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Some thoughts on what humanity is facing as the world continues to warm…

The climate won’t “stabilize” for a very, very long time, far, far past the lifespans of your great, great, great, great, great, great, great… well, you get the idea. Therefore, humanity should be making mitigation and adaption efforts the #1 priority right now, with a focus on food production in a hellish world at the top of a very long list of “to do’s”.

We have to try. Determination only works if there is a habitable environment that permits out existence. If we lose that, nothing we do will actually matter.

I have a grandson now and I’m quite terrified for him, and my son. They’ll both see it all – all the things I’ve been warning about for years and years. The collapse of civilization from climatic events and effects (including the ensuing chaos that is sure to come).

I’m enraged that we have such stupid governmental leaders throughout the world that don’t put human survival on the forefront of their policies. And industry and business that still chooses profitability over habitability. Nearly all components of human civilization are severely broken (if you have my perspective that is), being short-term, capitalistic self-serving enterprises and policies which have led the entire world to this escalating disaster.

Civilization has to be re-engineered from the ground up. Changing light bulbs, recycling and driving electric cars won’t make any difference in the end. The root of the problem is humanity and the insatiable demand to devour all of the world, consume endless amounts of energy and live far beyond the natural carrying capacity of the planet. The evidence of this chosen lifestyle is here – and it’s undeniable, we’re going to destroy ourselves. Climate change isn’t something that is “happening to us”, it is something we did to ourselves, and it is represented in everything we all do – how we live.

This is also why I’m willing to say that nearly all efforts, technology attempts, deployments and activities to “fix” our way out of this mess will fail. None (to date) address root causes of how we live. None suppose to reduce our human activities, energy demands, resource demands, depletion rates and so on. None even come close to solving a global problem that is continuing to worsen all of the time. Most of the ideas offered refuse to consider the simple concepts of “using less”, or “live differently” or even “breed less”. All of the proposals, ideas and concepts that have been considered by the very people who should be leading us are simply efforts to keep doing more of what have always been doing. And this is why they will all fail. We cannot fix the problems in our civilization by engaging in the same activities that caused them.

I have looked for years for intelligent minds that have been willing to consider another way of life. Nobody wants to do this, they’re not scared enough. We’re only able to see what is right in front of us. Cognitive dissonance permits us to understand the threat, but prevents us from decisive action, which by the way, studies have shown we are poorly suited for. We don’t understand existential threats, but we can write about them, and talk about them – and get next to nothing done.

And we lack everything – cohesive agreement, responsibility and authority to actually do anything of substance. You can’t save yourselves or your “village” if we lose the whole world. And we cannot get the world on board with making these essential, critical and fundamental changes that are now necessary. We can’t even get two politicians to agree across a body of increasingly acidic water. Right now, it’s still “every man for himself” and that will probably last for a good long while. We’re still tribal with our behavior and we’re still protecting our “territory”. We think that’s what matters but in this context, it’s narrow, small-mindedness that has led to the current crisis.

I feel the same way as others do. I’ve gone through all five stages of grief, more then once. I’ve been working on this issue for a long, long time.

You have “now”. That’s it. That’s all anybody has ever had, all of their lives. This very moment. You don’t know if you have anything else. We can see what is coming, and we can accurately deduce what it will mean, but all you have EVER had is now. I suggest that everyone come to understand this, teach it to your kids and your grand kids. Nobody is promised tomorrow or even a “better future”. That’s just propaganda that is used to control people and profit from their ignorance. You have now. This moment. Enjoy it as much as you possibly can, in whatever it is that you are doing. Most of the noise in the world can now be ignored, especially when you realize just how utterly pointless it all is.

I know that many are hoping for a “solution”, but whatever it may come to be – it will have to fall into the willingness and expectations of disparate governments, cultures, habits and demands of billions of people, who are still embracing their respective status-quo realities. Nearly all have come to believe that science and technology will be part of any solution or attempt and next to none understand that this may fail, or even that technology is very much a part why this is all happening. The quest to continue the present course, embrace the same failed “solutions” to solve our problems will continue, because it’s all we now know.

If there is an answer, a solution to this predicament, it is within biology itself, not technology. Humanity cannot presume to exceed the power and effect of Earth’s natural biology. Our maximum efforts are dwarfed by this natural capacity. Only through incessant abuse and violation of the environment, have we been able to (temporarily) alter the climate. It will stabilize on its own natural time scale (thousands of years which is nothing to the Earth, but almost infinity for humans), but we won’t be around to see it, because we will have long since gone extinct. But if we could help enlist the natural biological processes of carbon sequestering – and stop making contributions – and find a way to survive in the interim – then this offers humanity the best chance at survival of the species.

I reject hopium, so that’s not what I’m saying here. But I also reject giving up. It is not in our nature to do so and never will be. We have to try.


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