulfs Yakutsk.
    Smoke from forest fires engulfs Yakutsk. Photograph: Yevgeny Sofroneyev/AP
    Locals have blamed various factors for the fires, from the climate crisis to poor government preparedness, to a ban on purging dry grass, budget cuts to forestry services, alleged arsons, and, in particular, the hot summers.

    “There never used to be summers with such large fires,” said Nikolai Verkhovov, a native of Srednekolymsk, a village on the River Kolyma more than 750 miles from Yakutsk. “But last year a village in my district nearly burned down.” He suggested that budget cuts to forest ranger services and corruption could play a role in the fires.

    “In Yakutsk itself the fire season has been growing exponentially since 2018,” he said. “This year has been unbelievably awful. Enormous parts of the forest are on fire. It’s so smoky it is hard to breathe and your eyes tear up.”….

    There’s that word again: unprecedented.

  • July 20, 2021 at 2:05 pm

    ‘In China, the weather is playing havoc with parts of its economy. Many cities have been warned they may face power outages ahead as the system strains under surging electricity consumption amid rising temperatures. China’s power consumption hit an all-time high last week – up more than +10% from last summer’s record. And very heavy rainfall in the Yellow River basin in Henan province has millions scrambling for safety. Heavy rain at this time of year isn’t that unusual, but at this level (200mm in an hour) it is.’

  • July 20, 2021 at 5:30 pm

    It’s not going to matter how much evidence, events, deaths or suffering is presented. It’s being categorically rejected as urgent (despite actually being urgent, people are dying in larger and larger numbers now). The onslaught of ‘programming’ is so pervasive that a significant majority of people, including scientist themselves, cannot see it, cannot connect the dots, cannot accept the unfolding reality, and cannot bring themselves to the level of courage and responsibility required (global emergency alerts – Earth systems failing).

    They’ve been brainwashed by denial, hopium, pablum, professional pride and an unwillingness to learn what they do not know. They remain blind to outside opinion and synthesis.

    For many, many years there have been countless signs, measurements, assessments and investigations (tens of thousands) into what is now unfolding (by the experts in every Earth science field there is). They have all weighed in. They have all presented their findings. Each effort was fairly narrow in their research, but collectively, virtually everything has been closely examined.

    For some reason, even the experts are having trouble putting it all together in a cohesive picture of meaning, cause and expected outcomes. The IPCC examines thousands of scientific papers for insertion into the Assessment Reports, but often still gets critical information wrong, omitted, downplayed or overlooked. This “gold standard” has the value of a copper penny when it comes to accuracy, completeness and predictions.

    There is no indication, none whatsoever, that points to any improving ecological or environmental system or future geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, cryosphere, or biosphere components that doesn’t misrepresent their findings with fabricated amounts of hopium and a gross misrepresentation of human ability to resolve. Virtually all of these components are in global decline despite enormous levels of data collection, policy proposals and even enacted laws. The near-total failure to address root causes, enact effective policy and governance, enable effective enforcement and protections has a horrible track record of failure. That’s why the Assessment Reports and thousands of other scientific analysis continue to find nothing but decline, degradation, exhaustion and collapse. What we’ve done to-date has not worked, at all.

    I accept the horrible reality of what this signifies. The same failed processes, and the same failed promises, and the same failed optimism, and the same failed policies, and the same failed predictions, and the same failed expectations are all we can factually expect from the future studies, assessments, predictions and promises that humankind can resolve even a single one of these failing components. They are all intertwined with each other and they would all require humanity to stop, quit and build another civilization if humanity hopes to even survive on this planet much longer. That isn’t going to happen, we know this because we have completely failed to accept this simple truth.

    Even the supposed ‘experts’ reject this, but consistently reporting degrading Earth systems throughout the world, evidence that nothing we’ve done to-date has or even will work.

    I am not a defeatist, but the global leadership, industry titans, business owners and resident populations are unwilling to accept the truth. We’re going to lose our species ability to survive on this planet due to negligence, indifference, arrogance and greed. Our waste streams are absolutely enormous because our civilization is extremely wasteful and pollutive. The global profit model and world wide economy is based upon inherently destructive policies and practices: endless growth, unchecked development, consumer consumption and rapacious over-exploitation throughout the entire planet. They would strip-mine Antarctica or the asteroid belt if they could.

    Humans will never reach the stars, there isn’t enough time left for our species to do that. We are unlikely to ever inhabit even Mars but for a tiny few and for only a short while. By then, Earth will be choking to death with the debris and detritus of humanity. Nobody will be escaping to live in space or off-planet, neither offers a long-term survival habitat for humans or any other living thing. This is a fools game of epic proportions, especially so now that the Earth is constantly revealing the shocking levels of decline that make our own survival here quite doubtful.

    I’ve struggled for years to find intelligent life on Earth. I’m still looking. The awareness and significance of these failing Earth systems seems to be absent (or simply rejected out-of-hand) by supposedly intelligent people who claim that this cannot happen to us. Well, it is happening to us, right now, but denial and disbelief and false ideologies continue to prevail.

    No one man can save the world, even if he was to be found to be right after all. Not even a billionaire could do that. God of course, isn’t even in the question (or the solution), but I do remember that the Apostle Peter wrote that the Earth would be reserved unto fire because of the perdition of ungodly men. Even they recognized the folly of this civilization.

    We’ve wrecked the Earth, which by any account is an ungodly act of greed and callous behavior. We’ve been warned, repeatedly, but completely failed to fully assess the warnings, and we did not listen to the prophets that proclaimed that this would lead to the ultimate failure – the extinction of our species and nearly all of the life on planet Earth.

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